White Crush Strain Review (Journey)

white crush - strain

In this White Crush Strain review, I will share my experience using an affordable Indica-dominant weed. It may not have the same reputation as its more popular counterparts, but the price was engaging, which is what made me try it. 

White Crush is a potent strain from Journey that uses White Widow, combined with an unknown variety of what’s presumed to be a North American Indica-dominant strain. 

So, is the price worth it? Should you also give it a try? Read on and find out! 

  • Lineage: White Widow x an unknown North American strain 
  • Type: Indica-dominant 
  • Potency: 14-20% THC, 0-1% CBD 
  • Terpene Profile: Alpha-Pinene, Caryophyllene 
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 03/06/2020, tested and reviewed on 04/10/2020 (34 days later) 
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $18 at Ontario Cannabis Store ($5.14 per gram) 

Appearance: 3.5/5 

When it comes to bag appeal, this strain presents a visually appealing sight. The nugs, while solid, are accompanied by an abundance of stems, which may be off-putting to some consumers. This excess of stems is likely a contributing factor to its lower price point.

However, there is a silver lining—the moisture content of the buds is commendable. The trichomes, though not as densely packed as in premium strains, still offer a decent level of resin production. Overall, the appearance of White Crush is satisfactory considering its affordability.

Aroma: 3/5 

When it comes to the aroma of White Crush, it exhibits a combination of forest and herbal notes, courtesy of the prominent presence of alpha-pinene. This particular terpene imparts a scent reminiscent of a lush forest, with hints of fresh herbs in the background. 

Additionally, the strain features caryophyllene, which contributes a subtle spice and woody fragrance to the overall profile. 

While White Crush does possess a faint smell of fresh pine sap, it is unfortunately quite muted, not delivering the robust aroma one might expect. Grinding the buds does enhance the scent to some extent, but even then, it remains somewhat underwhelming.

Flavor: 3/5

Regrettably, the flavor of White Crush aligns with its underwhelming aroma. While it does offer a blend of distinct elements, including pine needles, rosemary, basil, and hints of cinnamon, the overall experience falls short of expectations. 

The pine needle notes may bring to mind a forest-like freshness, and the presence of rosemary and basil adds an herbal twist. There is also a subtle touch of cinnamon that provides a fleeting warmth. 

However, these flavors are not as pronounced as one would hope, leaving the taste profile somewhat lackluster. White Crush fails to deliver the robust and satisfying flavors that discerning cannabis enthusiasts often seek in a strain.

Effects: 4/5 

White Crush has proven to be a strain that delivers a heavy couch lock effect. From the moment I indulged in this strain, I could feel a deep sense of relaxation enveloping my body. The sedative properties of White Crush are quite potent, and they quickly induced a state of tranquility that had me sinking into the couch with ease.

One of the standout benefits of White Crush for me was its ability to promote truly restful sleep. After a long and tiring day, a few puffs of this strain helped me drift off into a peaceful slumber. It felt like a gentle embrace, lulling me into a state of deep relaxation and ensuring a solid night’s rest.

This strain is best enjoyed during the evening or when you have no immediate responsibilities, as it can be quite sedating.

white crush - nugs and packaging

Overall: 3.5/5 

To summarize this White Crush Strain review, this weed offers a mixed bag of attributes that may appeal to certain individuals seeking specific effects. While its appearance boasts decent moisture content, the presence of numerous stems detracts from its overall quality. 

The aroma, characterized by hints of fresh pine sap and subtle herbal notes, falls short of being truly captivating. Similarly, the flavor profile, encompassing elements of pine, rosemary, basil, and cinnamon, lacks the robustness expected from a premium strain. 

However, where White Crush shines is in its ability to induce a heavy couch lock effect and facilitate restful sleep, making it a potential choice for those seeking deep relaxation and tranquility. And to top it off, it’s an affordable option, making it ideal for new smokers or those on a budget. 


If the White crush Strain does not float your boat, here are two alternatives worth looking at: 

  • Tiger Cake Strain: While the White Crush Strain has a couch-locking effect, the Tiger Cake is a great choice if you want something more balanced. It has a euphoric head high and a relaxing body high. 
  • Platinum Gorilla Strain: It has a higher THC compared to White Crush. Hence, you can expect the effects to be more pronounced, making it a better option for experienced smokers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is White Crush Strain Indica or Sativa?

White Crush is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. 

What is White Crush Strain good for? 

It’s good for relaxation, making it great for lazy afternoons or late nights when you want something that can help put you to sleep. 

How strong is White Crush Strain?

With 14 to 20% THC, the White Crush Strain is not too strong. Hence, the effects are not as pronounced as their more robust counterparts.  

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