Galiano Strain Review (Broken Coast)

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I was excited to try out some flower from a brand that prides itself on delivering high-grade cannabis; with a slogan like “small batch, high grade” and a price tag higher than any other weed that I’ve tried before, my expectations were pretty high, to begin with.

Well, Broken Coast Cannabis didn’t disappoint with this Galiano strain (which is a variant of Northern Lights), one of the few products I’ve tried where overall, it’s tough to pick out anything negative.

It’s a pretty strong Sativa-dominant (90% Sativa, 10% Indica) strain with a high THC percentage, anywhere between 16% to 26%; this batch specifically was on the lower end at 16.5% and had an inconsiderable amount of CBD.

The terpene profile is pretty complex, but the dominant limonene  terpene really stands out in the aroma and the flavor; the profile also includes  myrcene,  caryophyllene,  pinene, and linalool. I enjoy high-quality cannabis no matter the price, so writing this whole Galiano strain review was an enjoyable experience; check out the full breakdown below.

Packaging Details: This was packaged on 10/10/2019 and tested/reviewed on 02/11/2020, exactly 124 days later. Lot# 1110507719

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $46.30 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec. ($13.23/gram)

Appearance: 4.5/5

Galiano strain packaging, cannabis sensei

There is some serious bag appeal to this weed, right from their little dark and classy-looking containers with flashy fonts that stand out next to the others. There were a total of five fluffy, textured buds, they were all of a very decent size, and you actually had to unstick them from one another after opening up the seal.

It all felt very fresh, and that’s without a humidity pouch present. Galiano buds have distinctive colors of bright, almost neon green with dark green spots, filled with messy orange pistils and shiny amber trichomes. Pulling apart nugs that are stuck together because of how sticky and fresh they are is quite satisfying.

Aroma: 4/5

Galiano strain review, picture of cannabis.

The terpenes from this Galiano strain emit so many different aromas that it’s a little difficult to pinpoint one specific smell; one thing is for sure, though, when I opened up the seal from the container, the scents hit me right away.

There are strong woody and herbal aromas with sweet and citrusy undertones that come out even more once you start breaking up the bud. The freshness really comes out in the scent as well.

Flavor: 4/5

Galiano strain review, picture of cannabis.

It really tastes as good as it smells; I also found that the caryophyllene terpene added a little spice to the sweet and citrusy flavors on the inhale.

There was a herbal and almost minty aftertaste, very enjoyable overall. The smoke was very smooth and the joint burned perfectly and slowly because of the freshness.

Effects: 4/5

Galiano strain review, picture of cannabis.

The high from this strain is definitely a creeper, as it was a slow build-up for the first 15 minutes. Once it really kicked in, I didn’t feel overwhelmed whatsoever, it was quite the soothing feeling, and I found that the high wasn’t an aggressive one.

Although this is usually a pretty strong strain with anywhere between 16% to 26% THC, this one was on the low end with 16.5%, so it wasn’t the strongest, but it still hit me pretty well. I felt like I still had a lot of energy after smoking this, and there wasn’t much of a downer afterward.

I found it to be good for any time of the day, really, whether it’s to start your day off on the right foot or to end your day off on a relaxing note.

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Overall: 4/5

Galiano strain review, picture of cannabis.

As you know, the actual score is purely subjective here; I just felt like there really wasn’t any aspect of this flower that I really didn’t like. I would recommend this to regular smokers and beginners, even if the price tag is a little steep. You can try Where’s My Bike by 48North which provides a relaxing and calming effect at a lesser price ($9.66/gram).

I’m excited to try out some more  Broken Coast Cannabis  products and even different batches from the same strains, look at the consistency that this brand provides, and see if they can actually keep up with this type of quality.

This is the perfect strain to try out in the company of good people while having good conversations and eating good food because this is some really GOOD weed. If you ever try it out, leave your comments below!

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