Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Spain

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Spain’s cannabis culture is flourishing, drawing the interest of many looking to explore the world of marijuana cultivation. 

The Iberian nation has seen a surge in enthusiasts keen on growing their cannabis plants, raising questions about where to buy marijuana seeds in Spain. 

In this informative guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of buying and growing cannabis seeds in Spain, navigating the legal landscape, and understanding the nuances of cultivating marijuana, both indoors and outdoors. 

The Best Online Seed Bank That Ships to Spain

If you’re looking for the top cannabis strains in Spain, online seed banks are great options. Some global stores ship to the country, so you have plenty of options. Alternatively, there are also several local Spanish seed banks. 


MSNL Seed Bank, short for Marijuana Seeds NL, is another highly regarded option for sourcing cannabis seeds, despite being based in the United Kingdom. 

The reputation of MSNL extends to Spain and other locations, as they offer international shipping, including to Spain. Their presence in the European market is strong, and they have gained a favorable reputation among growers for the quality of their cannabis seeds.

What sets MSNL apart is its extensive strain selection. Whether you’re interested in classic strains or seeking out the latest hybrids, MSNL provides a broad range of options to cater to various tastes and preferences. 

For Spanish growers, MSNL Seed Bank provides an opportunity to access top-notch genetics and cultivate a diverse range of cannabis strains. 

Aside from MSNL, local Spanish seed banks are also available. For instance, some prominent options include Sweet Seeds, Kannabia Seeds, and Eva Seeds. However, their reputation doesn’t match their international counterparts, so many people are wary. 

Local Seed Bank Stores in Spain (Not Recommended)

Whether you’re looking for recreational or medical seeds in Spain, you might want to consider local stores. However, there are several reasons why they are not recommended. 

Local seed bank stores typically provide a limited selection of cannabis strains. In comparison to online seed banks, the variety of strains available locally may be significantly restricted, which could limit your choices. 

More so, the prices of cannabis seeds at local stores are often higher than those available through online seed banks. Online retailers can offer competitive prices and even discounts, making them more cost-effective.

Additionally, local stores may not provide as much information about the strains they offer. Online seed banks typically offer comprehensive descriptions of their strains.

Privacy concerns can also be a factor. Local Spanish seed bank purchases involve face-to-face transactions, which may raise privacy issues for some individuals. In contrast, online seed banks prioritize discreet shipping, ensuring customers’ privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

Lastly, it’s important to consider the legal aspect. Not all local Spanish seed bank stores operate within the legal framework. To avoid potential legal issues, it’s crucial to ensure that any seed bank you choose complies with local and national laws and regulations.

The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Spain 

The legality of marijuana in Spain is a complex issue with nuances at both the national and regional levels. 

In Spain, there is a degree of tolerance for cannabis consumption under the law. 

Private and personal use of cannabis is not illegal. Individuals are permitted to grow marijuana plants for personal use, except cannabis clubs, which operate in a legal gray area. 

The possession and consumption of reasonable amounts of cannabis, typically up to 100 grams (3.5 ounces), are considered legal in private spaces. These laws are based on the principle of privacy and are in line with the Spanish Constitution.

Is it Legal to Buy & Grow Cannabis Seeds in Spain?

When it comes to cannabis seeds, the situation is somewhat clearer. 

It is legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds in Spain. However, the marijuana seeds must be certified by the European Union to ensure their legality. 

This certification process is crucial, as it distinguishes legal seeds from those intended for illegal cultivation. 

While purchasing seeds is generally tolerated, it’s important to note that germinating these seeds may not be covered by the same legal protection, depending on regional regulations.

There’s another way by which people get away with buying marijuana seeds in Spain. Many global sellers market these seeds as novelty items. The absence of THC content can also make them accessible. You might also find them in local sellers like Sweet Seeds. 

Should You Grow Weed Indoors or Outdoors in Spain?

From recreational to medical seeds, growing marijuana requires a thorough plan. It’s not enough to buy from reputable global or Spanish seed banks. You must know how to grow them properly, which starts with deciding whether you’ll plant cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors. 

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Growing cannabis seeds indoors is ideal if you want more control over the growing environment.

In Spain, especially in regions with harsh winters or extreme weather conditions, indoor cultivation can provide a stable and controlled setting for your cannabis plants. 

You can manage factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting to optimize plant growth. 

This method is suitable for year-round cultivation but typically requires more investment in equipment and energy costs.

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

Spain’s climate is often favorable for outdoor cannabis cultivation. 

With ample sunshine, mild temperatures, and relatively tolerant decriminalization, many growers opt for outdoor cultivation. It’s cost-effective, and the natural sunlight can lead to robust, flavorful plants. 

However, you’ll need to consider the local climate and potential risks, such as pests and thieves. Some cannabis seed varieties are better suited for outdoor growing in Spain, so research the best options.

When to Sprout Weed Seeds in Spain

The timing for sprouting weed seeds in Spain depends on your location within the country. 

Coastal regions with milder winters can start earlier, as early as late winter or early spring. Inland and mountainous areas should wait until the last frost has passed, typically around late spring. 

Be mindful of local weather patterns and potential late-season frosts, which can damage young plants. It’s crucial to adapt your planting schedule to your specific climate and geographic conditions.

Best Strains to Grow in Spain

Whether you’re buying from a local Spanish seed bank or an international seller, the options for cannabis seeds abound. To help you narrow down your choices, below are the top cannabis seed varieties worth checking out. 

1. Alien OG 

As you search for high-quality cannabis seeds, Alien OG is one option that should not be missed. These feminized seeds have a double Kush lineage, making them excellent for those who are after potency. 

Alien OG is a cross of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush. It has a THC level that can reach over 25%/ 

The massive yield of Alien OG is another reason to grow these cannabis seeds. Your harvests can be up to 500 gsm. Not to mention, the plants will have a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. 


2. Blue Dream 

Photo from Reddit 

If you prefer autoflowering marijuana seeds, Blue Dream is an impressive pick. The THC reaches 15%, which is great for those who like mild cannabis. 

Blue Dream is highly recommended if you want to grow stealth plants. They are compact and have minimal odor. 

These cannabis seeds will produce tasty treats. The sweet taste is reminiscent of fruity berries. 


3. White Widow 

white widow strain

Photo from Reddit 

White Widow has a genetic lineage linked directly to a THC-rich White Widow mother, resulting in robust, resinous flowers. 

White Widow offers an uplifting and relaxing experience, creating a sense of happiness. Its robust genetics enable rapid vegetative growth, making it an ideal choice for novice growers. This strain is well-known in Amsterdam’s coffee shops, reflecting Dutch weed culture.

One of White Widow’s standout features is its unmistakable aroma, characterized by a classic scent with sharp citrus notes. 



Knowing where to buy marijuana seeds in Spain is crucial for novice and seasoned growers. Global cannabis seed banks like MSNL are at the top of my list. However, some might also look at local Spanish seed banks as alternatives. 

More than your choice of seed banks, a proactive approach is necessary when growing cannabis seeds. For instance, choosing whether to grow plants indoors or outdoors is a crucial consideration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top marijuana seed banks in Spain?

MSNL is the top marijuana seed bank in Spain. However, you can also find local Spanish seed banks, including Sweet Seeds and Eva Seeds. 

Is it legal to buy seeds in Spain?

Yes, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Spain. The possession and sale of cannabis seeds are not prohibited by Spanish law. However, the legality of seeds is distinct from the cultivation and use of cannabis plants.

Is it legal to grow your weed in Spain now?

In Spain, it is decriminalized to grow cannabis for personal use and consumption. The cultivation of cannabis plants for recreational purposes is not explicitly prohibited by law, as long as it is intended for personal consumption and does not involve sale or commercial activities. 

How many marijuana plants can you legally have in Spain?

The specific number of marijuana plants you can legally have in Spain may vary depending on the region and local regulations. However, it is generally recommended to keep the number of plants limited to a small quantity for personal use, typically within the range of one to a few plants. 

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