Purple Berry Strain Review (Hexo)

For this strain review, I tried out some Purple Berry that’s made by  Hexo. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with a fairly small amount of THC (this one had 7% THC and an insignificant amount of CBD, and the THC percentage remains between 5% and 15%, depending on the batch).  Myrcene and caryophyllene are key terpenes.

It’s definitely on the low end of the price spectrum; once again, you get what you paid for.

Packaging Details: Packaged on 07/13/2019, purchased and tested for review on 01/03/2020, exactly 173 days after being packaged.

Pricing: I purchase 3.5 grams for $19.00 at the SQDC in Montreal, QC. ($5.43/gram)

Appearance: 1.5/5

When it came to strictly visuals, sure, the weed looked unique; the nugs were of a dark purple color with some dark orange pistils and some white trichomes all over the place.

That’s not enough; I found that the buds were very leafy, all the nugs were pretty small and felt empty, and the dryness was completely out of control. I get the low price and all but come on, now.

Aroma: 1.5/5

The very interesting aroma on this weed is its spicy kind of smell with a mix of berries. I find that the smell of the nugs themselves was a little similar to  Shishkaberry, although they’re completely different strains.

The two dominant terpenes (myrcene and caryophyllene) in this weed give off a pretty unique, sweet, and spicy scent; however, everything was minimal. The terpenes were suffering. 

Flavor: 2/5

Initially, on the inhale, it’s a woody and earthy taste; there are some subtle sweet and fruity undertones on the exhale. The smoke was pretty smooth, a little scratchy on the throat, but nothing crazy. Once again, everything is very subtle; there wasn’t much left because of how dry the weed was.

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Effects: 2.5/5

I enjoyed the feeling I got after smoking this; however, this section is different for everybody, as you already know. It was a pretty euphoric feeling, and although the THC percentage was pretty low,

I was still able to feel this Purple Berry’s effects. I want to try out a little higher percentage of this to really feel what the high would be like. After smoking this, I did have much lower energy, not really sleepy but not wanting to do too much.

Overall: 2/5

Overall, I think Hexo did a pretty bad job with this Purple Berry. I think it would’ve been a good “starter” strain for new smokers if it would have been trimmed/dried properly, but based on this experience alone, I wouldn’t suggest this to anybody. If you want a better option with a lower price, then you should check Mandarin Cookies.

The high was my favorite aspect from this Purple Berry strain review, and it was still a “below average” score. You gotta do better.

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