La Strada Strain Review (Edison)
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This La Strada strain that’s made by the  Edison Cannabis Co.  was pretty enjoyable. My expectations were pretty high for $32.30 for 3.5 grams, and I did not get disappointed. This strain has 18% THC and an inconsiderable amount of CBD, and its main terpene is  caryophyllene, although, by the colors and the smell,  humulene  is definitely present. It’s a Sativa dominant cultivar, and the actual strain is Acadia. Below is a more detailed breakdown:

Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, pinene, limonene

Packaging Details: This was packaged on 12/03/19, it was purchased and reviewed on 01/10/20, 38 days later.

Pricing Details: This 3.5 gram container was purchased for $32.30 CAD. ($8.54/Gram)

Appearance: 3.5/5

The buds on this La Strada strain look absolutely beautiful. They are just the perfect amount of damp, and there were zero small buds. They were of a really nice light green color, completely covered in trichomes with light orange pistils between all the buds; they were also well-trimmed. It was such a delight bidding this weed up because I started to get used to all the super dry nugs I’ve been trying out lately.  The Edison Cannabis Co.  and Organigram did an excellent job with the look of this weed.

Aroma: 3.5/5

A pretty refreshing and sweet aroma came out of the container as I put my nose in it. It was floral and citrusy, accented by tones of cinnamon. The terps were quite lively as the boost humidity pouch included kept the buds nice and fresh.

Flavor: 2.5/5

The flavor was more muted than the aroma but was still present. There were some slight hints of citrus on the inhale, with the caryophyllene emitting spicy notes on the exhale. The smoke was fairly smooth, and my joints burned nice and slow as the flower was very fresh this time around. Nothing too spectacular on the taste-test.

Effects: 3.5/5

This La Strada strain definitely gave off some of those Sativa vibes, I had a lot of energy and was completely functional. I was actually ready to work, and as you may know, that’s my favorite type of high. I wasn’t glued to the couch whatsoever; I felt very stimulated and motivated to do something productive; there wasn’t much of a downer; I went from being very high to sober, seamless transition. I found it to be fairly short, though, about 45 minutes at most, which can make you dip back in pretty fast.

Overall: 3/5

I would recommend this strain to both beginners and everyday smokers alike. However, for beginners, the high will hit you like a slap in the face, just saying! But it’s a nice slap, like a very soothing hug-type of slap. (Yeah…I smoked some more La Strada right before writing this, sorry about that). I would recommend smoking this before doing something creative or while hanging out with some friends and doing something fun, not before bed though, you’ll have too much energy. If you’ve tried out some of this La Strada, let me know what you think!

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