OG Melon Strain Review

This OG Melon made by  Aurora  (which also goes by Warwick) is a sativa-dominant strain born from a cross between Captain Krypt-OG and 91 Chemdawg.

This one had 17% THC and 0.6% CBD (The THC percentage varies between 16.5% and 19%, depending on the batch). Its dominant terpene is  limonene, which provides anxiety and stress relief; however, its terpene profile is pretty complex, with four other ones being  nerolidolmyrcenecaryophyllene, linalool. 

Appearance: 1/5

OG melon weed nug
OG Melon nug

There was absolutely nothing good about the appearance of this weed.

When it comes to bag appeal, all of the containers’ nugs were little, empty pop-corn buds. The entirety was very badly trimmed, it was dry, really nothing good to write about here

Aroma: 4/5

This was my favorite aspect of this entire OG melon strain review.

The terps (somehow still alive) emit such aromas that go all over the place, from citrusy to sweet, accented by some spiciness that the caryophyllene brings out.

Pretty unique overall; it’s the only score that’s above average, so if you only buy weed based on smell (which I doubt), then you may like this!

Flavor: 1.5/5

When it comes to flavor, unfortunately, most of it got muted compared to the aroma.

I barely got anything other than some slight herbal, and woodsy notes on the inhale, with a bit of citrus circulating the palate on the exhale and the aftertaste.

Way too subtle for me to enjoy it, plus the smoke left a really itchy feeling in the throat.

Effects: 3.5/5

This OG melon gave off a cerebral euphoric feeling and an energizing, uplifting type of high. Very functional, and the THC levels are perfect for socializing, in my opinion.

Although I was pretty stoned right away, I felt pretty functional overall. There wasn’t much of a downer once the high wore off about an hour later. I think it’s a great strain for socializing, for getting something productive done (focus), or even for creativity.

The terpenes that are most present in this strain emit stress-relieving, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Summary 2.5/5

This OG Melon strain from Aurora is average at best, and personally, I don’t I would rebuy it. If you like that couch-glue, completely stoned out of your mind type of feeling, I can tell you right away this won’t get you anywhere close to that.

I would suggest grabbing some  Tsunami  or AK-47  for that; the effect this emitted was ok but the whole experience left me wanting more.

If you’ve tried out some of this bud, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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