Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 6

4 growing cannabis plants in grow tent

In week 5, we pruned, and stress trained the Aurora’s to get them ready to move to the grow tent. Entering week 6, we’re preparing a new home for the plants to grow.

Day 36

It’s finally time to prepare the grow tent and get it ready for the new plants. I used a bleach and hydrogen peroxide mixture in water to clean the tent thoroughly and all my equipment to prevent any mold spores from becoming an issue for the new plants.

Once the tent was clean, I let it air out for an hour and then set up my grow lights 2 feet above canopy height, ready to be lowered as needed. I used one spider farmer sf1000QB, which pulls 100w of power from the wall for the plants. I plan to add a second one for the flowering stage in a few months.

Once the light and cooling fans were set up, I put the Aurora Indicas and the Alaskan Purp into the tent. I readjusted the low-stress training ties as well as did some minor defoliation to allow for more light exposure to the lower branches.

As a test, I decided to train one of the three Aurora’s slightly more than the other three. I did this by spreading the leaves on the plant further. So each plant was stress trained at a somewhat different level to help determine the best way to train plants on this strain in the future.

Here’s a breakdown of how I trained each plant:

  • Aurora 1:  Heavy stress training
  • Aurora 2: A mix of stress training and defoliation
  • Aurora 3:  Heavy defoliation training, no stress training

Hopefully, the three differences in training will help me determine the best way to train this strain in the future.

Day 37

The Aurora Indica’s now reside in the grow tent and are bushing out nicely. I noticed some leaves looking dark green and the tips beginning to curl. This is an early indicator of nutrient burn. To mitigate that, I’ve decided to cut back on the next few waterings to let them absorb the nutrients that are already in the soil.

This is an easy fix.

Now, all I need to do is feed them plain dechlorinated two water (pH’d to 6.5-7) to allow the plants to recover.  The good news is that growth doesn’t seem to have been stunted by this at all. They continue to move into the light each day and are sucking down water like crazy. I plan to flip them into flower in 2 weeks.

Follow along week-by-week to stay up to date on this grow!

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