COB LED Lights for Growing Marijuana

COB LED grow light setup

What Are COB LED Lights?

COB LED lights are a new type of LED light quickly growing in popularity within the cannabis industry. COB stands for chip on board, and they offer a more robust spectrum of light.

A C.O.B. uses green light to boost the yields of indoor plants. COB lighting combines Cree COB with EpiLED technology. They expand on the beneficial spectrum found in white light by adding small amounts of green light. When compared to traditional LED grow lights, the COB LED lights have a full and wider spectrums that are very effective for indoor growing.

If you’re unfamiliar with how COB lights work, it might be difficult to know which ones are right for your grow room. We’ve compiled our picks for the best COB LED grow lights on the market in 2020.

Mrhua Full Spectrum3200
Aglex 600W1600
Canagrow 200W2200
Canagrow 360W4360
Growstar Cree1300
CF Grow Cree2200
OFADD 1000W11000
CF Grow 300W3300
Roleadro 800W2800
YaeTek Full Spectrum4800

A Selection of Trusted COB LED Grow Lights

Mrhua 600W Cob Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants VEG and Flower

The Mrhua is a great COB light source for a hydroponic grow site, greenhouse, or indoor garden.

It has a reflective cup equipped with a 120° optic LED lens, which provides a higher light-gathering effect. This ensures high lux and PAR value compared to conventional LED lights.

The full spectrum design provides your indoor plants with 380 to 780 nm illumination, which is suitable for all growth stages, including bloom and vegetative.


  • Higher light-gathering effect
  • High PAR and Lux value
  • Supports all plant growth stages
  • Effective cooling system


  • Extremely bright
  • Suitable for indoor use only

Rapid 75W COB LED Grow Light Fixture

If you want an economical COB LED grow light, that will save energy and money, we recommend the Rapid. This unit will effectively increase light intensity while also using less wattage and power.

The light is well-designed and very sturdy and is remarkably bright for such a small unit. It promotes faster plant growth and high yields.

This light is recommended for a space of 2 to 3 square feet with respect to your plant’s growth phase. It also uses a reflector that increases PAR value for better growth.


  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Suitable color temperature for vegging
  • Easy to hang with a rope ratchet
  • Uses less wattage to deliver more photons


  • Smaller coverage area

Niello 600W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

The Niello COB LED Grow light is a great light for beginners who want to lessen the learning curve of setting up their grow lights. It’s a high-intensity light that is super easy to set up. It comes with installation gear, and an easy to decipher installation manual.

Each reflective cup has a unique design which delivers high Lux and PAR value. This unit features three high-speed cooling fans, heat sink, and a large airflow window for effective heat dissipation. The cooling system is very quiet and doesn’t make as much noise as other models.


  • Reflective cup design for high Lux and PAR value
  • Has higher uniformity and luminous efficiency
  • Full-spectrum for all growth stages
  • Included glass lens giving the chip a long lifespan
  • Three high-speed fans for superior cooling


  • Not waterproof
  • Extremely bright

Hipargero 450W COB LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Built for ultimate performance, the Hipargero provides lighting for a 9 square foot grow are coverage, or a 4 square foot flowering area.

It comes with optimal full spectrum lights with active wavelengths that range from 410 to 730 nm for all plant growth phases.

It produces blue lights for veg growth, red lights for blooming and fruiting, and small amounts of red light for the flowering stage.

It only uses top quality LED chips that will hardly burn out during use. It can deliver higher lumens and PPFD compared to common lights.


  • Suitable for all indoor plants
  • Solid construction offers superb heat dissipation
  • The full spectrum covers all the necessary colors
  • Combination of 5W Cree LEDs and COBS simulate natural sunlight
  • Good quality LEDs never burn out


  • Too bright for the human eye
  • The cooling system is a little bit loud

MaceGrow 450w COB and Crew LED Grow Light for Greenhouse Hydroponic

MaceGrow COB lights feature a design that replicates the way the sun illuminates plants naturally.

It combines premium Cree LED chips and full spectrum COB to deliver all the colors and photons your plants need to grow.

The unit is fitted with a 105° optical lens to increase brightness for superior performance. Unlike most lighting units, the MaceGrow comes with a daisy chain connection for connecting similar grow lights in order to increase coverage.


  • Combines Cree LED chips and COB for superior illumination
  • Optimal spectrum and lens increase brightness
  • Delivers higher PAR value
  • Daisy chain design allows for multiple connections
  • Easy to maneuver on/off switch


  • The brightness level requires you to wear eye protection

Aglex 600W COB LED Grow Light

Aglex COB lights are an innovative system that also replicates the natural spectrum of the sun.

It has a high PAR value compared to ordinary lamps, which guarantees superior illumination effects for faster and better growth as well as higher yields.

The COB spectrum brings the effects of the sun closer to the seeds for faster germination. The COB light also ensures the healthy development of leaf and stem.

The unit comes with two channels, one for blooming and fruiting, and the other one for vegetative growth. You are advised to switch both channels on during fruiting.


  • Fast germination
  • Features two channels for blooming and vegetative growth
  • High PAR value for faster growth and higher yields
  • An efficient cooling system that runs quieter
  • Fitted with a high precision reflector
  • Daisy chain design allows for multiple connections


  • Super bright illumination require safety glasses

Canagrow 200W COB LED Grow Light

This light features both Cree LED chips and COB technology. This combination is very effective for indoor plants at every growth stage.

It provides a full spectrum that ranges from 380 to 780 nm, which is more effective than a 400W HPS growing lamp.

This system features a high-quality driver that is not only waterproof but also durable. The driver unit maintains a stable voltage, as well as durability.


  • COB and Cree LED chip combination is suitable for indoor plants
  • Quality construction with superior cooling capabilities
  • Full-spectrum provides adequate photons for all growth stages
  • Red and blue channels for veg and bloom
  • Versatile choice with wide application
  • Daisy chain structure allows for multiple connections


  • Smaller coverage for its size, but may be suitable for small grow tents

Canagrow 360W COB LED Grow Light

Instead of Cree LED chips, the Cannagrow light kit features a lumens chip on board. The combination of COB lights and lumens chips provides your plants with sufficient and reliable illumination.

Unlike most grow lights on the market, this Canagrow 360W model isn’t fitted with fans. It depends on the case temperature for cooling.

It has a distinctive aluminum alloy structure with air cooling coating for heat dissipation. The casing is also capable of accelerating heat dissipation.

Apart from being rust-resistant, the compact design is easy to install, has a wider coverage, and comes with an easy to access on/off switch.


  • Uses lumens chips and COB for all growth stages
  • No fan cooling system runs quieter
  • Anti-rust aluminum casing is highly durable
  • Has a wider coverage
  • Can replace traditional growing lamps
  • The ultra-thin design is space-conscious


  • Doesn’t have a daisy chain set

Growstar 300W Cree COB LED Grow Light

Growstar produces a range of sturdy, high-performing grow lights that are known for their high quality. The venting around the entire light does a really good job of keeping it cool so you won’t get burned when you touch it.

This light features a single power cord input, a nice click on/off power button, and three anchors for hanging the entire setup. It comes with a set of small LEDs and a larger Cree COB light at the center. It is a very reliable combination for all the growth stages of your plants.


  • Cree COB combination for superior illumination
  • A reliable venting system that runs quieter
  • Offers a wider coverage
  • High PAR value improves growth and yields
  • Suitable for flowering, greenhouse gardening, and indoor


  • Requires you to wear safety glasses due to the brightness
  • Doesn’t have a daisy chain design

CF Grow 200W Cree COB LED Grow Light

The CF COB grow light is well suited for hydroponic grow systems.

It comes equipped with both Cree LED chips and COB. Together, they deliver a superior spectrum for your indoor plants. The full spectrum ranges from 380 to 780 nm. This will not only replace your conventional grow lamp but will also provide adequate photons for all growth stages.


  • Very powerful LED chips produce a great spectrum
  • Good quality LED driver is waterproof and ensures a stable voltage
  • Glass lens delivers superior out-coupling efficiency
  • Provides an actual and more useful full spectrum
  • Comes with two fans and side venting for cooling


  • Installation gear not provided
  • Fans are a bit noisy

OFADD 1000W COB LED Grow Light

The OFADD COB light is designed with dual-chip LEDs for more efficient and brighter illumination. It is scientifically made to maintain the ideal balance between coverage and PAR light output.

It is a full spectrum light that ranges from 380 to 800 nm. This wavelength range is ideal for veg and bloom stages, satisfying your plants’ needs.


  • Full-spectrum provides a wider wavelength for all growth stages
  • Offers superior luminous uniformity with no spot
  • Features dual-chip modules for efficiency and brightness
  • Wider coverage for effective growth and more yields


  • Overstated advertised lux

CF Grow 300W COB LED Grow Light

The CF Grow 300W model will help you grow any indoor plant in any season and environment. It’s as close as you can get to replacing the sun and maintaining the same level of growth for your plants as you would growing them outside.

This light features unique flip-chip technology that is capable of withstanding high temperatures of up to 120°C. This means your light will last longer and won’t burn out easily.

One downside is that it does not come with a cooling fan, but instead, it is fitted with an aluminum casing that has a heat dissipation coating.


  • Flip-chip technology prevents burning
  • No cooling fan simply means no noise
  • Comes with intelligent temperature control features
  • Waterproof design will withstand high humidity
  • Can replace traditional 300W LED grow light


  • High voltage and temperature may be dangerous
  • Doesn’t work with 220 volts only 120 volts

Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow Light

If you want a grow light system that uses minimal power, but has high light output, the Roleadro 800W COB LED Grow Light is a great choice.

It works great for vegging and flowering and does not consume a lot of electricity.

It has a wider spectrum that includes the blue and red lights along with everything your plants need to grow healthier and faster. The compact design is equipped with two fans and numerous side vents for superior cooling. Also, the light has a daisy chain setting for multiple connections.’

If 800w is too much for your grow space, you might want to check out the Roleadro 400w COB lighting system. It’s another energy-efficient bulb with a lower intensity to accommodate smaller grow spaces.


  • Wider spectrum for all growth stages
  • Daisy chain for multiple connections
  • High performing fans and vents for cooling
  • 90° reflector does a great job of gathering all lights
  • Has high color rendition and light efficacy


  • Fans are a little bit noisy
  • High temperatures may burn the light

YaeTek Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

When compared to traditional grow lights, the YaeTek features some of the latest technologies in COB and LEDs, which guarantee luminous efficiency as well as color uniformity.

The YaeTek has a strong construction that is equipped with four cooling fans and side venting for effective cooling. It also has daisy chain settings for multiple connections.

The full, wide spectrum is suitable for the vegetative as well as blooming stages. It has a good color ratio for healthier plant development.


  • Better luminous efficiency as well as color uniformity
  • Superior heat dissipation for stability
  • The very effective color ratio for healthier growth
  • Angled reflector generates a wider lighting area in your grow room


  • Fan operation is noisy
  • The cooling system may malfunction

MaxBloom 800W COB LED Grow Light

This light features a 12-band spectrum that ranges from UV to infrared, which, when turned on, basically appears to have all the colors of the rainbow.

Both the COB lights and the small LEDs are covered by 90° lenses. The smaller LEDs are all controlled by one dimmable switch, and the other switch controls the four large COBs.

It features a heavy-duty cooling system that comprises of three fans and side vents. Cool air gets in through the vents, and hot air is released through the fans.


  • Full and wider spectrum for indoor growing
  • Two easy to operate dimmer switches for veg and bloom
  • A superior cooling system that maintains normal temperatures
  • Features energy-saving lumens that will go easy on electricity


  • Not waterproof
  • Super bright for the human eye


We hope this list COB LED grow light reviews can make your decision on which light to use a little easier. When making a purchase, consider the size of your grow area, the light spectrum you need, and whether or not you have an adequate enough cooling system. Smaller grow spaces may heat up relatively quickly when using high output lighting systems, so make sure that you have fans, or choose lights that can self-cool. 

It might take a bit of trial and error to find the right light for your grow space, so remember to be patient.

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