Grape Kush Mints Strain Review (Mood Ring)

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I’m always excited to discover new strains, and that’s exactly how I felt upon first hearing about the Grape Kush Mints from Mood Ring. The name itself was enough to make me want to try it.

The Grape Kush Mints Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Grape Pie and Kush Mints. The THC content can reach up to 25%, Its effects were long-lasting, although honestly not as potent as what I initially expected. 

Keep on reading this Grape Kush Mints Strain review as I recount my experience. 

  • Lineage: Grape Pie x Kush Mints 
  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • Potency: 22-25% THC, 0-2% CBD
  • Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, limonene. 
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 03/25/2022, tested and reviewed on 04/28/2022 (34 days later) 
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $44.99  at My Sunrise Cannabis ($12.85 per gram) 

Appearance: 3.5/5

When I first laid eyes on Grape Kush, packaged in a sleek nitrogen-sealed aluminum tin, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Mood Ring had certainly gone the extra mile to ensure exceptional quality.

The buds themselves were a sight to behold. Dark green and dense, they were generously coated in a sticky layer of resin, with rich purple trichomes scattered throughout. 

When I delicately pinched a bud between my fingers, it exhibited a springy texture, a sign of its freshness.

The attention to detail in the hand-packaging process was evident. Each bud was carefully arranged, showcasing the meticulousness of its maker. 

Aroma: 3.5/5

The aroma of Grape Kush, while intriguing, left me somewhat underwhelmed. Opening the tin, a distinct kush scent filled the air, with subtle hints of citrus and menthol. However, the overall smell leaned on the weaker side, lacking the robustness I had hoped for.

The terpene profile of Grape Kush, primarily dominated by myrcene, offered a blend of sweet, herbal, and diesel notes. While this added some complexity to the aroma, it failed to truly captivate my senses. 

Unfortunately, the scent seemed to fade rather quickly, leaving me wishing for a longer-lasting aromatic experience.

Flavor: 4/5

The flavor of Grape Kush Mints was a delightful fusion of dominant grape and mint notes. With each inhale, the unmistakable taste of succulent grapes enveloped my taste buds, delivering a subtle sweetness that was both refreshing and satisfying. 

This grape flavor strain was complemented by a cool, minty undertone that added a touch of freshness to the overall experience. The combination of these two flavors created a harmonious blend that was enjoyable and easy to savor. 

The taste was surprisingly smooth, without any harshness or overpowering notes, allowing for an enjoyable experience.

Effects: 3.5/5

Another thing I want to emphasize in this Grape Kush Mints review is that it’s fast-acting and relaxing. Within minutes, a sense of calm washed over me, gently easing away any lingering stress or tension. 

It can be a suitable choice for individuals struggling with sleep issues, as it effortlessly lulled me into a restful state, promoting a deep and uninterrupted slumber.

In addition to its sleep-inducing properties, Grape Kush Mints showcased its potential as a valuable ally for managing stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Its tranquilizing effects provided a welcomed respite from the pressures of everyday life, offering a momentary reprieve from racing thoughts and emotional burdens.

However, despite all of these, it’s still weaker than many of the Indica-dominant hybrids I have earlier tried. 

grape kush mint strain

Overall: 3.5/5

My experience with Grape Kush Mints from Mood Ring left me with mixed feelings. While the strain showcased some positive aspects, there were also notable drawbacks that impacted my overall impression.

The appearance of Grape Kush Mints was visually appealing, with dense, dark green buds coated in sticky resin and vibrant purple trichomes. 

However, the aroma fell short of my expectations. The flavor, on the other hand, redeemed the strain with its delightful fusion of grape and mint. 

The effects of Grape Kush Mints were relaxing and fast-acting, providing relief from stress, and anxiety, and promoting restful sleep.


Continuing this Grape Kush Mints review, let’s look at other potential choices if you’re looking for alternatives: 

  • Icicles Strain: Review: Like Grape Kush, Icicles is also Indica-dominant. However, it’s better in terms of aroma as its smell does not easily fade. 
  • Platinum Gorilla Strain: With a higher THC than what you’ll find in Grape Kush, Platinum Gorilla is a premium 50-50 hybrid that’s ideal for people looking for something more potent. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Grape Kush Mints Indica or Sativa? 

Grape Kush Mints is an Indica-dominant hybrid. 

What does Grape Kush Mints Strain taste like? 

The Grape Kush Mints taste like grapes and mint, as it’s named. It’s cool and minty, providing a refreshing flavor. 

What is Grape Kush Mints Strain good for? 

The Grape Kush Mints strain is good for relaxation. It can be an excellent option for people having a hard time sleeping, or those suffering from stress and anxiety. 

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