Redneck Wedding Strain Review (Qwest)

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Trust us. The Redneck Wedding Strain isn’t a wedding of two conservatives or some underhanded breed. But it is a sweet mix of the Trophy Wife Kush and GMO by the famous brand Quest Cannabis. So you can expect a sublime nose and buzz from this one. 

The Redneck Wedding strain is a creeper with more of a mind high and settles into a sedative state without the “couchlock” effect. But the Redneck’s wedding’s specialty high is its giggly and happy effect. And with a 24% THC level, it’s a joint for the enjoyment of newbies and connoisseurs. 

It broadly smells and tastes like oatmeal cookies and has some skunky undertones. It’s a pleasurable experience all in all. So let’s take this strain for a toke. 

  • Lineage: GMO x Trophy Wife
  • Type: Indica-dominant 
  • Potency: 23-29% THC
  • Terpene Profile: Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene
  • Packaging Details: Harvested on 09/15/2022 packaged on 02/13/2023, and tested on 03/03/2023
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $45.9 at Canna Cabana ($8.99 per gram) 

Appearance: 3.5/5

This genetic came in an airtight, medical-grade glass container. It’s not exactly a sight to behold, but it gets the job done; it looked like a can of my calcium supplement and multivitamins. Although you’ll be blown away when you see the foresty nuggets (six buds in this case).

Seeing the Redneck Wedding’s dark green buds was a change from the lemon greens and crystal-dusted strains I had tried lately and was refreshing. But these nugs are also fully covered in tiny white trichomes that are “white as a wedding” with a microscopic look. 

Beware, though, it’s not well trimmed and looks like Qwest just put some weed leaves together. Made me wonder if I paid so much for the glass jar.    

Aroma: 5/5 

I was hit with an earthy smell of oatmeal cookies as I pulled two buds out. You can also perceive the unmistakable pungent diesel funk from its GMO cross-breed.   

From placing the buds in the bowl to crushing them in the grinder, I could tell why consumers put the Redneck Wedding Strain’s nose on a pedestal. 

Flavor: 3.5/5 

While the Redneck Wedding Strain has a delightful nose and taste, there’s a caveat. The grower, Qwest, is known for inconsistency in the taste of their products. Fortunately, it’s only a speck of their batch. The unlucky few say it tastes like expensive hay, but I beg to differ. 

My product was of a killer batch. The smoke was not only thick and smooth, but it also had a fresh minty flavor in addition to oatmeal and cookie undertones. 

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Effects: 4/5

What I loved about this Redneck Strain more than its amazing flavor is its subtle high. First, I was impressed that it could be as potent as it was because its parent strains are not hard hitters. Plus, it has a low average THC level. Secondly, I loved how the giggle effect also helped with calming anxiety refreshingly. 

But stay focused, guys. This one’s a creeper. After a few drags, give it some time to kick in; otherwise, you’ll be heading into a couchlock. In the right dosage, though, the Redneck Wedding is a deep relaxing strain you can enjoy day or night. 

redneck wedding packaged

Overall: 3.5/5 

Hopefully, my Redneck Wedding Strain review helps you recognize it’s a high-grade kush to experience a giggly, relaxing, and arousing high. The flavor and aroma are sweet, earthy, and skunky, with minty notes of oatmeal cookies, coffee, and tree fruits.

My only gripe with this is the price. It’s not so special that I’ll want it in my regular stash, and the price makes it a recreational strain for special occasions. Needless to say, it’s good enough that I’ll try it again. 


I’m not a big fan of the Redneck Wedding Strain because it’s pricey and recreational. If you’re looking for alternatives, here are some options to consider: 

  • Tom Ford Island Pink: Similar THC and CBD levels but with a grassy aroma and potency fueled by its super high terpene levels. 
  • Mendo Breath – pungent strain with more intense sedative, couch glue effects than the Redneck Wedding   

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the THC Content of Redneck Wedding Strain? 

The Redneck Wedding Strain contains anywhere from 22% to 24% THC and up to 1% CBD. 

Is Redneck Wedding Strain Indica or Sativa? 

Redneck Wedding is an 80 percent Indican and 20 percent Sativa strain. It’s recommended for consumers who want a subtle relaxing high with a giggly effect.  

How strong is Redneck Wedding strain? 

The Redneck Wedding strain boasts a potency of 23-29% THC, making it a strong and potent strain.

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