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For a long time, I have been wanting to try Icicles from Qwest. A lot of my friends had positive feedback about this strain, so I was interested to know what’s in it that makes it impressive. I was able to get my hand on one recently, and I’m sharing with you my experience in this Icicles strain review.

A hybrid of White Sherbet and Jet Fuel Gelato, Icicles is an Indica-dominant strain. It’s a highly-sedative strain that has a long-lasting effect. The smoking experience is also very smooth, which contributes to a positive overall experience. However, some people might find it to be quite too strong, especially newbies. 

  • Lineage: White Sherbet x Jet Fuel Gelato 
  • Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid 
  • Potency: 22-39% THC, 0-1% CBD 
  • Terpene Profile: Trans-caryophyllene, farnesene, limonene 
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 05/24/2022, tested and reviewed on 06/10/2023 (16 days later) 
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $35 at I Heart Jane ($10 per gram) 

Appearance: 4/5 

To kick off this Icicles Strain review, let’s look at its physical appearance. It’s gorgeous right out of the bag, which is a prelude to what’s to come. The buds are lime green and medium-sized with purple strains throughout. It is covered with trichomes, which add a tinge of silver to the color of the buds. 

Speaking of trichomes, the coverage is impressive. The stalks are long and spindly, which also makes the buds sticky. To finish, there are also touches of orange pistils. 

Aroma: 4.5/5

I’ve tried a lot of strains, and honestly, Icicles is one of the best in terms of smell. The aroma speaks of its top-notch quality. Upon opening the air-tight container, its smell is highly apparent, which just made me more excited to smoke. 

As soon as it hits my nose, I smelled something sweet, almost like candy. It also smells creamy, like a gelato. However, as time passes, there’s something else that becomes prominent – diesel. The fuel-like smell balances the sweetness of the Icicles Strain. It also almost smells like peppermint. 

Flavor: 4/5

As expected, the flavor is nothing short of exceptional. Upon inhalation, the first thing I tasted is the Jet Fuel Gelato. I was expecting something overly sweet at first, but that did not emanate. After a slight diesel-like taste comes a creamy flavor. 

It was almost like a dessert but a bit muted, and I actually liked that. I’m not a fan of anything too sweet, so the Icicle Strain is perfect. It leaves a zesty tingle at the end, which adds to its unique flavor profile. 

Effects: 4.5/5 

Looking at its terpene profile, one of the most dominant is trans-caryophyllene. This is the same compound you’ll find in many essential oils, which is also responsible for its anti-spasmodic effect. Hence, many people are using it to control spasms of involuntary muscles. 

Based on personal experience, however, I did not use it for any health condition. Instead, my goal was simple – to relax. It begins with a soft head high, which gradually transitions into deep relaxation. It starts from the neck and creeps into the other parts of my body. 

Another thing I would like to highlight in this Icicles Strain review is how smooth it was to smoke. It glides effortlessly through my throat without leaving any harsh traces. Indeed, smoking this weed is an experience in itself. 

Icicles strain

Overall: 4.5/5 

Without a doubt, the Icicles Strain is an incredible product. This Indica-dominant strain is a mix of White Sherbet and Jet Fuel Gelato. Hence, it has a mix of sweet flavors complemented by a diesel-like flavor and smell. 

The experience of smoking this strain is highly commendable. The effects were not instant, but once they hit, I was deeply relaxed. Newbies might find it to be quite strong, but for seasoned smokers, it’s sure to be a treat. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for deep relaxation. 


Are you looking for something else? Here are two alternatives that you might want to consider: 

  • Cuban Linx Strain: While the Icicles Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, the Cuban Linx is Sativa-dominant. This is good if you want a head-high, which will make you more creative and energetic. This is against the deeply relaxing effects of Icicles. 
  • Platinum Gorilla Strain: This is an Indica-dominant strain, which is the same as Icicles. They can both deliver body-numbing high. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Icicles Strain Indica or Sativa? 

The Icicles Strain is a hybrid with Indica being the dominant component. Hence, it’s a great choice if you want to be relaxed instead of being energetic. 

How strong is the Icicles Strain? 

The specific strength of Icicles can vary. Nonetheless, the THC content ranges from 22 to 39%, which is quite high compared to many of its competitors. 

What does the Icicles Strain taste like? 

It tastes like a mixture of a sweet dessert with a hint of diesel or fuel, which also creates the perfect balance. 

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