Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Arizona 

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Arizona, with its sunny climate and progressive cannabis laws, has become an attractive destination for marijuana enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a novice looking to try your hand at cultivating cannabis, finding the right weed seeds is crucial. 

If you’re curious about where to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona, this guide is for you. From online seed banks to local physical stores, let’s explore the possibilities. Read on and uncover how you can find the best Arizona cannabis seeds. 

Whether you need recreational or medical marijuana seeds in Arizona, we hope this guide helps you! 

Online Seed Banks That Ship to Arizona 

When it comes to acquiring cannabis seeds in Arizona, the convenience and reliability of online seed banks are hard to beat. Buying marijuana seeds online offers several distinct advantages, making it a highly popular choice among growers in the state. 

From wide selection to quality assurance and discreet shopping to the presence of educational resources, there are plenty of reasons to buy Arizona marijuana seeds online. 

Are you clueless about where to buy cannabis seed strains in AZ? Below, let’s look at two online seed banks that stand out. 

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ILGM offers a wide selection of marijuana seeds in Arizona. This global seed bank is known for its genetic stability and high germination rates. Their seeds are sourced from reputable breeders, providing a strong foundation for successful cultivation.

What sets ILGM apart is its dedication to customer education and support. In addition to being a seed bank, they serve as a valuable resource hub for cannabis enthusiasts of all levels. Their website features an abundance of guides, blogs, and forums. 

ILGM’s customer-centric approach is another noteworthy aspect. Their responsive customer service team is well-regarded for promptly addressing inquiries and providing assistance throughout the purchasing process. 

Privacy is also a priority for ILGM, as they employ discreet packaging techniques to ensure that your seeds arrive securely and without drawing unwanted attention.

Furthermore, ILGM’s extensive experience in the industry has allowed it to amass a loyal customer base and garner numerous positive reviews.

Herbies Seeds

Another top pick for suppliers of Arizona marijuana seeds is Herbies, a name that resonates among seasoned cultivators. 

One of the standout features of this online seed bank is its diverse selection, which spans a wide spectrum of strains, including classics, hybrids, and innovative varieties. This diversity ensures that growers can find the perfect seeds to match their specific preferences and cultivation goals.

Herbies has also established itself as a global player in the seed bank industry, with a broad customer base and a network of breeders worldwide. 

Security is a paramount concern for Herbies Seeds. They prioritize the protection of customer transactions by employing robust encryption and privacy measures. This ensures that your sensitive information remains secure when making purchases through their platform.

Similar to ILGM, Herbies Seeds understands the importance of discretion in the cannabis industry. They utilize discreet packaging methods to guarantee that your seeds are delivered securely and inconspicuously to your doorstep.

The website features customer reviews and ratings for each strain they offer. This transparency allows prospective buyers to make informed decisions based on the experiences and feedback of other growers who have used Herbies Seeds.

Local Seed Bank Stores in Arizona (Not Recommended)

While the convenience of purchasing cannabis seeds in Arizona stores may seem appealing, it’s essential to exercise caution when considering local seed bank stores in Arizona. 

Without proper oversight and regulation, there’s no assurance that the seeds you purchase locally will meet the standards necessary for successful cultivation. 

In contrast, reputable online seed banks like I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) and Herbies Seeds prioritize quality assurance and source their seeds from reputable breeders.

Local seed bank stores often have a limited selection of strains compared to online seed banks. This lack of variety can restrict your ability to choose seeds that align with your preferences and cultivation goals.

Not to mention, buying Arizona marijuana seeds from a local store can be a hassle. You need to hop from one palace to another searching for the cannabis seeds you want. This is unlike in the case of online seed banks where buying marijuana seeds is a more convenient experience. 

The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Arizona 

Photo from Norml 

Recreational and medical marijuana is legal in Arizona. The minimum age to use cannabis is 21, and doing so is limited to private spaces. Meanwhile, the legal limit for possession is up to one ounce of weed. 

It was in 2010 when medical marijuana became legal in The Grand Canyon State. Meanwhile, ten years after, recreational cannabis was legalized as well. 

With this legalization, many may also wonder – is it legal to buy marijuana seeds? This is what we will answer in the next section. 

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Arizona?

Home marijuana cultivation is legal, but it’s subject to limits. An adult can only grow six plants at home. Meanwhile, every household can only have 12 cannabis plants. The limit is the same for medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. 

Cannabis seeds are also legal in Arizona. 

Even before the legalization of recreational marijuana in AZ, residents could purchase cannabis seeds. They are considered a novelty item, hence, you can purchase ungerminated seeds without worries about breaking the law. 

Nonetheless, even if you can legally buy cannabis seeds in Arizona, it’s crucial to note their cultivation guidelines. For instance, you’re only allowed to grow your own marijuana plants in a private and secure area, which should not be accessible to minors. 

Should You Grow Weed Indoors or Outdoors in Arizona?

Deciding whether to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors in Arizona involves weighing the pros and cons of each method, taking into account your experience, available resources, and the local climate

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Indoor growing provides precise control over environmental factors, making it particularly appealing in a state known for extreme temperatures. 

Advantages include the ability to tailor conditions for optimal growth, year-round cultivation regardless of the outdoor climate, and enhanced security and privacy. 

However, it comes with the downside of higher costs due to necessary equipment like grow lights, ventilation, and climate control systems, along with increased energy consumption.

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

Growing weed outdoors capitalizes on Arizona’s abundant sunlight, offering a cost-effective option. 

Benefits include natural sunlight reducing the need for artificial lighting, lower initial investment, and the potential for larger plant sizes and greater yields. 

However, it also presents challenges like adapting to the state’s harsh climate, addressing pest and disease risks, and being limited to the growing season from spring to fall.

When to Sprout Weed Seeds in AZ

If you’re growing marijuana seeds indoors, then the time for sprouting does not matter. You can do it anytime, but make sure to mimic the ideal growing conditions. This way, you can be confident that the marijuana seeds will germinate. 

However, if you want to grow cannabis outdoors in Arizona, the best time to sprout the seeds is from March to May. 

Best Strains to Grow in Arizona

From recreational cannabis users to medical marijuana patients, choosing the right strain is critical. Below, let’s look at three options you might want to consider. 

1. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Photo from ILGM

These feminized seeds are a cannabis strain with a potent genetic makeup, comprising 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

With soaring THC levels of up to 21%, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme cannabis seeds deliver a powerful punch, inducing a deeply relaxing yet euphoric high. This balanced combination of effects makes it a favorite among those seeking both tranquility and mood elevation.

For cultivators, these marijuana seeds offer a hassle-free experience. They guarantee female plants, eliminating the need to identify and remove males, which can save time and resources. 

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower, you can anticipate generous yields with Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. On average, you can expect a harvest of up to 21 oz per plant when you grow these cannabis seeds. 


2. Durban Poison 

Photo from ILGM

These marijuana seeds will produce plants with a 100% sativa genetic makeup, offering a distinctive experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

With THC levels reaching up to 20%, Durban Poison provides a powerful and uplifting high. It’s known for its ability to induce feelings of euphoria and happiness, making it a popular choice among those seeking a mood-enhancing and energizing cannabis experience. 

Cultivating Durban Poison feminized seeds is relatively easy, making it suitable for growers of various experience levels. 

During the vegetative stage, which lasts for 4 to 8 weeks, Durban Poison develops its distinctive Sativa leaves and structure. Its flowering time ranges from 7 to 9 weeks, and it can produce yields of approximately 14 to 18 ounces per plant.


3. White Widow 

Photo from ILGM 

White Widow is known for its powerful effects, inducing a state of blissful happiness and relaxation. It delivers a sense of euphoria and calm, making it a favorite among users seeking a mood-enhancing and stress-relieving experience.

From seed to harvest, White Widow cannabis seeds have a relatively short cultivation cycle. For auto-flowering seeds, you can expect a harvest in approximately 70 days. 

White Widow is primarily Indica dominant, which contributes to its relaxing and soothing effects. However, its genetic makeup includes a balanced blend of Sativa and Indica genetics, providing a well-rounded experience that combines the best of both worlds.

White Widow typically contains a THC content ranging from 14% to 22%. This potency is responsible for the strain’s euphoric and relaxing effects, making it a favorite among recreational and medicinal users alike.



As you decide where to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona, remember two names – I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) and Herbies. They are backed with extensive experience and have built a solid reputation for their diverse selection of top-notch marijuana seeds. 

You might think that buying Arizona marijuana seeds from a local store is a good idea. But it isn’t. They have limited selections and the experience can be a hassle. As such, it’s best to buy online instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top marijuana seed banks in AZ?

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) and Herbies are the top seed banks in Arizona. 

Is it legal to buy seeds in Arizona?

Yes, it’s legal to buy Arizona cannabis seeds. 

Is it legal to grow your own weed in AZ now?

Yes, it’s legal to grow your own cannabis plants in Arizona, provided that you do so in a private and secure area. 

How many marijuana plants can you legally have in Arizona?

One person can have six marijuana plants at home. Each household, however, can only have a maximum of 12 plants. 

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