Saturna Strain Review (Broken Coast)

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For this cannabis strain reviewed, I tried out some  Saturna made by  Broken Coast Cannabis, which is actually some  Muskmelon OG.

If you’ve read my other Broken Coast Cannabis strain reviews (Galiano,  Quadra,  Keats,  Ruxton, and  Denman), you can probably tell by now that this company usually delivers above-average, carefully crafted, high-grade flower. Well, thankfully, the trend continues with this Saturna strain.

It’s a  hybrid strain that’s more dominant on the Indica side, with cannabinoid content that varies between  9% and 19% THC  (this batch specifically had  18.3% THC  and an insignificant amount of CBD).

For the terpene profile, the dominant terpene is Myrcene by far (0.20%), with limonene (0.15%), caryophyllene (0.13%), pinene (0.04%) and terpineol (0.03%).  

When it comes to lineage, according to Broken Coast themselves: “Saturna (AKA Muskmelon OG) is a Broken Coast original with an exclusive look, flavor, and aroma. This amazing strain is a result of complicated in-house hybridization with a genetic history unique to Broken Coast.”

Packaging Details: This was packaged on 08/19/2019 and tested/reviewed on 03/21/2020, exactly 215 days after being packaged. Lot# 1650105019

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $46.30 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ($13.23/gram)

Appearance: 3.5/5

The pattern of 3 to 5 nugs in 3.5-gram containers continues here, and I’m a HUGE fan of that. There were 4 big nugs stuck to each other in the small navy blue container with the bright light green font on the front of it.

The only reason the score dropped slightly for me is that the bud was a little dryer than what I’m used to, but nothing to complain TOO MUCH about. The terps were completely alive, and I’m not talking about being powder dry either (cough…White Russian…cough).

It’s actually surprising that I didn’t get some completely dried-out weed since it was packaged over 200 days after I tried it without a humidity pack in there. Very cool visuals, as you can see in the pics, shades of navy, purple, dark green, and light green on the buds, with messy bright orange pistils covered in trichomes. 

Aroma: 2.5/5

saturna strain review picture of cannabis

When it comes to smell, Saturna emits a touch of melon mixed in with some musty and diesel scents; it’s pleasant enough; however, it was very subtle; you can tell that this was packaged a while ago.

Still, though, I believe the terps were kind of still there because there were aromas that came out of the freshly sealed container, just less aggressive than what I’m used to with Broken Coast, which was probably because of the packaging date.

If you enjoy a strong mint and lemon aroma complemented by a crisp, sweet scent reminiscent of green apples, I suggest giving Gelato Mint Strain a try.

Flavor: 3.5/5

saturna strain review, picture of cannabis

The flavors actually came out a little more than the smell; on the inhale, you can really taste the sweetness that myrcene and limonene usually emit. On the exhale, the spiciness comes out, and you get some of that diesel aftertaste.

The smoke was smooth, the joints burnt well, and I would be very interested in trying out a newer batch of Muskmelon OG because I feel like it would be that much better.

Effects 3.5/5

saturna strain review picture of cannabis

I really enjoyed the effects that this strain emitted; it was strong and aggressive but very euphoric and cerebral; I was full of energy and focus after smoking this. I tried this out during the day and at night, and both times were great.

The effects lasted about an hour, and there wasn’t much of a downer after they wore off. No anxiety or paranoia type of feeling, not too much of a “couch glue” high, very enjoyable.

For those seeking a potent strain that delivers an energizing effect and enhances focus during the day, the Denman Strain is also worth exploring.

Overall: 3/5

This is another solid cultivar that’s grown by Broken Coast, and I’m pretty sure if I got a more recent batch, I would’ve enjoyed it that much more. I would recommend this to both beginners and everyday users; I believe both would like this cultivar, from the visual to the effects.

Don’t get it twisted, though; this strain still really hits, and personally, I will definitely be getting some of this again. Anything packaged over 6 months ago is a little weird, though; too long, in my opinion.

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