Nuken Strain Review (Palmetto)

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After trying out some of  Palmetto’s  Headband strain, it was only right that I’d grab their only other strain available in Quebec,  NUKEN. It’s an Indica-dominant cultivar grown by  Sundial Growers Inc. out of Calgary, Alberta.

This batch came in with  19% THC  and an inconsiderable amount of CBD; it ranges from  18% to 24% THC. Below, I break down every aspect of this Nuken strain in detail.

Lineage: A cross of God Bud and Kish (2 Shishkaberry parents), grown by Sundial Cannabis.

Terpene Profile: Ocimene, caryophyllene, myrcene, bisabolol, and limonene.

Packaging Details: Packaged on 07/14/2020 and tested/reviewed on 11/09/2020,  118 days later.

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for $30.20 ($8.63/gram). 

Appearance: 2/5

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The appearance was not a strong suit for this strain; I wasn’t a big fan, from the little pop-corn buds to the dryness. The RH in the container came in at 51%, which isn’t the end of the world; however, in this case, the weed was drier than I thought it would be. There were mostly little nugs visible, which you know is a turn-off for me, with only two mediums buds in there.

Visually speaking, the weed was of very bright green color with many light orange pistils between the leaves; there weren’t too many trichomes still intact. Peep the pictures, though, I may have scored this low, but this Nuken is still pretty photogenic.

Aroma: 2.5/5

If you check out the terpene profile on this Nuken, you’ll see that it’s a strange mix of terpenes; this comes out in the aroma as well. When opening the sealed container, it starts off in an unpleasant way; I got wet wood and musk. Not at all in a moldy type of way, but still, not for me.

The ocimene comes out heavy when the weed is milled; the nose gets hit with floral, almost rosy scents that were very unexpected. I found the nose on this to be average, but it’s still an interesting experience nonetheless.

Flavor: 3/5 

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The ocimene seems to come out a little more during combustion as I got a rich floral taste that was left on the palate on the exhale. This weed was really smooth, too. The problem is that it seemed to burn fairly quickly because of its dryness. There was a Boost humidity pouch present, but it doesn’t seem like it helped much.

Effects: 3.5/5

The effects that this Nuken strain emits are very calming; however, I wouldn’t smoke this right before starting something that requires a lot of attention. I found this cultivar to be suitable for the “going down the Youtube rabbit hole” type of activities if you know what I mean.

I also passed out after about 90 minutes while having a pretty difficult time getting up after that. This is a nighttime weed, simple as that. The good part was that although my head felt heavy, there was no paranoia or mind-racing.

Overall: 3/5

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I will keep on checking for Palmetto products in the future; as Nuken and Headband both came out as slightly above average for me, I think this brand is on the right track. If you like heavy Indica strains that fog up the brain, the type of strains that shut off racing thoughts, this is something you may enjoy.

If you’ve tried out some Nuken in the past, let me know what you think about it in the comments below. 

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  1. Worst of the palmetto fam. Romulan is the best. Platinum cookies not bad too. And the pink. But there’s better stuff of the same genetics from other LPs for the PC and the PK. But the romulan is really chill and natural feeing and is a constant in my collection. The Rubicon romulan looks pretty crazy tho, but I love the palmetto. And their packaging and color way are dope af.

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