THC Syrups 101: What They Are & How to Use

delta 9 syrup

The cannabis industry is constantly innovating new and novel consumption methods. An interesting new addition to the edibles market is THC syrups. THC syrups are liquid products that combine hemp or cannabis extracts with vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, or sugars. 

Syrups are tasty and easy to dose. THC syrups provide quick absorption into the bloodstream, making them faster acting than traditional edibles, with long-lasting effects. Additionally, syrups are a smoke-free way to enjoy the psychoactive benefits without lung irritation. All you need is a dropper and an optional mixer.

What exactly are THC Syrups?

THC syrups are sweet, dense liquids, similar to thick cough syrups, but without the cringe-worthy flavor. Users can enjoy this infused concoction in a spoonful, mixed into a drink, or added to a bowl of ice cream. 

Making THC syrup is simple and can be done at home by blending THC extract with sugar, coconut oil, or vegetable glycerine as a thickening agent to give it that tried and true syrupy consistency. It’s also simple to find products like the Qwin Delta-9 Syrup, made from federally legal, hemp-derived. Delta-9.

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How do THC Syrups work in the body?

Many believe THC syrups are much faster acting than edible gummies, hitting the bloodstream in about 30 minutes rather than up to two hours. This quick onset is one of the main differentiators between syrups and other edible products.  

Also, ingesting THC in edible form elicits a different experience than when smoking or inhaling cannabis products like shatter. This is because THC travels through the digestive tract and into the liver, where it is metabolized and transitions into 11-hydroxy-THC

11-hydroxy-THC is more potent than Delta-9 THC and will produce longer-lasting, more intensified effects.

How to use THC Syrups

There are two main ways to take THC syrup. The first is sublingually, or underneath the tongue, and the second is by mixing it in a drink. 

When taken sublingually, the THC gets absorbed into the mouth and via blood vessels, directly into the bloodstream, resulting in overall faster effects. The easiest way to take a THC syrup sublingually is to use a dropper, place the infused liquid underneath the tongue and wait until it is fully absorbed.

The second consumption route involves mixing the THC syrup in a juice or soda and drinking it. This ingestion method kicks in faster than standard edibles but takes slightly longer than sublingual administration. THC syrup-infused mixed drinks are also more popular due to the delicious flavors and homemade mocktails people create. 

Benefits of THC Syrup

As with any cannabinoid-infused products, there are myriad therapeutic benefits to enjoy alongside a pleasant buzz, mood elevation, and physical sedation. For THC specifically, research-backed benefits include alleviating nausea, increasing appetite, and creating a sense of relaxation in the body and mind. 


Research published by the National Institute of Health suggests that THC has the potential to decrease or regulate nausea and vomiting symptoms in humans. This is especially helpful for those with digestive issues or nausea due to cancer treatments.

Appetite Booster

Numerous studies examining the effects of cannabis on appetite show promising results for human application, especially in the potential to treat eating disorders or appetite reduction due to illnesses such as cancer or AIDS.


Research reveals that cannabis and THC can combat depression symptoms and promote relaxation by decreasing stress levels. Most studies point to taking low doses of THC for optimal stress-relieving experiences.

Side Effects and Risks

Some THC syrups are made with large amounts of sugar. People with diabetes should always check ingredient lists to be sure their product contains appropriate sugar levels before purchasing. Additionally, mixing THC syrups with alcoholic beverages can be a dangerous prospect. 

Together, the drugs will interact, manifesting as a significant impairment, which could lead to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or a high that is too strong and not enjoyable.

Users should also remember that dosing varies from person to person, regardless of delivery method. So it’s best to start low and work up to the desired effects. For edibles, an appropriate starter dose typically falls around 5 mg. 

Where to Buy THC Syrups

Marijuana-derived THC syrups are available at retail dispensaries in adult-use states. 

Additionally, hemp-derived THC syrups are available to order online and at shops nationwide. THC lovers can explore a variety of syrup flavors containing 200 mg of federally legal, hemp-derived Delta-9 from the Qwin Delta-9 Syrup collection page.

The Takeaway

In today’s cannabis market, there’s a wide selection of products to suit every individual’s tastes and needs. Medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers enjoy THC syrups for potential therapeutic benefits and a fast and easy way to enjoy THC. 

THC syrups taste delicious under the tongue or mixed in mocktails. Qwin offers delicious flavors like Tropic Punch, Berry Delight, Strawmango, and Georgia P(each). 

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