Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 5

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In week 4 of the Aurora Indica grow, we added more nutrients and continued to monitor growth. Entering week 5, let’s see how the plants are doing as they get close to flowering.

Day 29

I’ve cut the tops off of all of the Aurora Indica’s and am preparing them for the stress that comes with changing their grow space.

Day 30

All three of the Aurora Indicas have turned their leaves right back up towards the lights. After topping the plants (cutting the tops off) the two new main shoots on each plant are shooting up quickly. This is great news because it means that they’re taking to the training nicely. I also noticed a very low hanging branch on Aurora Indica #2, which is a perfect opportunity to start the cloning process.

I snipped the clone and potted it into a solo cup filled with Coco Coir mixed with 20% Perlite. I’m misting it several times a day because clones don’t have a developed root system yet. They’ll have to get their water from the leaves for about a week or so before they can be potted in soil. I didn’t use any cloning hormones and just shipped the stem at a 45-degree angle. I used a pair of trimmers to scrape off the outer membrane of the stem to allow the roots to break through sooner. I also have it on a stand so it’s at the optimal height for receiving light.

Day 33

As we already knew, this strain is growing massive leaves at a rapid pace. I was squeezing four 3-gallon pots in my 40-gallon vegetative tank as to maximize light coverage for the plants and to make watering significantly easier. I decided to pull the Alaskan Purple plant out of the tank and put it on its own, with its own light sources. In other words, the Alaskan just got too big and I wanted to give the Auroras more room to grow. This is going to allow the Auroras to get the maximum light coverage to the lower branches. During stress training, the leaves began growing really wide so I removed the garden ties that were pulling them sideways and watched for a few hours as they straightened right back out which helped the lower branches get more light. In the next few days, once the plants get taller, I’ll need to train them outward, but for now, the inward training is working.

The plants only have 4 more days in this small vegetative area until I move them to the grow tent. Once in the tent, they’ll have extra space to really stretch out those branches.

Follow along week-by-week to stay up to date on this grow!

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