Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Ontario in 2024

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Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, is home to a growing community of cannabis enthusiasts and aspiring cultivators. 

With the legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis in Canada, many Ontarians have embraced the idea of growing their marijuana plants. 

However, the journey from seed to harvest can be intricate, beginning with one fundamental concern: where to buy marijuana seeds in Ontario. 

Read on and learn more about your choices when buying cannabis seeds in The Heartland Province. Aside from the top seed banks, we’ll also look at the top picks for the best cannabis strain to grow in ON. 

Online Seed Bank That Ships to Ontario 

If you want to buy cannabis seeds at affordable prices, you have several choices. The most popular would be Ontario Cannabis Store, which has a monopoly in the market. 

Nonetheless, you can also buy from online cannabis seed banks. Choose one with an excellent reputation for your peace of mind. 

The next section looks at one of the most popular seed banks that ship marijuana seeds to Ontario. 

MSNL (Marijuana Seeds NL)

MSNL, also known as Marijuana Seeds NL, is another well-known online seed bank that ships to Ontario and other regions in Canada. 

This marijuana seed bank is recognized for its extensive selection of cannabis seeds, including regular, feminized, and autoflowering options.

MSNL is popular among growers for its global stealth shipping, ensuring that your seeds reach you securely.

One of the best things about MSNL is that it offers free shipping. However, such is valid only for orders of at least $99. 

Local Seed Bank Stores in Ontario (Not Recommended)

While the idea of visiting a local store to buy marijuana seeds in Ontario might be tempting for some, it’s essential to understand why this option is generally not recommended when compared to online seed banks. 

Lack of Regulation

One of the primary concerns with local seed bank stores in Ontario is the lack of consistent regulation. The legal framework surrounding cannabis has evolved over time, and it can be challenging for local stores to keep up with changing laws and regulations. 

In contrast, reputable online seed banks often have established protocols for compliance with federal and provincial laws. They are more likely to stay up-to-date with any changes in regulations, ensuring that customers receive seeds from completely legal sources.

Limited Variety

Local seed bank stores may have a limited variety of cannabis seeds available. This limitation can restrict your choices as a grower and prevent you from experimenting with different strains that suit your preferences and growing conditions.

Online seed banks, on the other hand, typically offer a vast selection of cannabis seeds. You can explore a wide range of strains, including auto-flowering, feminized, high-THC, and CBD-rich varieties. 

Quality Assurance

The quality and authenticity of cannabis seeds are paramount for successful cultivation. Local seed bank stores may not always provide clear information about the source and quality of their seeds. 

A reputable seed bank will prioritize quality assurance. It is transparent, which can make you confident that the seeds will thrive. 

Discreetness and Convenience

Another advantage of online seed banks is the discreetness and convenience they offer. Seeds are typically shipped in discreet packaging, minimizing the risk of unwanted attention.

Online platforms also provide the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home. You can browse extensive catalogs, read customer reviews, and compare prices without the need to travel to a physical store.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Before making a purchase, many growers rely on customer reviews and the reputation of the seed bank. 

Reputable online seed banks often have a significant online presence, with numerous reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. 

The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Ontario  

Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Ontario. Such progressive laws have fueled interest in cannabis cultivation. 

For anyone interested in growing marijuana in the province, there’s good news – marijuana seeds are legal in Ontario. 

As such, you can have easy access to different strains, depending on your personal preference. Despite the legality, however, you must be familiar with the ins and outs. 

Is it Legal to Buy & Grow Cannabis Seeds in Ontario?

As earlier noted, it’s legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Ontario. A federal law in 2018 made it possible for Canadians to grow and possess marijuana in limited quantities. 

According to the Ontario Cannabis Legislation, you can grow up to four cannabis plants per household. The limit is per residence and not per person.  

In addition, there’s a minimum age requirement, which is 19. The same is the limit for using cannabis unless you’re a qualified patient using medical marijuana. 

More so, you can buy and grow weed seeds only if you intend to use the plant personally. 

The government operates a retail platform for all things cannabis in the province – Ontario Cannabis Store. However, buying locally can be a nightmare because of the limited selection. This is where online seed banks can present a viable alternative. 

Should You Grow Weed Indoors or Outdoors in Ontario?

If you want to grow marijuana successfully, one of the most important is to choose the right environment. In this case, you have two options – indoors or outdoors. Which one is better? Below is a quick comparison of the two. 

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

One of the best things about growing cannabis indoors is that it allows for precise control over environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, which can lead to higher quality and consistent yields.

With a grow tent or grow room in your indoor setup, you can grow cannabis year-round, regardless of Ontario’s varying weather conditions. The growing season does not matter. 

In addition, growing indoors provides more privacy and security, reducing the risk of theft or unwanted attention.

However, if you grow indoors, you might need more significant initial investments in equipment like grow lights, ventilation systems, and climate control. 

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

Outdoor cultivation is typically more cost-effective as you rely on natural sunlight and don’t need as much equipment.

Further, with ample space and natural sunlight, outdoor plants can yield larger crops. However, this would still be highly dependent on the marijuana seeds you choose. 

Another benefit of growing cannabis outdoors is that it has a lower environmental footprint compared to indoor cultivation, which often relies on energy-intensive equipment.

However, outdoor cultivation in Ontario is seasonal, limited to the warmer months when frost is not a concern.

Also, outdoor plants are more susceptible to pests and diseases brought by adverse weather conditions, such as bud rot. 

When to Sprout Weed Seeds in ON

It’s not enough that you buy cannabis seeds from reputable sellers. To guarantee successful cultivation, one of the most crucial concerns is proper timing. 

Generally, you can start germinating cannabis seeds indoors in early spring, around March or April, to transplant them outdoors once the risk of frost has passed. 

However, specific timing may vary depending on your location within Ontario and local climate conditions.

Best Strains to Grow in Ontario

Do you want to buy marijuana seeds? Are you clueless about which one is the best pick? Whether you’re looking for recreational cannabis or medical marijuana, let’s look at three strains popular in the cannabis industry. 

1. Northern Lights

Photo from Reddit 

With 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, Northern Lights is one of the top choices for cannabis seeds in Ontario. It has a THC level of 19%, which makes it medium-strength. 

The medical uses of the Northern Lights are notable. It is recommended for those suffering from sleep problems or users who want increased appetite. This is also effective for pain relief. 

With a short flowering time of only eight weeks, Northern Lights is a great option for impatient growers. 


2. Ice Cream Cake 

The name itself can already invoke a sensory excitement. Ice Cream Cake has a sweet terpene profile that most people love. 

These feminized marijuana seeds are a hybrid of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. The result is an Indica-dominant strain with THC levels ranging from 19 to 21%.  

You don’t need to wait long for Ice Cream Cake cannabis seeds to grow. On average, they will reach maturity in 55 days. 


3. White Widow 

With the THC reaching up to 19%, White Widow is a commendable option if you’re looking for potent strains to grow in Ontario. 

White Widow is a great option for beginners. It’s forgiving, even for those who are not hands-on when managing their plants. 

When it’s time to use the buds grown from these cannabis seeds, you’re in for a treat. It has a robust terpene profile, which gives White Widow Feminized a distinguishable smell and aroma. 



For those curious about where to buy marijuana seeds in Ontario, the name MSNL stands out. They have a diverse seed selection of recreational and medical-grade marijuana from global breeders, so you can be confident of top-notch quality. 

With cannabis-friendly laws in the province, Ontario is a great place to grow marijuana seeds. Timing is crucial, as well as whether you grow weed indoors or outdoors. Consider the recommended strains above to make your search easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top marijuana seed banks in ON?

MSNL is the top seed bank for those looking for the best places to buy marijuana seeds in Ontario. 

Is it legal to buy seeds in ON?

Yes, it is legal to buy seeds in Ontario, provided that you are at least 19 years old. 

Is it legal to grow your weed in ON now?

Yes, you can legally grow marijuana in Ontario. 

How many marijuana plants can you legally have in ON?

You can legally have four marijuana plants in Ontario per residence. 

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