33 Splitter Strain Review (True Fire & Co. Ltd.) 

33 Splitter - nug on a close up shot

For this review, I tried the 33 Splitter Strain, an Indica-dominant variant that combines Gelato 33 and Atom Splitter. This strain from True Fire & Co is known for its high potency, which can be attributed to having up to 34.50% THC. 

In terms of its flavor and smell, this strain is herbal and earthy. Meanwhile, when it comes to the effects, this strain can produce intense euphoria and has sedative properties. Expect it to be strong while still relaxing. Although, it was quite underwhelming in experience. 

  • Lineage: Gelato 33 x Atom Splitter 
  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • Potency: 27 to 34.5% THC, 0 to 1% CBD
  • Terpene Profile: Beta-myrcene 
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 12/21/2022, tested and reviewed on 01/25/2023 (35 days later) 
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $34.95  at Ontario Cannabis Store ($9.99 per gram) 

Appearance: 4/5 

It looks pretty basic with nothing special. The well-sealed packaging protects the weed from degradation. Even if it’s been a month since it was packaged, it still looked fresh. Outside the packaging, you’ll see information about the THC and CBD content, but the terpene profile is missing. 

As for the bag appeal, the buds look incredible. They are dark overall with varying hues of green throughout. There are also lots of trichs, which are characterized by heavy crystallization, especially when you look closer. The bud is surrounded by lots of short orange hairs. 

Aroma: 3.5/5

As I opened the packaging, the smell was muted. However, don’t be disappointed just yet. After breaking the nugs, the aroma became more apparent, although it’s still not as strong as what I have smelled in more premium strains. 

The aroma is a mix of sweet and herbal. Since it contains beta-myrcene, it also has spicy and earthy notes, but they are apparent only if the buds are close to your nose. Otherwise, the aroma can be quite weak but a bit gassy. 

Flavor: 4/5

The flavor of the 33 Splitter Strain is comparable to its aroma. It’s quite underwhelming for experienced smokers like me. However, for newbies, the flavor can be acceptable. One way to describe it is gassy, which refers to a combination of being peppery and earthy. 

I was expecting the taste to have a more herbal note, but in most cases, the sweetness is more dominant. It also has a slight fiery flavor by the time I finish exhaling. This flavor reminds me of pine and black pepper. 

Effects: 4/5 

With its high THC, some of you will most probably think that the effect is too strong to handle. Nonetheless, it isn’t. I had a mental block and a strong body high, although, I must admit, I felt that even in strains with lower THC. Maybe, I just had high expectations that it will be punchier given the THC content. 

Still, the effects are decent. Within 10 minutes of inhaling, I was euphoric. I smoked it outdoors during a camping trip, and I felt calm. It was the end of the day when I had this strain. It was deeply relaxing, but I was hoping for more. 

33 Splitter Strain package

Overall: 4/5

As noted in this 33 Splitter Strain review, this Indica-dominant cannabis has a high THC content, reaching up to 34.5%. Despite such, the effects were quite weaker compared to others with the same THC. The aroma seems muted at first but eventually releases a sweet and herbal smell. The same thing is true with its flavor. 

I can recommend this to beginners, especially at its price point. But for experienced smokers who rely on THC percentages, some of you might find it weaker than what the number states. 


This 33 Splitter Strain review also highlights some alternatives worth considering, including the following: 

  • Planet of the Grapes: With a terpene percentage reaching up to 4.15%, the smell of this strain is highly apparent. This is unlike the 33 Splitter, which seems weak to the nose. 
  • Gorilla Glue #4: Even if the THC is clocking in at only 15%, I like the effects of this strain more than what I experienced with the 33 Splitter. It’s a perfect balance, setting both my mind and body at ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What strain is 33 Splitter? 

The 33 Splitter is a high potency Indica-dominant strain that is a cross between Gelato 33 and Atom Splitter.

How strong is the 33 Splitter Strain? 

The 33 Splitter is quite a strong strain, especially considering how its THC ranges from 27 to 34.5%. Despite the high number, the effect feels quite muted but decent. 

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