Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Connecticut

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Connecticut, often celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and historic charm, is also becoming known for something else – the cultivation of marijuana. The use of recreational and medical marijuana is legal, as well as growing them. 

With changing regulations and shifting attitudes towards cannabis, many residents of the Constitution State are exploring the possibility of growing their own cannabis plants. 

If you’re one of those individuals wondering where to buy marijuana seeds in Connecticut, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the legalities, the choices, and the best sources for acquiring cannabis seeds in Connecticut. Read on and learn more about your options for high-quality Connecticut cannabis seeds. 

Online Seed Banks that Ship to Connecticut 

If you want to buy cannabis seeds in CT, online is the way to go. It offers several advantages, making it a popular choice among cultivators in Connecticut. 

An online seed bank offers a vast selection of strains, discreet shipping, and valuable information for both beginners and experienced growers. 

In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to access high-quality cannabis seeds from the comfort of your own home.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

This seed bank is renowned for its top-notch genetics and impeccable customer service. 

They offer a wide variety of cannabis strains, catering to different preferences and skill levels. 

Additionally, ILGM provides comprehensive strain information and growing guides to assist growers at every stage of their journey. 

What sets ILGM apart is its discreet shipping to Connecticut, ensuring your privacy while delivering quality seeds to your doorstep.

Herbies Seeds

Their extensive catalog boasts a diverse range of strains, from Indica to Sativa and beyond, accommodating various tastes and needs. 

Herbies Seeds is well-regarded for its competitive prices, discreet packaging, and reliable worldwide shipping, including to Connecticut. 

When you order from this seed bank, you can expect prompt delivery of top-quality seeds, making it a go-to choice for many cultivators.

Local Seed Bank Stores in Connecticut (Not Recommended)

While the idea of purchasing weed seeds from a local brick-and-mortar store may seem appealing, it’s essential to understand why this option is generally not recommended. 

In recent years, many cannabis enthusiasts have turned to online seed banks for a variety of compelling reasons, making traditional local seed bank stores less practical and convenient.

Limited Variety and Selection

One of the primary drawbacks of local stores in Connecticut is the limited variety and selection of cannabis seeds they typically offer. These physical stores often have a smaller inventory of weed seeds compared to their online counterparts. 

As a result, you may find yourself with fewer options when it comes to choosing the specific marijuana seed strains that align with your cultivation goals and preferences.

Higher Prices

Local seed bank stores tend to have higher prices for cannabis seeds compared to online retailers. 

This price disparity is due to various factors, including the overhead costs associated with maintaining a physical storefront. 

Online seed banks can afford to offer competitive pricing since they operate primarily through digital platforms, resulting in cost savings that are passed on to the customer.

Lack of Information and Resources

When purchasing cannabis seeds online, reputable seed banks like ILGM and Herbies Seeds offer detailed strain descriptions, growing guides, and customer support. 

In contrast, physical stores may not offer the same level of educational material or expert guidance, leaving customers with limited resources to ensure a successful cultivation experience.

Limited Privacy and Discretion

Local seed bank stores may not offer the same level of confidentiality as online retailers. When you buy marijuana seeds in person, there’s always a risk that your personal information and preferences could become known to others, potentially compromising your privacy.

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The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Connecticut 

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Medical marijuana became legal in Connecticut in June 2012. It was the 17th state in the country to allow the lawful use of cannabis among medical marijuana patients. 

On the other hand, recreational cannabis became legal in the state in 2021 through S.B. 1201. Under the law, those 21 years old and above can possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis. It also allows gifting to legal adults and within the legal limit. 

Now, with this legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, you’re probably curious about what the law says when it comes to buying and growing cannabis seeds. Unfortunately, it remains a gray area. 

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Connecticut?

Access to Connecticut marijuana seeds is one thing many people are dreaming of. It brings a different kind of joy to cultivate cannabis plants at home and harvest them when the time is right. But, can you purchase cannabis seeds in the state? 

As of the time of writing, Connecticut does not grant explicit permission to buy and grow cannabis seeds. 

Meanwhile, according to the Department of Consumer Protection, there’s a way by which residents can legally obtain cannabis seeds. This is granted the seeds have less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive compound you will find in marijuana.  

Speaking of growing cannabis, it’s also crucial that you’re aware of the specifics of home cultivation. This will make sure you’re doing things without breaking the law. 

You can plant three mature plants and three immature plants. However, there can be no more than 12 plants in a household. 

Another important consideration is where you will grow them. You are allowed to have weed plants indoors, in a secured and locked area away from the view of the public. 

Should You Grow Weed Indoors or Outdoors in Connecticut 

Whether you want to grow recreational or medical marijuana seeds in Connecticut, one of the first questions you should ask is this – Should I grow weed indoors or outdoors? 

Unfortunately, in Connecticut, you have no option but to grow marijuana seeds indoors. The law states that you can grow cannabis at home but it must be indoors. 

You cannot grow weed in an area that is visible to the public, such as the people on the street. In addition, the place should be inaccessible to anyone who is below 21 years old. 

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation in Connecticut 

Unfortunately, when it comes to growing marijuana seeds in Connecticut, you have no choice but to do it indoors. 

The state’s legal framework strictly dictates that home cultivation of cannabis must take place indoors. 

You cannot cultivate cannabis plants in outdoor spaces visible to the public, such as your front yard or garden. 

Indoor cultivation of Connecticut marijuana seeds offers several advantages. 

It provides you with precise control over environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting. This control allows for year-round cultivation, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of cannabis. 

Indoor setups also offer increased security and privacy, which can be crucial for those concerned about the confidentiality of their cultivation activities.

However, indoor cultivation does come with its challenges, including higher initial setup costs and ongoing energy expenses due to the need for artificial lighting and climate control systems. 

Nevertheless, the controlled environment can lead to higher-quality cannabis and the ability to experiment with various growing techniques.

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation in Connecticut 

Contrary to some more lenient regions, Connecticut’s cannabis cultivation laws strictly prohibit outdoor growing. 

The state’s regulations mandate that all cannabis cultivation must occur indoors. This means that you cannot cultivate cannabis plants in your backyard, on your balcony, or in any outdoor space, regardless of whether it’s private or not.

While outdoor cultivation offers advantages like natural sunlight and reduced electricity costs, it is not an option in Connecticut due to the legal restrictions. It’s important to respect and adhere to the state’s laws regarding cannabis cultivation to avoid legal consequences.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in CT

Timing is crucial when growing weed seeds. Otherwise, it might not germinate at all, which can be frustrating. 

If you’re growing pot seeds indoors, then timing does not have to be a problem. You can sprout marijuana seeds anytime, provided that you can mimic the right environment. 

Meanwhile, when the time comes that the law allows outdoor cultivation, it’s recommended that you sprout marijuana seeds in early May. 

Best Strains to Grow in Connecticut  

Are you looking for the best Connecticut cannabis seeds? The options abound, but below are some options for both medical and recreational cannabis growers. 

1. OG Kush Autoflower Seeds 

Photo from ILGM 

As you search for the best marijuana seeds in CT, this is one option you should not miss. 

A blend of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, OG Kush strain can have a THC level of up to 19%. This is ideal for people looking for something potent. 

One of the best things about OG Kush Autoflower seeds is that it’s easy to grow indoors, even for beginners. It’s not too demanding when it comes to care and maintenance. 

Nonetheless, it can be prone to some problems. For instance, it can be susceptible to powdery mildew. As such, it’s crucial that you address potential pests and diseases to keep the plant healthy as it grows. 


2. Blue Dream Feminized Seeds 

Photo from Reddit 

Blue Dream feminized cannabis seeds will produce exceptional buds that are ideal for those who want to be creative. Take it in small quantities, especially if you’re a beginner. 

Blue Dream has relatively small plants. As such, it’s perfect for indoor growing as it can thrive even when there’s limited space. 

On average, it will take 70 days before you can finally harvest from the time you plant Blue Dream feminized cannabis seeds


3. Power Plant Feminized Seeds

Power Plant Feminized Seed

Photo from Reddit 

Power Plant, a sativa-dominant hybrid, having a South African origin, is a winner of multiple awards, making it another great strain to grow in CT. 

The short flowering time is one of its best assets. On average, it will take only 56 to 70 days to produce flowers. 

In addition, Power Plant feminized seeds also have moderate to high yield, which makes the growing process rewarding. It has impressive bud growth without the need to wait a long time. 



Knowing where to buy marijuana seeds in Connecticut is crucial for newbies and seasoned growers. Doing so will help make sure that your cannabis seeds are of high quality, increasing the chances they will germinate and produce potent buds. 

If you’re clueless about where to buy cannabis seeds in the state, two names stand out – I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) and Herbies. They have a solid reputation, so you can be confident that the quality is second to none.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top marijuana seed banks in Connecticut?

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) and Herbies are two of the most popular seed banks in CT. They have user-friendly online platforms, making it easy to access the seeds you need. 

Is it legal to buy seeds in CT?

The legality of buying cannabis seeds in Connecticut remains a gray area. The law currently does not allow this, but there’s a workaround – buy seeds with less than 0.3% THC. 

Is it legal to grow your own weed in CT now?

Yes, you can grow your own seed in Connecticut. 

How many marijuana plants can you legally have in CT?

You can have up to three mature and three immature cannabis plants in Connecticut. Nonetheless, each household can only have a maximum of 12 plants, regardless of how many residents of legal age there are. 

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