Gelato Mint Strain Review (Cannara Biotech)
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Gelato Mint

For this review I tried out a strain called Gelato Mint Pheno# 5 that’s under the Tribal Brand, produced by Cannara Biotech, a company located in Quebec. There is some excitement straight off the bat: Terpene percentages, harvest date and tuna can style container, all things that us consumers love. This Indica-dominant cultivar came in with strong THC content at 21.8% (it varies between 20% and 28%) and an inconsiderable amount of CBD. This is the first product that I tried out from this LP and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Below is a more in-depth breakdown of this Gelato Mint.

Lineage: Unknown for now

Terpene Profile: caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, linalool and pinene  

Packaging Details: Harvested on 01/15/2021, packaged on 02/20/2021, reviewed/tested on 03/01/2021, exactly 10 days later. Lot #01563A1

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for $24.20 ($6.91/gram).

gelato mint pheno #5 review picture of cannabis
Gelato Mint Pheno #5

Appearance: 3.5/5

This Gelato Mint came in with some major bag appeal. The first thing I noticed after popping open the tuna-style container (which was a first for me and a first for the SQDC) was how shiny the weed was; you can see the little trichome diamonds glowing under LED lights; this is usually a good sign. I would put this cultivar under the “sexy buds” category. Light green with navy and purple calyxes, completely covered in a thick trichome sheet, with some dark orange pistils. It came in a little too dry for my liking at 41% RH; the weed was still fairly sticky. I decided to bring the moisture back up to 58% to really get all that terpene goodness (this smelled amazing, see below). Size-wise, there were four medium nugs and a couple of small ones.

gelato mint review micro pic

Aroma: 5/5

I would put this in the “air freshener” category as in go and make an air freshener out of this terpene profile! There is just so much freshness that jumps out of this little container, and it comes in waves. I got a strong minty, lemony smell at first, that’s heavily accented by this fresh and sweet green apple-like scent. They weren’t playing with the terp (3.7%) percentage on this!

Flavor: 4/5

You get all the goodness that the aroma has to offer but on a smaller scale. I got the fresh herbal/minty flavor on the inhale, with some sweet lemony notes on the exhale and the after taste. The smoke was smoother than butter, the main problem? You just want more of it! As in you want to keep rolling up more joints, I ran through this weed way faster than I should’ve.

gelato mint pheno #5 review picture of cannabis
Gelato Mint Pheno #5

Effects: 3.5/5

This Gelato Mint Pheno #5 is what I would consider a slapper. The ‘high” it emits is sharp, strong, and instantaneous. Both cerebral and physical, the effects creep up throughout the entire body pretty quickly and leave you in a fuzzy but relaxing state of mind, I was quite content with not doing anything too productive after smoking this.

Overall: 4/5

I must say I was quite impressed with this first offering from Cannara. From price point, to terpene percentage on the packing and everything else, this seems like a winner at the SQDC. This LP is supposed to come out with a big line-up of strains this year, hopefully they can stay consistent. I would recommend this to both beginners and everyday users, but beware, make sure all the important things are done before jumping into this. If you’ve tried out some of this Gelato Mint, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below (please include pics!)

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