Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 4

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In week 3 of our Aurora Indica grow, we added more nutrients, and additional lights to help our plants grow more quickly. Now, let’s find out how our plants are doing as we enter week 4.

Day 24

The Aurora Indicas continue to grow faster than we thought possible. This strain is surprisingly low and bushy compared to other strains I’ve grown in the past. I suspect this is because I amusing Bushdoctor Coco Loco Soil by Fox Farms. The soil seems to be retaining water quite well which is keeping the plants nicely hydrated. I’ve been watering them every 3-4 days at a pH of 6.5 and feeding a quarter dose of nutrients after every other feeding.

The calcium deficiencies seem to have been entirely resolved as I am seeing only beautiful green new leaves growing on these plants. The stems are also beginning to get stronger after consistent fanning. I’ve been misting the plants’ leaves every day or so as well with a spray bottle to help keep the humidity up in the tank. Since it’s winter, the moisture in my grow space is lower than ideal for these plants to reach the vegetative stage, but misting seems to be helping keep the levels up.

Day 27

These plants are about a month old now, and they are the fastest-growing strain I’ve ever grown so far! I’ve noticed that the Coco Soil is retaining moisture much longer than traditional soil I’ve used. I’ve only needed to water them every 3-4 days as opposed to every other day with regular soil.

Since I’m watering them less frequently, that also means that I’ve needed to use more nutrients to make sure that the plants are adequately nourished. I’ve continued feeding them a quarter dose of nutrients every other feeding, which seems to be making them happy. They’re still not stretching at all under these lights, which is great news!

Follow along week-by-week to stay up to date on this grow!

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