Jean-Guy Strain Review (Good Supply)

jean guy strain review good supply
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For this cannabis strain review, I tried out some Jean-Guy that’s under the Good Supply brand. There were some good and some bad, but let’s keep in mind the very affordable price; there’s some value here.

This is a Sativa-dominant cultivar with a range of  16%-26% THC; this specific batch had  22% THC  and an inconsiderable amount of CBD.

It’s a Quebecois favorite that’s grown by a few other companies as well (7acres, Dubon); I was very curious to see if Good Supply, which sells weed at very competitive prices, can compete with the more pricey Jean Guys, and I think they did an all right job. 

  • Lineage: Descendant of White Widow
  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • Potency: 16-26% THC
  • Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, guaiol, limonene, humulene and linalool
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 08/17/2020, tested/reviewed on 09/05/2020, exactly 19 days after.
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $18.50 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada ($5.29/gram).

Appearance: 3/5

The bag appeal was above average overall, the packaging date that’s under a month helped keep the trichome glands remarkably intact and you can see that right away as you look at the buds, there was a shine to them. This was even more apparent in the microscopic pics that you can see below; diamonds all over the place.

The humidity in the bag was on point at 56% when it comes to size; it was three medium nugs and three small nugs. The trim was not the best, and the visuals themselves were kind of bland, dark green buds with dark orange pistils sticking out, but as I mentioned above, they were shiny, and that’s always cool.

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Aroma: 1.5/5

Unfortunately, the smell was muted, and all I got were some herbal notes slightly accented with a touch of spice. Once the weed was bid up, there was a tiny bit of diesel that came out.

That wasn’t very pleasant because the packaging date was so recent; I was hoping that the terpenes would come out way more than this. Also, let’s not forget that I’m a Montrealer, and I’ve had my share of Jean-Guy in my life; it usually has a strong, pungent smell.  

jean guy strain review good supply

Flavor: 2/5

I couldn’t get anything on the palate when it came to flavor, whether it was on the inhale or the exhale and the aftertaste. Similar to the aroma, the taste was muted on this.

The score is higher because the smoke was pretty smooth and enjoyable, again though there is usually a bit of a piney/citrusy profile when smoking this cultivar, and there was none of that here.

Effects: 3.5/5

The effects that this Jean-Guy emitted were intense and cerebral; this went straight to the head before I even finished smoking my joint.

I would describe the “high” as aggressive, it came in fast and strong, but the Sativa characteristics were very apparent. I enjoyed it; there was no drowsiness once they wore off after about an hour.

jean guy strain review, good supply

Overall: 2.5/5

Although the overall score seems low, there is some good value here. I would recommend this to both beginners and heavy users; I’m just not sure how this weed would look if it were an older batch. Visually speaking, I was pleasantly surprised, and I would rebuy this in the future.

Check out my review of 7Acres’ Jean-Guy to determine which brand does it better.

If you’ve tried out some of this Jean-Guy made by Good Supply, let me know what you think of it in the comments below!


  • White Widow: Since Jean-Guy is a descendant of White Widow, this strain has similar characteristics with a balanced Sativa/Indica high and earthy flavors.
  • Super Lemon Haze: This Sativa-dominant strain has a citrusy profile, much like Jean-Guy, but with stronger effects, making it ideal for those looking for a more potent high.
  • Headband: Another Sativa-dominant strain, Headband, has a piney, earthy taste like Jean-Guy but with a more calming effect, making it perfect for daytime use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jean-Guy strain Sativa or Indica?

Jean-Guy strain is classified as a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This means that it has both Sativa and Indica genetics, but the Sativa traits are more dominant.

What is the history of the Jean-Guy strain?

The Jean-Guy strain is believed to have originated in Quebec, Canada, and is named after a local marijuana activist. It is rumored to be a phenotype of the popular strain White Widow.

What is the flavor and aroma profile of the Jean-Guy strain?

The Jean-Guy strain has a complex flavor and aroma profile that includes notes of citrus, earth, and pine. It also has a spicy and skunky undertone with a hint of diesel.

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4 thoughts on “Jean-Guy Strain Review (Good Supply)”

  1. Picked up my 1st bag today in Ed monton Alberta at 25.6%.,thc
    WOW, This is a sativa I can enjoy every day at a great price $86.
    This particular crop was bagged on May the 30th 2022, I’m sure it’ll be my favorite everydaySativa from now on

  2. Tried my first bag today bought 1oz bud was consistent in size and looks it had lot of visible tricombs great taste overall a great product total head buzz no couch lock all for 95$ including tax from CanaCabana!!!

  3. I hadn’t had it in a couple of years but I remember liking it and the price was reasonable.
    I picked up a 10 pack of pre rolls yesterday and ……………… Went to outer space, in the middle of the afternoon !!!
    I’ve never had anything quite this strong !!!
    It is Mental Pot !! Wonderful trip like I imagine acid would be.

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