AK-47 Strain Review (Hexo)

For this strain review, I tried out some AK-47 by  Hexo, which is a strong Hybrid strain. This came in with 18% THC and an inconsiderable amount of CBD; its main terpene is caryophyllene. Personally, I wouldn’t smoke this one on the regular, only because the power of the punch that it packs is a little too heavy for me.

But you know, weed is kinda like wine; different strains for different…brains? (I know, not the best, I tried.)

Below, you can see a more detailed breakdown.

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, pinene, nerolidol

Packaging Details: This was packaged on 11/03/19; it was purchased and reviewed on 12/26/20, 53 days total after being packaged.

Pricing Details: This 3.5 gram container was purchased for $32.30 CAD.

Appearance: 1/5

Zero bag appeal here; I found that there was a whole lot of small popcorn nugs in the 3.5 gram container that I bought. I understand that it may vary from package to package, but I expect the same quality with every purchase I make.

Speaking of quality, it makes absolutely no sense to me as to why the buds are so dry coming from a brand-new, sealed container; all of this dropped the score for me. The trimming job is pretty bad as well.

Aroma: 2/5

There wasn’t much happening when sticking my nose inside a container. Initially, I would describe it as slightly citrusy and woody; then, when you break up a nug, you get a floral piney smell. All these scents were quite subtle until the weed was milled, then it got slightly stronger. The terpenes were struggling here.

Flavor: 2.5/5

This was my favorite part of this whole AK-47 strain review, although I gave it an average score. It was a citrusy and woodsy flavor with hints of spice left on the plate on the exhale, but all this was quite muted. The smoke was pretty smooth, so there’s that.

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Effects: 2/5

The high on this one wasn’t my favorite, but this part is pretty subjective. It’s a very strong high, and although I had some energy and I wasn’t passing out, I didn’t feel like actually doing much. I wouldn’t call it the most “functional weed”.

The high came in a wave, as in you think you’re high right away, then the actual high kicks in, and you really slow down. The munchies were very present, and it was mostly a sweet craving…although my sweet tooth is out of control, and maybe it’s just me. I felt the Sativa and Indica in this strain, but I find it was a little too heavy for me.

There was a very strong downer after about an hour; it pretty much knocked me out once the high was gone.

If you want an uplifting and energizing effect for doing some work or socializing with friends, you can try White Widow Strain.

Overall: 2/5

In conclusion, I would not suggest this strain for beginners at all, but again all of this is opinionated. I find that it may be too strong of a high for somebody that’s not used to smoking. I definitely would not suggest this to anyone trying to do something productive; however, I find that it may help with creativity.

If you have trouble crashing, I think this strain would help knock you out, but I wouldn’t recommend this if you have high anxiety, as it may actually do the reverse effect and increase it.

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