For this cannabis strain review, I tried out some LA Confidential made by Aurora. It’s an indica dominant strain with about 18% THC and no CBD, and it’s main terpene is pinene. I enjoyed this strain a lot, from the smell to the high, and I would definitely recommend you try it out. Below you will find a more detailed breakdown. 

Packaging Details: Packaged on 06/13/19 and tested/reviewed on 12/22/2019, exactly 192 days after it was packaged.

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 Grams for $26.90 at the SQDC in Montreal, QC.

Appearance 3/5 

I really loved the fact that there was some nice big nugs and not too many small ones in the 3.5 gram bottle that I purchased. The inside of the nugs are of a nice light green color, and they’re very crystallized. The outside though, looks a little darker, with many orange hairs covering a lot of the bud. Not many colors, and that’s because the main terpene here is pinene, many shades of green here. Reason why the score is low? It completely baffles me as to why so many strains are so dry when its a freshly sealed bottle! Come on guys, let’s step it up, is it so hard to add these pouches to keep the buds nice and fresh?!

Aroma 4/5

I really enjoyed the smell when i took a big whiff of the freshly opened container, I found it very pleasant. I would describe it as very citrusy, but it was woody and pine-like at the same time, it was actually super refreshing. The best way to describe it would be a bunch of cut-up lemons mixed in with some freshly cut trees (I’m trying to make you imagine a smell, look at that, progress!). I found the smell quite subtle, even after bidding up the nug, it wasn’t an overwhelming odor.

Flavor 3.8/5

When I took my first puff, right away there was a heavy earthy taste, not the most pleasant, however when I blew the smoke out, It tasted very different . A mix of citrusy and minty, it was a very interesting mix of tastes, between inhaling, exhaling and the aftertaste. I found this weed to be very smooth, no scratchy throat, no coughing at all. I’d describe it as almost refreshing, pretty enjoyable overall.

Effects 4.5/5

Out of this whole LA Confidential strain review, this was my favorite part for sure. I loved the high, although it’s an indica dominant strain, I didn’t really feel lazy or lethargic, I had energy and didn’t want to sit around. I actually cleaned my apartment ( I’m a guy…that lives alone…my office is my get the picture) joints usually do not make me do such things! Also, the high came about 15 minutes after I started smoking which was pretty interesting. The munchies were definitely present with this one, after about an hour, I started eating everything I saw in my kitchen! (well…everything edible).

Summary 3.8/5

I enjoyed this weed, and I would recommend this to regular stoners and to beginners. Mainly, the high was very nice and you may read a lot of different reviews on LA confidential strains (it’s a very popular strain) but I think Aurora did a pretty good job with this one. I wouldn’t recommend this for insomnia, but definitely to just hang out with some buddies, or even to do something productive at home. (P.S the high is fairly strong on this one, beginners beware!)

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