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Buying marijuana seeds can be overwhelming, especially if you consider the plethora of suppliers available. While there’s a long list of options, in today’s review, I will share with you my experience with MSNL (Marijuana Seeds NL). 

Backed with years of experience, MSNL is perhaps one of the oldest in the industry. Such equates to expertise, as proven by its diverse selection of cannabis seeds.

But that’s not all…

Read this MSNL seed bank review and uncover why it’s a name that’s hard to rival. 

My Quick MSNL Review

Choices for seed banks abound, but MSNL stands out because of its extensive experience spanning over two decades. 

More than 270 seeds are available on its user-friendly and intuitive website. Purchasing seeds is a breeze. Meanwhile, it supports multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, cash, wire transfers, and Bitcoin. 

Attractive promotions and discounts are available year-round. You’ll get free seeds with every order. Your orders will have stealth shipping for your privacy. Plus, the seeds will have a 100% germination guarantee. 


How MSNL Started 

Even if you read other MSNL reviews online, one thing is often emphasized – it’s experience. This is unsurprising, given that the MSNL cannabis seed bank has been around since 1999. 

The seed bank was born from the love of two friends, Christian and Ben, for cannabis. For decades, they traveled and traded across Europe and Australia. This has allowed them to amass a collection of seeds and even have their own creation. It is when MSNL was brought to life. 

Today, MSNL has more than 20 years of experience, which gives it an edge over other seed banks. In the early days it was based in the Netherlands (hence the .NL in the domain name) but is now based in the United Kingdom. 

Seed Selection & Quality

One of the first things I would like to emphasize in this MSNL seeds review is how it offers a diverse selection. It may not be as varied as Herbies and ILGM, but it’s pretty decent. 

On average, you can expect more than 270 high-quality seeds on the platform. From beginners to seasoned growers, there’s something for everyone at this seed bank. 

Feminized seeds are among the most popular at MSNL. There’s a 99% chance that these seeds will produce female plants. These are the plants that will produce flowers, which will turn into generous buds.

Of course, you’ll also find autoflowering seeds. I highly recommend these seeds if you’re looking for plants that grow quicker and in limited spaces, especially if you plan to grow weed indoors. 


An Easy Way to Search for Seeds 

Whether you’re looking for autoflowering or feminized seeds, Indica or Sativa, MSNL seed bank provides an easy way to filter the possibilities. Premium cannabis seeds are grouped based on different categories. 

Aside from feminized, autoflowering, and regular, you can also search for new strains, high THC seeds, high CBD seeds, and cannabis cup winners. I also like how you can filter the results based on climate, such as cool, tropical, and arid. 

Guaranteed Germination for Your Peace of Mind 

Another thing I want to mention in this MSNL seed review is that the seeds come with a germination guarantee. This will provide 100% peace of mind, which demonstrates the commitment to the quality of this cannabis seed bank. 

If the seeds do not germinate, contact MSNL’s customer service team. Send a photo of the ungerminated cannabis seed, along with a newspaper front page showing the date when the picture was taken. 


The reasonable price is another thing worth adding to this MSNL seeds review. It has one of the most reasonable prices in the industry, especially considering that it offers quality seeds. 

To give you an idea about the price of MSNL seeds, let’s look at Gorilla Glue, a potent strain with up to 25% THC. As of the time of writing, a pack of ten seeds from MSNL costs $100.3. 

On the other hand, a ten-pack of Gorilla Glue seeds from ILGM is more expensive at $149. Meanwhile, the price is a bit lower at Herbies, which sells a pack of 10 Gorilla Glue seeds for $76.2. 

Cheaper Seeds with Value Packs 

Looking for the perfect way to save on your next order? MSNL Seeds are available in value packs. This way, you can purchase three seeds in one pack and enjoy a lower price. 

One example is the Super Strong Seed Pack, which is sold on the website for $127. This pack includes Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, and THC Bomb. This is way cheaper compared to buying three seeds separately. 

Buy Wholesale and Save 

For commercial buyers, it’s worth noting that MSNL is offering wholesale marijuana seeds. The more you buy, the more you can save. 

If you buy 100 wholesale seeds, you can enjoy a 35% discount. Meanwhile, you’ll get a 45% discount for 300 seeds and a 55% discount for 500 seeds. 

Your bulk orders will come with the necessary requirements. For instance, you’ll receive a Phytosanitary Certificate. The latter is proof that the seeds meet the necessary seed import requirements, which is also a great way to ensure quality. 

Available Discounts & Promotions at MSNL

From seasonal discounts to free seeds, MSNL has a multitude of promotions, providing more reasons to choose this cannabis seed bank over many others. 

Free Seeds with Every Order 

All orders are eligible for free seeds, which means you’re getting more for what you’re paying. And even if these are free seeds, you can be confident that quality is second to none. 

When you spend $0 from $75, you’ll get two feminized seeds. Meanwhile, you’ll receive four feminized seeds for orders up to $135 and seven feminized premium seeds if you spend more than $135. 

The good thing is that MSNL changes the strain of free seeds every month. This way, you can expect variety. Don’t forget to check the website and see what seeds will come with your order. 


Watch Our for Once-a-Year Deals 

April 20, 4-20, is perhaps one of the most recognizable dates among stoners. MSNL recognizes how important such is to their target market, so the platform offers a massive sale once a year. Aside from discounted seeds, there are also competitions on this big day. 

Speaking of competitions, there are contests available throughout the year. Check the website for details. For instance, recently, there has been an outdoor grow competition, wherein the winner took $150 of free cannabis seeds. 

Use Discount Codes for More Savings 

In some cases, you’ll need to use MSNL discount codes to take advantage of the best deals. These codes can make you eligible for a buy one, get one deal. Also, there are discounts for customers from some countries. 

10% Off On Your First Order 

Are you buying cannabis seeds for the first time at MSNL? Sign up today and you’ll receive an exclusive 10% discount. Go to the website and click the Get 10% Off icon on the lower left side. Input your email and check their message to claim your one-time discount. 

Customer Service

As highlighted in many MSNL reviews, customer service is top-notch. There are multiple ways to reach out, so it’s easy to resolve any concerns you might have.  

If there’s anything you want to know, I suggest that you check out the FAQ section on the website. It is divided into different sections, such as account queries and shipping queries. 

Meanwhile, in the bottom right corner, there’s a green button for live chat. You can leave your email address or order number. Alternatively, you can type any message and wait for a reply. However, based on my experience, the response was slow. 

Aside from live chat, you can also sign the contact form. You’ll provide your name, email, order number, telephone number, subject, and message. MSNL’s customer support representative will reply through email, which is also quite slow. 

I also love how there’s telephone support. If you’re from the UK, you can contact MSNL at 02037332498. On the other hand, other international customers can call +44(0)7909316916. 

Customer service is available from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT. 

Website Experience

msnl seeds page

Overall, the website is intuitive The user-friendly layout makes it easy to search for the seeds you want. However, it looks quite outdated, but it isn’t a big issue since it’s functional. 

The website has a huge banner on the front page, so you’ll instantly know the latest promos. This means you’ll not miss some of the best deals available. 

Underneath the banner, you’ll find different categories, such as High THC Seeds and High Yield Seeds. When you click on the category, it will take you to a page with seed selection. Here, you can further filter the results, such as based on flowering time, yield, and climate. 

One feature praised in many MSNL reviews is the seed finder. This is similar to what you’ll find at Herbies. You’ll take a short quiz, and once you’re done, the website will have a list of recommendations, making it easy to narrow down your choices. 

The website also features tons of resources, which is a great way to educate cannabis growers. For instance, there’s a Genetics Guide section. This is where you’ll find different strains, as well as their origin, genetics, and other relevant information. 

It also features a comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about growing cannabis. It serves as the knowledge base, increasing the chances that you can successfully germinate cannabis seeds. 

Meanwhile, if you need help deciding what to buy, the website also has reviews from real customers. There are even pictures. 

Payment Methods

MSNL Seed Bank offers diverse payment methods. You can choose from different ways to pay, each promising security. 

If you’re looking for the fastest and simplest way to pay, then you should choose a debit or credit card. The options are different for US and international customers. These payments go through 256-bit encryption, so you can be confident your information stays safe. 

ACH payment is another option. It’s a form of bank transfer, which means that the payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account. If you opt for ACH bank transfer, take note that the processing can take 24 to 72 hours.  

Marijuana Seeds NL also accepts payments through Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App. If you’re using these methods, one requirement is a US bank account. You’ll need to provide your order number, which will serve as the payment reference. 

To demonstrate its commitment to innovation, MSNL Seed Bank is also accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. The best thing is that on top of other promos, Bitcoin payments also make you eligible for another 20% discount. 

Bank wire is also available, and like Bitcoin, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount. The payment instructions and details will be sent to the email address you provide. 

Finally, you can also pay using cash. The website will show the converted currency that you will need to pay. 


Use Your Rewards Points to Pay 

To encourage loyalty and reward buyers, this MSNL seed bank review also notes that it has a reward program. You can earn rewards in different ways. For instance, a successful referral will give you 750 points. 

The best way to earn points, however, is by buying marijuana seeds from MSNL seed bank. The number of points will depend on how much your order is. And the best thing? Your points will never expire! 

When you want to redeem your points, all that you need to do is order the seeds that you want and proceed to checkout. Once you are in Payment Information, choose Payment Methods, then select Use My Rewards Points. 

Make sure to register or create an account before placing an order. Otherwise, you’re orders will not earn reward points. 


Another advantage I would like to reiterate in this MSNL seed bank review is its reliable shipping. I ordered from MSNL several times, and in most instances, their delivery was nothing but impressive. 

Enjoy Savings with Free Shipping 

MSNL offers free shipping, but to qualify, you need to have a minimum order of $99. If you are from the USA, UK, or Canada, you’ll automatically qualify for free guaranteed express shipping. This means that you will receive your orders in one to five days.


Meanwhile, for all other countries, except Turkey and Australia, expect your orders to arrive within five to 15 working days. 

Guaranteed Stealth Shipping for Your Peace of Mind 

Are you worried that other people will know that you ordered marijuana seeds? At MSNL, you can expect guaranteed stealth shipping. The seeds are concealed in items that are unrelated to cannabis, which will prevent suspicions. 

Return Policy 

To protect items from getting damaged during transit, all marijuana seeds are in crushed-proof packaging. However, if the seeds are damaged upon receipt, make sure to get in touch within seven days. Send a photo of the damaged item and the original packaging. 

Once the team at MSNL verifies the request, they will send a new order free of charge. 


If Marijuana Seeds NL does not float your boat, no worries! There are other seed banks that are worth looking at, including those we’ll mention below: 

  • I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM): Its seeds are more expensive than MSNL, but ILGM stands out because it offers free shipping on all orders, even without meeting a certain minimum amount. The seed selection is also more diverse. 
  • Herbies: Another seed bank with a wider selection of marijuana seeds is Herbies. The website is also more intuitive compared to MSNL, although both platforms offer a user-friendly interface. 


As noted in this MSNL Seeds review, the seed bank is top-notch, especially considering its extensive experience in the industry. It’s one of the few quality institutions in the global market, so you can be confident that its products are impressive. 

You’ll get free seeds with every order, enjoy stealth shipping, and choose from diverse payment methods. The prices are competitive and customer service is reliable. 

I highly recommend checking out the vast seed selection from for your next grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is MSNL Seed Bank legit?

Yes, MSNL is legit, which is proven by its more than two decades of experience in selling high-quality marijuana seeds. 

Does MSNL offer a germination guarantee? 

Yes, MSNL offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Where is MSNL located?

MSNL is located in the United Kingdom, although it started its operations in the Netherlands. 

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