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For this strain review, I tried out some  Diesel under the  Spinach brand, grown by peace naturals. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar that can get up there regarding cannabinoid content, anywhere between  13% to 22% THC  and an inconsiderable amount of CBD; this specific batch came in at the high end with  22% THC.

Below, I break down every aspect of this popular strain.

  • Lineage: Super Skunk x Northern Lights
  • Type: Sativa-dominant
  • Potency: 13-22% THC
  • Terpene Profile: Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 04/13/2020 and tested/reviewed on 05/26/2020, exactly 43 days later. Lot# X62D01
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $27.00 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada ($7.71)

Appearance: 2/5

diesel strain review picture of packaging

I found this Diesel to be average when it comes to visuals, nothing really to brag about, yet not too much to complain about. The main issue was that the RH% was at 43% after removing the seal; the flower was a little too dry for my liking.

The buds were supposedly hand-trimmed (I cannot confirm that); they were dense and small to medium-sized. For the visuals, it was dark orange/brownish pistils in between light green buds, covered in a sheet of amber trichomes.

Speaking of trichomes, there were glands that were still intact; many of them weren’t, though, and these huge containers don’t really help keep them intact, in my opinion. (Microscopic picture on the bottom)

Aroma: 4/5 

diesel strain review picture of cannabis flower

The aroma may have been my favorite aspect of this entire Diesel strain review. I expected that I would get instantly hit by that loud gassy/skunky smell (which I don’t mind at all) but what I got was something even better.

The mix of limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene gave off a very refreshing smell; it’s a mix of sweet and sour, lemony and fruity, accented with notes of diesel and pine, the gassy aroma comes out more once the herb is bid up. The smell here is an adventure in itself.

Flavor/Smoke: 1.5/5

diesel strain review picture of flower

I didn’t get much of anything when it comes to flavor on this Diesel strain. Some earthiness on the inhale, with a subtle touch of diesel and skunk on the exhale and the aftertaste. The ash was white when smoking; however, it was a little heavy on the lungs, but not too impressive.

Effects: 3/5

For the most subjective aspect, I give it a slightly above-average grade. If you like hard-hitting, slows you in your tracks, heavy eyes type of effects, this may be right up your alley. I felt the initial effects right after a few puffs within 5 minutes. Personally, I wouldn’t consume this for socializing or for working.

I enjoyed this at the end of the day, when there was nothing productive to be done, and passed out after about an hour. Usually, Sativa strains hit me a little differently than this.

Overall: 2.5/5

diesel strain review picture of cannabis

Spinach did an OK job with this Diesel strain; the aroma was my favorite aspect here; I would recommend this cultivar. Another solid flower grown by Peace Naturals; here’s to them perfecting their craft as time goes on!

For a more in-depth comparison and better insights, take a look at BC Sweet Skunk and Platinum Cake strains, which are similarly priced to this Diesel Strain. Reading about them can help you make a well-informed decision on which strain to choose.

If you’ve tried out some of this Diesel, let me know what you think in the comments below!


  • BC Sweet Skunk: This strain has a similar lineage to Diesel, with a mix of Skunk genetics, and is known for its sweet and spicy aroma with citrus undertones. It’s also a Sativa-dominant hybrid and can produce energizing effects that are great for daytime use.
  • Platinum Cake: Another Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a sweet and fruity aroma, Platinum Cake has higher THC levels than Diesel (ranging from 20-26%). It can provide an uplifting and euphoric high that’s great for socializing and creativity.

Compared to Diesel, BC Sweet Skunk has a sweeter and spicier aroma, while Platinum Cake has a higher THC content and can provide a more uplifting and creative high. All three strains are Sativa-dominant hybrids, making them good choices for daytime use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Diesel a Sativa or Indica Strain?

Diesel Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar.

What are the THC and CBD levels in Diesel Strain?

THC levels in Diesel Strain can range from 13% to 22%, while CBD levels are generally very low.

What are the typical flavors and aromas of Diesel Strain?

The typical flavors and aromas of Diesel Strain are a mix of sweet and sour, lemony and fruity, accented with notes of diesel and pine. The terpene profile includes myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

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