What is Shatter: How to Use (Plus Dangers)

shatter resin

Marijuana consumption, whether for medical or recreational purposes, continues to grow in terms of popularity. It’s a growing global industry, especially in areas where it’s legal. Over the years, it continues to evolve, with new products being introduced.

For those who are looking for a more potent effect, several alternatives are available. Among others, one that you might have heard of is shatter. This illicit drug has a super-high potency, making it popular despite being illegal in most places.

If you’re curious about what is shatter, read on! We’ll talk about the things you need to know, including how to use shatter.

What Is Shatter?

In a nutshell, shatter drug is a cannabis concentrate with a translucent and glass-like appearance. The color is usually gold or amber. When you break it into two, it will crack or shatter, which is where shatter got its name.

Shatter is also known as butane hash oil or BHO. 

This is because it uses butane gas for the removal of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant matter. It also looks like a maple syrup chip, which is why some people call it honey oil.

Because of its appearance, one of the most common misconceptions about marijuana shatter is that it’s pure. Nonetheless, the color and clarity do not relate to purity. Instead, such is a result of how shatter is produced.

As a type of hash oil, shatter contains high levels of THC. With this, taking the shatter drug is known to produce psychoactive effects. Its extracts may test upward of 80% in terms of THC levels.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note that there’s also a variety known as CBD shatter. It’s a marijuana concentrate, which is especially a common choice for medical marijuana patients.

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How Is Shatter Made?

The production of shatter relies on different methods and extraction techniques from cannabis plants, each resulting in products with different potency or effects.

An important thing to remember – you should NOT make shatter at home. It’s not only complex to manufacture and extremely dangerous, but making shatter is also illegal in most jurisdictions.

Making solvent-based concentrates is risky. Fires, explosions, and burns are common, especially when butane is used.

One of the most critical in the production of shatter is cannabis extract. This is done using a solvent, which is typically butane. Such is also why it’s called butane hash oil. The butane extraction process separates the trichomes from the cannabis flowers.

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After extracting cannabinoids to produce oil, the cannabis concentrate undergoes heating to remove as much butane as possible. It is then spread into a thin layer. Letting it rest on the surface produces a clear and amber material to create shatter as we know it.

Proper handling and storage are also vital concerns when making shatter. To ensure consistency, prevent exposure to direct sunlight, ultraviolet light, moisture, and the like.

In many instances, shatter is made in makeshift labs without the right equipment. This can compromise the final product, which can also increase the potential side effects.

concentrated thc/cbd or shatter

How To Use Shatter Drug

Like other cannabis concentrates, you can use shatter in many ways. The option often depends on what accessories are available or your personal preference.

Using A Dab Rig

Among others, the most common way to consume shatter is with a specialized water pipe called a dab rig, which also involves flash vaporization. It requires contact with a hot surface to vaporize, which makes a blow torch an essential tool. You can find great options at Dr Dabber.

Cannabis dabbing is a process of inhaling vapors from marijuana concentrates or oils. It’s especially a popular method among young adults and teenagers.

Using A Vape Pen

In principle, this is similar to consuming cannabis extracts through dabbing. However, the main difference is that you will be using a vape pen instead of a water pipe.

Compared to other cannabis concentrates, you’ll need a higher temperature when vaping shatter wax. Nonetheless, when you risk too high, there’s a potential for burning the drug.

Adding To A Joint

Another way of using or smoking shatter extracts is by adding them inside or outside a joint. This is a procedure known as twaxing.

Using shatter weed in a cannabis flower in a joint can result in a stronger high. This is basically because you are combining the potency of two drugs.

Infusing In Edibles

While it isn’t as popular as dabbing shatter weed, another potential consumption method is through edibles. It includes melting the shatter drug and infusing it into fats, which is then what is used for making edibles.

However, this process requires subjecting cannabis concentrates to high heat since shatter is harder than other concentrates. In turn, the chemical composition may degrade, which can also make the result less potent.

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The Dangers of Shatter

With the potency of shatter, coupled with the fact that it’s a relatively new drug, the dangers abound.

Like other drugs, the side effects of shatter can be serious. It can result in shatter dependency. In addition, it can also result in adverse health conditions, putting the individual at risk.

Among others, here’s a quick list of some of the most common side effects that a person can exhibit after consumption of marijuana shatter. These effects can be more intense among those who have already developed drug addiction.

  • Sleep disorders
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Increase in blood pressure and heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Mood changes
  • Weak immune system
  • Overwhelming paranoia
  • Drug-induced psychosis
  • Physical dependence

All About Shatter Addiction

Being a potent form of cannabis concentrate, many people may be interested in trying shatter despite its dangers and illegality. Nonetheless, before you think about how to smoke shatter or use it in other ways, you must be aware of the potential consequences.

Shatter is addictive. Because of its potency, it can be more addictive than marijuana.

As one becomes addicted and uses too much shatter, the frequency, and dosage of use increase. You will end up requiring more of the drug for the same effects to be apparent, which can also make its use riskier.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Stopping the use of shatter can result in severe withdrawal symptoms. They may be intense, given how potent the drug is. The amount of shatter taken and the duration of its use are some factors that can affect the symptoms.

Some of the possible withdrawal symptoms include sleep disorders, mood changes, and mental health problems, among other things.

Treatment Options

It’s crucial to recognize the signs of addiction before it can be devastating. Luckily, there are different treatment options available.

Among others, one of the best approaches is behavioral therapy. It is an important component of mental health treatment, aiming to change unhealthy or self-destructing behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people use shatter?

Shatter is used by people who want to get high. It’s more intense than conventional marijuana buds, resulting in stronger effects. Meanwhile, it can also contain CBD, and in that case, it’s used for medical purposes.

How long does shatter stay in your body?

The duration at which shatter remains in your body may vary. In most cases, however, it remains detectable in urine for up to three days and 90 days in your hair.

What is the difference between shatter and wax?

Shatter is hard with a glass-like consistency, whereas wax looks like coconut oil that has hardened. They are also different in terms of colors since shatter is gold to amber while the wax is brown. Meanwhile, they are both made using butane.


Wrapping up, shatter is a common street drug that breaks down like glass, which is also why it is called shatter. Compared to conventional marijuana, shatter has a higher THC content, which gives users a more intense high. Like other forms of cannabis concentrates, shatter can have adverse health effects and may result in addiction. 

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