This OG Melon made by Aurora (which also goes by Warwick) is a sativa dominant strain born from a cross between Captain Krypt-OG and 91 Chemdawg. This one had 17% THC and 0.6% CBD (The THC percentage varies between 16.5% and 19% depending on the batch). It’s dominant terpene is limonene, which provides anxiety and stress relief, however it’s terpene profile is pretty complex with four other ones being nerolidol, myrcene, caryophyllene, linalol. 

Look 3.5/5

The colors on this strain really stand out, the nugs are light green and accented by light orange hairs and completely covered in trichomes.  It’s definitely some good looking bud, but what threw me off a little bit was the size of the nugs. Many little popcorn buds, which aren’t my favorite, they were very fresh and dense though, so overall I wasn’t completely put off by the size.

Smell 5/5

This is some good smelling weed right here! And based on my research on this strain, it’s very consistent across the board. The limonene terpene emits some crazy scents, earthy with melony and citrusy profiles. All in all, it’s a very fresh and pleasant aroma that deserves a perfect score.

Taste 3/5

I guess I was expecting a little more here, based on the scent. Initially, on the inhale, there wasn’t much flavour to it, it was a very subtle earthy taste. On the exhale, you can start to taste some piny/citrusy flavour, but it barely comes out. The burn was very proper, but I found that it wasn’t the smoothest experience while smoking it, there was a constant throat itch feeling. 

High 4/ 5

This OG melon gave off a cerebral euphoric feeling, and an energizing uplifting type of high. Very functional, and the THC levels are perfect for socializing, in my opinion. Although I was pretty stoned right away, I felt pretty functional overall. There wasn’t much of a downer once the high wore off about an hour later, I think it’s a great strain for socializing, for getting something productive done (focus) or even for creativity. The terpenes that are most present in this strain emit stress relieving, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Summary 3.9/5

I would recommend this to everyday smokers and beginners as well. If you like that couch-glue, completely stoned out of your mind type of high, I can tell you right away this won’t get you anywhere close to that. I would suggest grabbing some Tsunami or AK-47 for that, however if you want to hang out with some friends, socialize, laugh or even do something you don’t necessarily enjoy like cleaning the house, give this strain a try! Would love to hear your reviews as well, please leave your thoughts in the comment section if you tried this out, and PLEASE include the packaging date and some pictures!

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