BC Sweet Skunk Strain Review (Pure Laine Cannabis)

BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis)

For this cannabis review, I tried out some BC Sweet Skunk produced by Rose Science Vie under the Pure Laine Cannabis brand. The thing about Skunk strains is that many of us consumers from the 90s have this familiarity with them, until of course it looks/smells nothing like the good old Skunk weed we all used to smoke, then it becomes an issue.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar came with 20.7% THC and an insignificant amount of CBD. Below is an in-depth BC Sweet Skunk review.

Lineage: Northern Lights x Skunk

Terpene Profile: Myrcene, terpinolene, caryophyllene

Packaging Details: Packaged 03/03/21, tested/reviewed on 04/25/21, exactly 53 days later. (Lot# 202103-10000024)

Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $24.90 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ($7.11/gram)

Appearance: 1.5/5

BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis) strain review picture of packaging
BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis)

The Boveda humidity pouch in the Pure Laine Cannabis bag saved the day when it comes to bag appeal; there are just too many negatives to deal with right away. Sure, the moisture content was great at 61%; the thing is, I don’t care whether the stems are dry or not.

Way too many stems and leaves for my linking; the trimming job was very bad on this. Size-wise, the bag had four medium-sized nugs; everything else was too small, not enough “eye candy” for me. The buds were of a dark green shade with a minimal amount of purple on them; trichome glands weren’t very intact. 

Aroma: 1.5/5 

BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis) review, picture of cannabis
BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis)

I wanted skunky, kushy, and gassy, but what I got was….herbal. I really didn’t get much in the aroma, and there were slight kushy notes that became more apparent after the weed was milled, but far from what it should be. The terps seem to be quiet on this BC Sweet Skunk.

Flavor: 1.5/5

The terpene profile didn’t emit anything out of the ordinary through combustion; in simpler words, I didn’t get much flavor. The skunkiness was missing once more, and I got some slightly herbal notes on the inhale, with some kushy notes dangling on the palate on the exhale that were barely noticeable.

The smoke wasn’t the smoothest that I’ve tried.

Effects: 3/5

BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis) picture of cannabis
BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis)

When it comes to effects, the weed did its job. Initially, I felt my body decompress, and my brain started to feel fuzzy about ten minutes in. Within 30 minutes, it went from a cerebral feeling to a visceral vibe that got my entire body feeling relaxed but not necessarily lazy.

I got Sativa and Indica vibes simultaneously from this strain; after about 45 minutes, the lethargy started, and I went into “sleepy” territory, no matter what time of the day I smoked some of this. 

Overall: 2/5

BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis) review, picture of cannabis
BC Sweet Skunk (Pure Laine Cannabis)

This whole experience was below average for me, and this wasn’t the best first impression that I got from the Pure Laine Cannabis brand. I haven’t seen much of the Skunk genetics around the legal market, so I was excited to try this, especially with such a low price point.

I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, but personally, I will give this company another try. Let me know what you thought of this BC Sweet Skunk below if you’ve tried it before.

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