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Sensi Seeds stands as one of the top-selling seed banks online this year, but if you’re here, you probably already know that. Is it worth the hype though? Let’s delve into the areas where Sensi Seeds does well and where it lacks.

  • Ships from the Netherlands
  • Delivers to the EU, Canada, Ireland, Malta, the UK, and the USA
  • Free delivery for orders exceeding €75
  • 1-10 days delivery time
  • Discount coupons are offered regularly
  • Website available in multiple languages
  • Payments accepted via VISA, credit cards, bank transfers, and cash

Their History & Reputation

As Sensi Seeds commemorated its 30th anniversary, it all goes back to the diverse cannabis genotypes they started collecting all those years ago. Founded by the Dronkers family, this enterprise has today blossomed into a cannabis industry empire covering markets in Europe and the USA.

Ben Dronkers, the owner, also played a pivotal role in curating this impressive collection. As the seed bank gained ground, Ben’s children assumed integral roles within the company, such as breeding, new processing methods, bank operations, and IT management.

You can find lots of positive Sensi Seeds review sentiments online. This makes it a widely celebrated premier seed bank in Europe and the USA. Reputable websites reviewing Sensi Seeds review sentiments often rank it within the top 5 seed banks in the industry.

Seed Selection & Quality

Sensi Seeds is known for delivering high-quality marijuana seeds. This is evident from the very origins of their enterprise and overall Sensi Seeds review sentiments. To start, Ben Dronkers saved exceptional cannabis plant seeds, forming the foundation of their endeavor.

He then embarked on a global journey spanning almost a decade, venturing to regions like the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, and the Hindu Kush. During his travels, Ben discovered the finest cannabis genetics. Next, by cross-breeding these diverse genetic strains, he ensured that the resulting crops were of the highest quality.

Over the years, the Sensi Seed Bank evolved into the industry titan it is today.

Their approach to strain selection has adapted accordingly. Today, the company boasts an extensive selection of seeds, featuring hundreds of feminized and autoflowering varieties. They’re world-famous for their strain selection, including Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and Super Skunk.

However, in all fairness, some consumers lately have complained about the deteriorating quality of the seeds. I’m not sure what exactly is to blame here, but even in my case, the seed germination rate was a bit lower than what I would’ve expected.

Of course, the plants that did spring up were immaculate.


Sensi Seeds stands out in the cannabis seed market. They offer competitive prices and this is perhaps their biggest strength over other seed banks. However, keeping the Sensi seeds product prices within reach for the average buyer may have contributed to the recent decline in quality in some cases.

Call it what you will, Sensi Seeds prioritizes accessibility, and their sales numbers show it!

Discounts & Promotions

Sensi Seeds generously offers shoppers to save up when shopping for premium cannabis seeds. With 23 coupons available as of writing this review, customers can benefit from a range of discounts and loyalty programs.

But on average, shoppers can save as much as 36.5% with such coupons (when the site launches them, which it does after a couple of months) and a solid loyalty program.

Over the past year, the company has consistently offered discount codes every month.

Customer Service

Sensi Seeds has a very high rate of returning customers. This says a lot about how the company does business and deals with its customers. Nearly every purchase from the Sensi Seed Bank hemp museum leads to repeat business.

Apart from ensuring customer happiness and fostering lasting relationships,

Not only does Sensi Seeds manage to deliver Northern Lights seeds strain and others timely (when you purchase seeds), but they also keep customers in the loop. And if you have any inquiries or concerns regarding their services or products, you can also reach out to them.

You can use a live chat option on their site (available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish). Or you can submit a query through their Contact Us page. You can also visit them in person or check out their self-help section.

The customer service staff is only available from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00 (CET).

Website Experience

The Sensi Seeds website boasts an efficient and user-friendly design. It allows easy navigation, and the organization of extensive historical, brand, seed, and delivery details is also impressive. This is commendable, considering the wealth of information available on their platform.

For users, like me, who want to buy seeds without unnecessary complexity, the site works perfectly. You have two domains, one for Europe and the other for the USA. The site is accessible in multiple languages too!

You can also use search filters to pick out Sensi high-quality strains, such as Jack Herer, Hindu Kush, and Super Skunk.

This way, shoppers can refine their search based on various parameters. I like to base my searches on features like seed selection, category, yield, climate, and flowering time. This helps me find seeds that align with my growing environment and preferences.

Payment Methods

The Sensi Seed bank offers straightforward postage and packing charges: a total of €7.50. For customers who prefer bank transfers, the website provides their IBAN and BIC information as well. I prefer paying via bank transfer as it is discreet (your bank statement will not display any reference to cannabis which is extremely helpful).

Other than this, Sensi Seed Bank accepts VISA, credit cards, local bank transfers, and cash, providing flexibility for customers. If you’re looking for cost savings cash payments, purchasing the best seeds from the store makes you eligible for a discount.


You can get your favorite seeds delivered to your place in the EU, Canada, Ireland, Malta, the UK, and the USA. The Sensi Best Seed Bank prioritizes discreet packaging for all their packages. Customers can receive deliveries at a PO Box for added privacy.

For registered posts, you must arrange for a signature upon delivery, ensuring secure receipt of your order. The CBD products and packages are dispatched via TNT International. For orders within the EU, Sensi Feminized Strain Bank can deliver your package as quickly as 24 hours (depending on the payment methods chosen).

Customers can also benefit from free shipping on orders exceeding €75. Sensi Seeds delivers orders between 1 and 10 days. You can also track your order if you choose secure international shipping at an additional cost of €12.50.

I did so and I can highly recommend it!


MSNL Seed Bank

Founded in 1999, MSNL believes that the highest quality marijuana should be accessible to everyone. Individuals interested in growing their plants, whether for medical or recreational use, should have the opportunity to do so. Check out their Payments Page for various payment options made available at your convenience.

ILGM Seed Bank

ILGM is a reputable Dutch brand, making its mark by discreetly shipping to the USA. While their reach is limited to the USA, their reliability and credibility are unparalleled within this market.


When exploring cannabis seeds review, Sensi Seeds stands out, and for good reason. Sensi Seeds is backed by a rich history, unparalleled genetics (seeds for the best CBD products), and a commitment to exceptional customer service. 

Their competitive pricing, user-friendly website, and discreet shipping methods further solidify their position as a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

The only thing I would like to point out is that some of their more recent customers have had complaints and it would be best if the company could address them quickly. But other than that, Sensi Seeds has a solid reputation and I can see why!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sensi Seeds legit?

Yes, Sensi Seeds is a legitimate and well-established cannabis seed bank with a rich history dating back to the 1980s.

Where is Sensi Seeds located?

Sensi Seeds has three physical seed bank stores in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and they’ve got another shop in Barcelona, Spain.

How long does Sensi Seeds take to ship?

Sensi Seeds offers a shipping time for cannabis seeds of 1 to 10 business days. However, the actual delivery time can vary based on the destination and the shipping method chosen. You can choose secure international shipping, at an additional cost, for a tracking number.

How can I pay for my order at Sensi Seeds?

As noted earlier in this Sensi Seeds review, the seed bank offers various payment options for customer convenience. These include VISA, credit cards, bank transfers, and cash. Customers also have the option to pay through Bitcoin, providing a secure and discreet payment method.

Where does Sensi Seeds ship to?

Sensi Seeds primarily ships to EU countries. But they also deliver seeds to Canada, Ireland, Malta, the UK, and the USA.

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