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In Pakistan, the relationship between the populace and cannabis seeds is deeply ingrained in the country’s cultural fabric, stretching back through centuries. Cannabis thrives naturally in this region and has been a significant part of Pakistan’s history, maintaining its social acceptance even today.

However, Pakistan has enforced stringent anti-drug laws in recent years. The authorities have imposed considerable risks on those involved in the use, possession, or cultivation of cannabis and marijuana seeds within the country. 

Despite the legal constraints, a substantial number of individuals continue buying cannabis seeds from local seed bank suppliers (mostly underground) discreetly.

We’ll also look at the best online seed bank that offers discreet shipping to Pakistan, recommended seed strains, and valuable growing tips.

Let’s get started!

The Best Online Seed Bank That Ships to Pakistan

In Pakistan, accessing cannabis seeds can be a challenging endeavor due to limited local resources.

But we have here the most viable option:

MSNL Seed Bank

MSNL is a highly recommended supplier offering quality seeds and stealth shipping. This way, they can ensure that your order arrives in packaging that reveals no indication of its contents. 

Moreover, the billing information associated with the order also remains discreet, offering you a level of privacy and security in line with the sensitivity of buying cannabis seeds in Pakistan.

Local Seed Bank Stores in Pakistan

In Pakistan, buying cannabis seeds finds itself at the intersection of strict legal prohibitions and widespread societal acceptance. Governed by the Control of Narcotic Substances Act of 1997, the country maintains a strong stance against cannabis and marijuana seeds, making its cultivation, possession, use, and sale illegal.

Violations of this law incur penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment, depending on the quantity and intention of the offender.

However, despite this, cannabis and marijuana remain deeply ingrained in the culture of Pakistan, particularly prevalent in rural areas where it grows naturally. It is utilized extensively for its potential medicinal, religious, and recreational benefits.

It is often consumed in the form of hashish or charas. The enforcement of anti-cannabis laws is typically lenient and compromised by corruption within the law enforcement system. In practice, authorities often turn a blind eye to small-scale users and cultivators.

Of course, there’s a legal exception for industrial cultivators.

No cannabis seed banks operate within Pakistan. But you can always turn to international seed banks for buying cannabis seeds. In this landscape, recommendations for local cannabis seed banks in Pakistan are unavailable, even though here it grows naturally.

The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Pakistan 

Pakistan upholds strict prohibitions on any activities related to cannabis and marijuana seeds. Buying, selling, possessing, using, or growing cannabis is illegal. These laws apply universally, without any exceptions for medical marijuana or CBD products.

However, there are specific circumstances where government agencies can grant permits and licenses for the cultivation of “narcotic plants,” limited to medical, industrial, or scientific research purposes.

The legal status of ungerminated cannabis seeds sourced from seed banks in Pakistan is in a gray area. The Control of Narcotic Substances Act does not explicitly label cannabis seeds as illegal items, nor does it provide them with a legal exception.

Possessing cannabis seeds bought from a seed bank in Pakistan might not be explicitly illegal. Still, it could give law enforcement a reason to search you or your premises for illegally grown plants (and they don’t always follow the book).

Therefore, exercising caution with ungerminated cannabis seeds is highly advisable in Pakistan.

Law enforcement agencies in Pakistan prioritize the prosecution of those involved in the use and sale of hard drugs, often overlooking personal cannabis or marijuana use. The enforcement of anti-cannabis laws varies across different regions of the country.

In some areas, like northwest Pakistan, buying cannabis seeds and its cultivation occur openly without any penalties whatsoever. However, in places like Islamabad, authorities are more likely to arrest individuals found possessing marijuana seeds.

Is it Legal to Buy & Grow Cannabis Seeds in PK?

The legality surrounding the purchase and cultivation of cannabis or marijuana seeds is very complex in Pakistan. The 1980s marked a significant period when numerous nations began enacting strict anti-drug laws. Pakistan was no exception.

Pakistan categorized cannabis and various mind-altering substances as illegal. The year 1997 saw the Pakistani government enact the Control of Narcotic Substances Act. This legislation outlined the substances deemed illegal to produce, sell, or consume, establishing legal repercussions for violations.

Despite these laws, cannabis remains the most commonly used “illegal drug” in PK, with approximately 4 million Pakistani residents (3.6% of the population) reported to be regular users, as per a 2013 UN report. However, it’s important to note that this figure is likely an underrepresentation.

Interestingly, while the consumption of alcohol is strongly discouraged in Pakistan, attitudes toward seed banks are comparatively (much) more lenient. Cannabis, often consumed in the form of charas, is widely accepted. Moreover, some individuals mix cannabis into a traditional drink called bhang.

Given this backdrop, the legality of buying and growing cannabis seeds in Pakistan operates within a nuanced space, intertwining legal regulations, cultural attitudes, and historical influences.

Should You Grow Weed Indoors or Outdoors PK?

The decision to cultivate cannabis in PK brings with it a crucial consideration: should one opt for indoor or outdoor growth? This choice carries significant weight, influenced by environmental factors, legal implications, cost considerations, and the desired yield.

Cannabis seeds, deeply rooted in the culture despite their legal status, pose a challenging decision for aspiring cultivators.

Here’s an overview:

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Indoor seed cultivation in this country offers a controlled and regulated environment for growing cannabis plants. This method is particularly advantageous in a country with varying climates and inconsistent weather patterns.

With the ability to control factors such as temperature, humidity, light cycles, and nutrient levels, growers can ensure optimal conditions for the plants’ growth. Indoor production also provides a level of privacy and security, essential in a country with strict anti-drug laws.

However, it requires a significant initial investment in equipment, including grow lights, fans, and ventilation systems. Additionally, ongoing operational costs related to electricity and other resources should be considered.

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

Outdoor cannabis cultivation in Pakistan capitalizes on the country’s diverse climates and abundant sunlight. This approach is cost-effective, as it offers the plant’s natural growing conditions without the need for extensive equipment.

The ample natural sunlight and fresh air contribute to healthy plant growth and potentially higher yields. However, outdoor cultivation is heavily dependent on seasonal changes and may be exposed to the risk of pests, weather fluctuations, and other environmental variables.

Moreover, the legality of growing cannabis outdoors, where anti-drug laws are strictly enforced, poses a significant risk to growers. But if you’re from the northern, or north-western areas, you shouldn’t have much trouble with the law in this regard.

Most farmers in rural Punjab also cultivate moderate amounts (alongside other crops) for recreational purposes.

When to Sprout Weed Seeds in PK

Choosing the right time to sprout seeds largely depends on the local climate and region. Generally, the optimal timing is during the spring months, particularly March to April, when the weather starts to warm up and days are longer.

During this period, cannabis plants receive ample sunlight, a crucial factor for their early growth. However, the timing may vary based on the specific region within PK due to the country’s diverse climates.

Cultivators should assess local weather patterns and select the most suitable time for sprouting weed seeds to ensure a successful and productive growth cycle.

Best Strains to Grow in Pakistan

Particularly in the vicinity of Jamrud, a town known for its open cannabis market, cannabis seed strains thrive and contribute significantly to the local economy. The region hosts an extensive network of (informal) seed banks openly selling cannabis seeds.

This makes it a focal point for cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators alike.

What sets this region apart is the substantial number of people, estimated to be around 100,000, whose livelihoods are intricately linked to cannabis cultivation, production, or distribution. For many local tribes, local cannabis seed bank shops serve as a primary source of income.

Some farmers in this region achieve an annual income ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, a noteworthy financial yield for an area characterized by its remoteness and limited economic opportunities. And this is made possible by top-tier strains like:

1. Gelato Auto

Photo from MSNL

Gelato Auto is a delightful auto-flowering strain celebrated for its sweet, creamy flavor and the relaxing, euphoric sensation it delivers. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a soothing experience to unwind.


2. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is an iconic pure Indica strain with a reputation for its earthy aroma and deeply calming effects. It’s favored by users looking for a deeply relaxing and stress-relieving strain.


3. HulkBerry

HulkBerry is a potent hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Hulk and Blueberry, resulting in powerful fruity flavors and an energizing sensation, making it a fantastic choice for those wanting a burst of energy and flavor.

The farmers here have finely tuned their cultivation methods, resulting in the production of top-quality marijuana primarily intended for hashish. The ideal growing climate of the region allows cannabis plants to flourish, often reaching towering heights of up to 15 feet.

The unique ecosystem of this part of the world, combined with generations of expertise, cultivates an environment where seed strain varieties thrive. All of this ensures a flourishing cannabis industry and livelihood for a significant portion of the local population.


In the heartland of Pakistan, the thriving cannabis seed strains have woven their roots deeply into the fabric of the local community and economy. The open seeds market in Jamrud and its surrounding regions exemplifies a unique intersection of tradition, economics, and culture.

The remarkable expertise of the farmers, coupled with an ideal growing climate, yields cannabis plants reaching impressive heights and producing high-quality marijuana. Pakistan has long embraced and relied upon (underground) local cannabis seed banks for sustenance, and the government’s recent attempts at offering a legal exception are more than welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top marijuana seed banks in PK?

As of now, there is no officially recognized or legal marijuana seed bank operating in Pakistan.

Is it legal to buy seeds in PK?

The legal status of buying Marijuana seeds in Pakistan is in a gray area. The Control of Narcotic Substances Act does not specifically list cannabis seeds as illegal items, but their legal status remains ambiguous. Therefore, caution is advised when purchasing cannabis seeds.

Is it legal to grow your weed in PK now?

No, it is not legal to grow cannabis seeds for personal use in Pakistan. The Control of Narcotic Substances Act strictly prohibits the cultivation of cannabis, and violations of this law carry legal consequences.

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