Tom Ford Island Pink Strain Review (7Green Grows)
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For this strain review, I tried out some Tom Ford Island Pink produced by 7Green Grows under the Shelter Craft brand, purchased at Shelter Market (medical). This was my first experience with this Kamloops, BC producer, and I was impressed from the moment that I opened up the bag. This gassy cultivar came in with 22.9% THC, 0.61% CBD and 4.52% of terpenes! Below is an in-depth breakdown.

Lineage: Pink Kush x Death Bubba (possibly, unconfirmed)

Terpene Profile: beta-Pinene (1.34%), Limonene (0.83%), beta-Caryophyllene (0.39%), other (1.96%).

Packaging Details: Packaged on 04/29/2021, tested/reviewed on 06/05/2021, exactly 37 days later.

Pricing Details: Purchased 7 Grams for $69.99 at Shelter Market ($10.00/g)

Tom Ford Island Pink review picture of cannabis
Tom Ford Island Pink

Appearance: 4.5/5

The bag appeal was apparent right from the get-go, just from a quick glance you can see some large nugs all stuck together looking real sharp, like you would if you were to say…rock some Tom Ford? The moisture content was excellent coming in at 50% RH, the rounded and highly dense buds were of a forest-green color with light-purple cues covered in a thick sheet of crystal white trichomes. 2 large nugs with about 8 small ones made up the 7.16 grams, slightly overweight is the way to go by the way…better safe than sorry! 

Tom Ford Island Pink review picture of cannabis
Tom Ford Island Pink

Aroma: 4.5/5

The 4.52 % of terpenes is no joke! Upon opening the bag, the fuel fumes went past my nostrils and straight into the brain, it’s like you’re in a gas station full of diesel trucks filling up their tanks all at the same time. I got some undertones of citrus as well, but man that gassy smell was overpowering. This is Pink Kush minus the vanilla notes, I didn’t really get hit with the honey smell described on the 7Green Grows’ website, but this was very impressive.

Flavor: 4/5

It seems like not much has changed between the flavor and the aroma, this terpene profile leaves off some serious gassy notes, I got a little bit of citrus and some woodsy flavors lingering here and there, but that diesel was once again very overpowering. Even after exhaling, the aftertaste left more fuel than anything else. Personally, I didn’t find that this was the smoothest smoke, but a little bit of harshness/coughing never killed anybody.

Tom Ford Island Pink
Tom Ford Island Pink

Effects: 3.5/5

This Tom Ford Island Pink Kush cultivar is described as Indica-dominant, and whether that means anything to you or not, the effects are way more relaxing than they are energetic. My mind and body slowed down, you can feel everything loosening up after smoking this. I had a rough time being productive though, this is more of a night-time, chill-out and enjoy yourself type of weed.

Overall: 4/5

7Green Grows did an excellent job with this Tom Ford Island Pink Kush cultivar, and I’ll be looking forward to trying out more of their products. I would recommend this for everyone, ESPECIALLY if you like that gas, you’ll definitely enjoy this. Beginners beware, this is some weed that will get you baked! If you’ve tried this out, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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