About Cannabis Sensei

The Idea

Cannabis Sensei started with a simple idea. I wanted to make the world of Cannabis easier to understand, and provide accurate information and advice, whether you’re a connoisseur or a beginner.

The Beginning

I believe it all began in high school, in 2005 to be precise, when I smoked my first joint. Now obviously, this is just some teenagers having some fun, however over time, cannabis has become a passion of mine. 

From tasting different strains in California, Canada, or Amsterdam, to growing it myself, it’s been more than a decade that this passion of mine has been growing.

The Mission

 I decided to create this website as a passion project first, however, with this newfound interest in the world of cannabis, it’s become very important for me to provide the most accurate information I possibly can whether it has to do with strain reviews, growing equipment or just news articles. 

Myself, and my team of writers have made a commitment to make sure that every piece of information here is thoroughly researched and professionally written. Nowadays, with new cannabis products popping up every day, Cannabis Sensei will help you filter through all the clutter. 

Our motto: For cannabis enthusiasts, by cannabis enthusiasts.

Aaron Girard

Founder / Editor