For this cannabis strain review, I tried out some Bayou made by¬†Hexo. It’s an Indica dominant blend that’s fairly weak with 9% THC and an insignificant amount of CBD. When it comes to the price point, it’s one of the cheapest strains available, and after trying it out, you definitely get what you pay for. I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I have tried worst weed in my life. Below is an in-depth breakdown:

Terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, guaiol, nerolidol, humulene

Packaging details: Packaged on 02/03/2019 and tested/reviewed on 12/23/2019 exactly 323 days after being packaged.

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 Grams for $19.00 CAD at the SQDC in Montreal, QC. ($5.43/gram)

Appearance: 1/5

The first thing I noticed when I opened up a new container of Bayou is the darkness; you can barely see any green at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some buds that are mostly purple, and they were beautiful, not the case with this one. The weed was so dry that it would literally crumble in your fingers. The weed is very leafy; you actually see more leaves and orange pistils than actual buds. It reminded me of the cannabis that I was smoking when traveling in Thailand, which is not a compliment at all.

Aroma: 2/5

This is by far my favorite part of this entire Bayou Flower strain review, and the score is still below average. The terps were pretty much dead, but the weed still had a sweet aroma when smelling inside the container. The guaiol emits a one of a kind aroma, a mix of piney and woodsy; subtle berry tones accent the smell as well.

Flavor: 1/5

There is somewhat of a taste to this, a little bit like the smell; it was kind of sweet and woodsy. What I was not a fan of is how the weed burnt; it was all over the place, and joints did not last at all because of how dry the buds were. There was also some harshness on the throat, overall it wasn’t the smoothest weed that I’ve smoked, but I expected that after bidding the buds up, some of the driest weed I’ve purchased at a dispensary so far.

Effects: 1/5

The effects were almost non-existent, I wasn’t expecting much for the cannabinoid content, and I didn’t get much either. There was a slight drowsy buzz, and I felt completely normal after about 30 minutes. Maybe a complete beginner would appreciate the real subtle high that this Bayou emits; this wasn’t it for me, though.

Overall: 1.5/5

I know that this review may be a little harsh at times, but let’s not forget, I paid $19 CAD for 3.5 grams. This is definitely one of the cheapest strains available, so you can’t expect gold; you also can’t expect complete garbage when buying something that’s been packaged and tested; well, that’s what it was. I would not suggest this to anybody, like ever; it would be disrespectful for me to do such things.

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