Aurora Indica Grow Journal: Week 12

week 12 grow progress

In week 11 of the Aurora Indica Grow, we took measures to prevent pests and mold from forming on the plants and shared some progress photos of the plants’ incredible growth. This week, we’re letting the plants do their thing as they enter the last part of the flowering stage.

Day 72

Our Aurora Indica Grow is soon coming to an end. For the next few weeks, all we can do is continue to monitor the buds, give them the right amount of light, and let them continue to flower. The Aurora Indica plants are several weeks away from harvest and they’re developing some good bud mass finally.

week 12 grow progress

ince week 11, we haven’t changed anything major other than dropping the grow lights down to 12in above the canopy.

week 12 grow tent setup

Now there’s not much left to do but wait. Check back in a few weeks for the final updates on our Aurora Indica Grow and continue this journey with us as we harvest our new buds.

In the meantime, catch up on all of the action of the entire grow process by following the links below.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Follow along week-by-week to stay up to date on this grow!

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