Bubble Hash: What It Is & How To Use (Correctly)

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Named for how it bubbles when smoked, bubble hash is a unique kind of hash prepared using ice water. In fact, it’s one of the best cannabis concentrate products in the market. It might not be as common as other cannabis products, but it is loved by stoners worldwide.

For experienced stoners, bubble hash is a perfect product. In fact, it has become quite popular thanks to its high versatility and potency. Therefore, you can add it to anything you can consume and use this plant-matter-free product in several ways.

So let’s dive right in…

The History Of Bubble Hash

Generally, the person credited for putting this unique invention on the map was Marcus Richardson. Popularly known as Bubbleman, Marcus created and marketed the initial premier filtration bag in 1999, known as Bubblebags.

On the other hand, Sam Sadhu is credited for coming up with the initial technique for making this product. Robert Clark described Sam’s technique in detail in High Times Magazine in 1988, while Mila Jensen is credited for creating the early commercial product.

The introduction of freeze drying made it easier for the producers to dry bubble hash after washing it. Before freeze-drying, folks had to air-dry the plant matter for a week.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash refers to a kind of hash prepared using a process that involves ice water. Just like the traditional hash, this product is a trichomes or cannabis resin glands concentration. Its color ranges from dark brown to light blonde.  

For instance, Full melt, a high-quality bubble hash, is better than the traditional hash. So if you get the ultra-refined full melt option, then it will bubble away while it’s dabbed or smoked, leaving behind little plant material. Generally, bubble hash is rated on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the ultra-quality while 1 is the low-grade bubble hash.

The 6-star hash is prepared using an extremely-fine mesh sieve that blocks the plant materials. It only allows minute trichome heads to pass through. The trichomes in most cannabis plant products are usually diluted by some plant matters resulting in lower potency.

The ice water hash has more flavonoids, terpenes, and CBD that can get you high while relieving pain. But the result will depend on how you make bubble hash.

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How To Make Bubble Hash

The ice water hash is quite popular among health-conscious cannabis plant users. After all, it doesn’t depend on some gases like carbon dioxide or butane to refine and even extract the THC from the plant material. 

Unlike the traditional hashish that depends on manual resin extraction, this product is usually given an ice bath or flash frozen in a freeze dryer. In fact, some folks prefer using fresh frozen cannabis materials from their freeze dryers.

After this process, it’s agitated to separate the trichomes by running through some bubble bags series. These bubble bags have some fine screens that help filter trichrome to its purest form when making bubble hash.

Another post-production process that can make a huge difference in the final product is the pressing and curing processes. These processes will play a major role in the consistency of the bubble hash. In fact, the powdery bubble hash found in the market is quite different from the traditional hashish.

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How To Use Bubble Hash

There are several ways people can use bubble hash. So if you have your product ready, then you can consume bubble hash in the following ways:

How To Smoke Bubble Hash

Stoners who own hash pipes can easily smoke bubble hash. But since plant material can fly into your mouth while smoking it, you should include a filtering mesh in your pipe. Some stoners claim their hash pipes are perfect but might not be ideal for consuming bubble hash.

So instead of the hash pipe, you can use a Kol pipe. A Kol pipe may give you a memorable experience, particularly with the full melt product. This pipe is perfect, especially since it’s designed with filtering and cooling features that can help stop anything from moving to your mouth when you’re smoking it.

You can also add it to your joint or get pre-made bubble hash joints.


If smoking your bubble hash is not an option, then you can try vaping. Vaping requires a vaporizer, but you’ll need to get some refined ice water. But you have to break down your bubble hash into minute particles before vaping.


You can also dab your cannabis concentrates, but it’s ideal if you could get a full melt bubble hash. And that’s because these cannabis concentrates melt easily on your nails, leaving little to no residue.


If you’re a stoner, you can get creative with your cooking and sprinkle some bubble hash in your food as part of your spices collection. You can even add it to your salad or cup of tea. Cooking is the best method for getting high, especially if you need cerebral stimulation while working all day long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Quality Of The Cannabis Plant Matter When Making Bubble Hash?

Yes, this product works perfectly with some whole-flower buds containing high trichomes concentration. The whole-flower buds’ quality will have a huge impact on the final product. A low-THC and dry strain produces low-quality products.

Who Invented The Bubble Bags?

Marcus Richardson developed some compact and safe trichome extraction kits referred to as Bubble bags.

How Many Times Can Anyone Wash Bubble Hash?

Generally, you can only wash it once. In fact, washing it more than once can result in contamination of the hash. 


The term bubble hash was obtained from how this product is consumed. Basically, cannabis plants produce bubbles when exposed to the lighter’s flame. In fact, its known and loved worldwide for its high versatility and potency. Plus, the fact that you can add it to anything edible is a bonus.

If you plan on smoking it, make sure you add a filter that will ensure less plant material gets into your mouth. After all, the bubble bag does help with filtration, but you do need more protection.

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