Cannabis Growing Supplies Checklist (Indoor Equipment)

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Don’t know which cannabis growing equipment you need for cultivating marijuana? Read our article to know the type of supplies required to grow quality weed.


The cannabis industry has experienced enormous growth in the United States over the last decade. Between medicinal and recreational legalization in more than a dozen states, producers can’t catch up to the demand. That leaves an enormous opportunity for forward-thinking entrepreneurs to fill the gap in the market. 

You might be wondering how you can start your own grow operation. Our team made a checklist of the essential tools you need to start a commercial or indoor cannabis grow operation. Read on to find out more about cannabis growing equipment and start your journey to growing your own weed. 

Commercial Weed Growing Checklist

Here is a comprehensive list of industrial marijuana growing equipment to start a large-scale operation. 

Ventilation System

A decent ventilation system that cycles fresh air and produces a breeze will help stimulate plant growth and keep the stalk, flowers, and roots healthy. A sufficient ventilation system consists of indoor fans circulating air and an exhaust fan that filters indoor air and disperses it outside.   

pH and TDS Measuring Equipment

If you’re planning to grow your cannabis in soil rather than use a hydroponics system, you’ll need to measure pH (acidity) and TDS (total dissolved solids) using special testing strips. 

Indoor Plant Lighting

Cannabis plants need scheduled light to thrive in an indoor environment. Indoor plant lighting and timing equipment are crucial to keeping your plants healthy. 

UV Light Protection

Although UV light exposure helps marijuana plants produce more THC, it can also be harmful, sometimes dramatically reducing their lifespan. You should use low-level UV lights or controlled exposure timers to produce the best plant possible. 

Temperature Control

Indoor marijuana plants flourish at a temperature between 70° and 77°, so you need a good temperature control for your greenhouse. An industrial PID controller and a well-maintained heating system should do the job and account for outdoor temperature that might have negative effects. 

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Humidity Control

In addition to temperature control, you need to control the humidity levels in your grow space. Many brands have machines that both humidify and dehumidify, but the size and strength you need will depend on the size of the space and the type of plants you’re growing. 

Trimming Equipment

To ready the product for sale, you need to trim the leaves and stems to separate the buds. You can either use an automatic trimmer or manual trimmers. Automatic machines save on time and labor costs but are expensive. Manual trimmers are more exact but usually require employees for a commercial operation. 


Marijuana is notoriously sticky. Using gloves eliminates the residue left behind from handling the plants and also reduces the amount of THC that comes off the plant during harvest. High-quality PTE is best, but cloth and rubber gloves will work fine too. 

Magnifying Glass

A good magnifying glass will come in handy when you want to examine your plants for signs of excellence or deterioration.  

Eye Protection

Eye protection is necessary if you and your workers are exposed to high-UV level marijuana grow lights for extended periods. 


Exposure to many of the chemicals involved in growing marijuana can be potentially harmful. Government regulations are in place to protect workers in commercial grow ops, so you need quality PPE coveralls to protect yourself and your workers. 


Unless you’re planning to grow your plants organically, you’ll need a good pesticide to prevent bugs and fungal infections from taking over. 


Covered by government PPE regulations are industrial-grade respirators to protect your workers from chemical exposure. Respirators have to be able to block particulate matter from pesticides and chemicals. 

Indoor Marijuana Growing Checklist

Even if you’re not looking to set up a commercial grow operation, you’ll need much of the same weed growing equipment for a personal grow space. Here is the list of essential equipment to grow indoor weed.

Grow Tent

Indoor marijuana grow tents conveniently contain the temperature and humidity of the space as well as provide spaces for hanging lights and storing the other equipment you’ll need. 

The type of tent you choose is important. If you want to bring in some natural light, then you’ll need a clear material with exposure to sunlight. However, this makes it harder to control temperature, so you may want an insulated opaque material instead. 

Grow Lights

Since your plants don’t have exposure to the sun, they’ll need a source of light to survive. Grow lights with low-level UV exposure and timers will help you produce the healthiest plant. 


If you’re not setting up a hydroponics station, you’ll need pots to store your plants and soil. The type of pot you use will depend on the strain of marijuana and the growth stage of the roots and stocks. Types you can use include:

  • Standard plant pot with saucer
  • Smart pot
  • Air pot
  • Hempy buckets


You can often find a suitable temperature measurement device that also measures humidity levels in the air.


Good fans set on a low to medium setting circulate air throughout the space, stimulating plant growth. Also, an exhaust fan will help filter out air and keep the tent well ventilated. 

Grow System

Also known as grow boxes, these regulate temperature, humidity, light, and air circulation in a small self-contained box-shaped machine. 

Carbon Filter

A good carbon filter is the only way to prevent the smell of marijuana from spreading outside the grow space. Link one up to your exhaust fan, and it will scrub the air of any smelly particulate matter. 


Pruners trim the buds from excess leaves and stems. Since you’re growing indoors on a small scale, you probably won’t need an automatic trimmer, but they are available if you want. 


A high-tech timer will measure light exposure and watering times and is an essential piece of indoor marijuana growing equipment. If you have a hydroponic system, this is crucial to circulate water through your grow space at exact intervals. 


Whether you’re looking to grow commercially in a large space or just for personal use in an indoor tent or grow station, you should be feeling confident about taking your next steps to production.

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