Quantum BadBoy T5 Review: Reasons to Love this Badass Grow Light

Quantum Badboy T5 grow light

Can you grow marijuana using T5 grow lights?

When size, heat output, and performance finally team up, the answer is definitely yes!

In this article, we’ll see what the Quantum T5 BadBoy is and why it has won over the cannabis community’s heart.

Regular readers of this blog know that, after many years of using HID grow lights and struggling with the issues of heat production, stretching, etc., I finally found peace in the best LED grow lights. But LEDs aren’t the only alternative to HPS; if I hadn’t been convinced by them already, I would now be looking at a T5 lighting system.

Of all the T5 grow lighting systems I’ve seen used in various grows, it’s the Quantum “Bad Boy” range that really stands out. I’ve seen some superb cannabis grows using this light (check out Jackal’s reports on  autoflower.net, for example).

What is the Quantum T5 BadBoy & How Does It Work?

This Quantum T5 grow light leapfrogs the competitors because it replicates the color and light of daylight much better. This T5 succeeds where others fail by combining a decent coverage area with sufficient output and high performance.

This BadBoy has succeeded using the Full Race Horse Ballast, which is finely tuned to produce maximum output from the tri-phosphor bulbs. Actually, it produces 28% more light than regular T5s that use traditional ballast.

And guess what? It DOES NOT increase power consumption.

quantum T5 badboy setup in grow room


Benefits of Using The Quantum T5 Grow Light

The tri-phosphor bulbs of the Quantum BadBoy replicate natural color and light, which will enable you to see in your plants:

  • Tighter Internodal Spacing, which translates into bigger yields.
  • Thicker Stem Walls, which increases photosynthesis rates.
  • Heartier Foliage, which translates into a healthier, more robust plant.

Features of the Quantum T5 BadBoy

  • High output optimized fixture for MAX bang for your buck!
  • Unique folding structure for easy transportation
  • Vented Ballasts and reflectors keep heat to a minimum
  • Bulbs are spaced to provide a uniform light
  • Glass-coated aluminum reflectors provide deeper penetration.
  • Multi-volt operation, 120v/240v right out of the box!
  • Bulb Type Lumens Output:
    • T5 Lamps High Output Lamp: 93.5 lumens per watt
    • 2900 K Lamp High Output Lamp: 88 Lumen per watt
    • 6500 K Lamp Super High output hyper-driven lamps and fixtures define optimum production from start to finish.

Quantum makes two types of bulbs, 6500K and 2900K. The 6500, obviously, is for the vegetative stage, and the 2900K for flowering. Also, a winning feature is its folding structure and ultra-compact size for shipping. Additionally, it’s super easy to operate because of its ultra-light weight.

Another great plus is that Quantum keeps everyone happy by providing 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 bulbs grow lights! The largest ones will probably come without the bulbs, but you can always purchase them separately.

How to Set Up a Quantum T5 BadBoy Unit

What’s the Price of the Quantum T5 BadBoy?

At prices starting at $147 for the smallest fixture and $69.95 for 4 bulbs, we can agree it is an uncanny choice. After reading the reviews and having seen the grows, I am convinced enough to buy this double fixture:

Make sure you buy the bulbs for the vegetative and flowering stages, and I’m positive you’ll be looking at a winner.

Should I Buy a Quantum BadBoy Unit?

The proofs have been laid. The plain truth is that a T5 system CAN grow a cannabis crop from seedling to harvest with low power consumption and minimal heat. But people tend to be skeptical of everything new and “too good to be true.”

The same happened when stories about LED grow lights started to populate the forums. At first, skeptics believed it was a joke while the actual growers were busy enjoying the results.

To sum up, you could definitely buy this unit and find THE perfect solution to any of these growing problems:

  • Excess Heat
  • Power Consumption
  • Height Restrictions
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