Cannabis Seeds Guide

Obtaining the right cannabis seeds (and knowing how to properly take care of them!) will make or break the success of your next grow. 

Learn where you should get your seeds from depending on where you live and how to utilize your precious seeds for the best results.

Seed Banks to Consider

Nowadays there are many online seed bank stores to consider for picking up your next batch of seeds…but not all of them are created equally. 

Get the full scoop on which seed banks are the real deal from our personal reviews below. 

You can also see how they all stack up in our comprehensive best seed banks review.

Where to Get Your Preferred Type of Seeds

Cannabis seeds come in many variations which caters to your personal preference and growing methods. Whether you want high THC, CBD, autoflower, or another variation we cover the most important types below.

Where to Get Seeds by State or Province

Where you live determines what kind of access you’ll have to great cannabis seeds. Find your U.S. state or Canadian province below to find out where to buy your seeds from and growing tips for your region.

Where to Get Seeds by Country

We’ve covered the USA and Canada above, so if you live in other countries you’ll want to check out the country-specific page below with our recommendations for cannabis seeds considering the legalities and shipping options available for your area.

How To Take Care of Your Seeds

Once you’ve acquired your seeds, you’ll want to be sure to take great care of them so you can convert them into precious homegrown buds. Luckily, it’s not complicated once you learn the basics.

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