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quadra strain review, container and flower

Consistency is quite important for branding, especially when it’s a brand new industry; it makes you stand out automatically. This  Quadra  strain that’s made by  Broken Coast Cannabis  is another solid product from this company. After testing out and reviewing  Galiano  and  Ruxton, the consistency remains the same with this cultivar as well. This cannabis strain also goes by  Headstash; unfortunately, I did not find any information concerning the lineage other than the fact that it was grown by Karma Genetics. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with  THC levels that vary between 14% and 24%; this one specifically was on the lower end at  15.3% THC  and a negligible amount of CBD. 

For the terpene profile, Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene here, the complete profile also includes limonene, terpineol, myrcene and linalool. Below you will find more details on every aspect of this strain.

Packaging Details: This was packaged on 08/13/2019 and reviewed/tested on 3/1/2020, exactly 201 days after being packaged. Lot# 2540109919

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $46.30 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ($13.23/gram)

Quadra strain review, picture of cannabis

Appearance: 4/5

The appearance is very close to another Broken Coast product, Galiano, which basically means it’s absolutely stunning. A total of only 5 nugs were heavily packed in the little dark container with Quadra written in Aqua font, for 3.5 grams. I had to really pull the buds out, unsticking them from one another, which is awesome in itself. The flower has purple and navy blue spots mixed with dark green, filled with dark orange, almost reddish pistils. The colors are hard to fully see because of the amount of amber, shiny trichomes covering the buds; they’re everywhere! Although this was packaged over six months ago, and there’s no humidity pouch present, the weed was still very fresh, hard to find anything negative about the visuals.

Quadra strain review, picture of cannabis flower

Aroma: 4/5 

I found that there was a pretty strong earthy and piney smell that came out of the freshly sealed container, with some sweet and citrusy undertones. The caryophyllene makes the scents that come out of this flower quite intense. Just like the other Broken Coast products that I’ve tried out, my entire apartment (although it’s quite small) was smelling like Quadra after breaking some up.

quadra strain review, picture of cannabis flower

Flavor: 4/5

You can really taste the complexity of the terpene profile on this strain. On the inhale, you get a mix of sweet and zesty flavors, mixed with citrus and some pine, the flavors are very aggressive, and it’s hard to pinpoint one specific taste. The exhale and the aftertaste become more subtle; it’s more of an earthy and woody taste with a touch of orange zest. The entire smoking experience was very smooth in general.

Effects: 3/5

This is the most subjective part of this entire quadra strain review; take the actual score with a grain of salt because this is about preference. I was quite surprised with the effects; this Indica hits unexpectedly hard, even though this specific batch was on the lower end with it’s THC content at 15.3%. In my opinion, this is a nighttime strain, to be consumed after all the “adulting” is over with. About fifteen minutes after lighting up, this Quadra really slowed me down, to the point where I would not smoke this in the morning whatsoever. All I wanted to do was eat some food and watch something until I passed out; I was by myself and did not feel like having company either.

quadra strain review, picture of cannabis flower

Overall: 4/5

It seems like every time I test and review one of these Broken Coast products; it becomes a whole experience. I haven’t really gotten that with other strains/brands for now. That in itself is somewhat indescribable because, at the end of the day, when it comes to just an average consumer, we’re just talking about weed! When I say experience, I mean everything from opening up the seal to putting nugs under LED lights one by one, spending a good amount of time just dissecting every aspect of the strain, being legitimately excited to smoke it again.

I would recommend this Quadra strain for everybody to try, however as I described before, the effects are quite strong, especially if you’re a complete beginner. My tolerance is very high, but I still felt quite stoned; this flower packs a heavy punch. Also, just my opinion, I would suggest you experience this without worrying about anything else, roll yourself some quadra once all the important things are done and the day is coming to an end. If you’ve tried some out, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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