Durga Mata 2 Strain Review (Namaste)

Durga Mata 2 strain review, picture of cannabis

For this cannabis strain review, I tried out some  Durga Mata 2  that’s made by  Namaste. It’s a very light cultivar with a 2:1 ratio of CBD and THC; this one had  5.51% THC and 10% CBD  (the regular range is between 4-13% THC and 9-13% CBD).

It’s an Indica-dominant strain where the psychoactive effects are very light; they’re countered by all the goodness that CBD provides, so the effects are quite minimal yet very pleasant.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  • Lineage: Shiva x Durga Mata
  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • Potency: 4-13% THC, 9-13% CBD
  • Terpene Profile: Terpinolene, myrcene, limonene
  • Packaging Details: This is packaged on 12/19/2019 and tested/reviewed on 1/20/2020, exactly 32 days after being packaged.
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $28.40 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ($8.11/gram)

Appearance: 3/5

Durga Mata 2 strain review, picture of cannabis

The “bag appeal” for this Durga Mata 2 strain was definitely present, especially when it comes to the look of the buds themselves. Although there were many little nugs, that’s really what brought the score down for me. While there was no humidity pouch, the weed was fresh, sticky, and squishy while still being dense.

The colors are just beautiful. As you can see, there are 2 tones of green on all the buds, light green and dark green. There’s also a small amount of non-messy orange pistils all around the buds, which are completely covered in amber, healthy-looking trichomes.

Aroma: 2.5/5

Durga Mata 2 strain review, picture of cannabis

I noticed an earthy and minty aroma after removing the seal from the container. The more I smelled it, there were notes of citrusy and sweet scents that started floating around the nostrils. The aroma itself isn’t too aggressive; it’s quite subtle, actually.

It does become a little more aggressive after the herb is bid up, still though, a little something missing from the smell.

Flavor: 3/5

Durga Mata 2 strain review, picture of cannabis

I found that the flavor was actually more present than the aroma and even a little different. Initially, there was a strong piney presence mixed with a touch of mint and citrus. On the exhale and the aftertaste, this is where the limonene terpene is very present, with sweet and even more citrusy afternotes.

Enjoyable taste to this strain, the smoke was smooth, and the joint burned well.

Effects 2.5/5

Although this is a high CBD strain, I really felt the Indica here; I lost a bit of energy and didn’t really feel like doing too much initially after smoking this. This was quite short-lived, though; I felt like all effects wore off after about 30 minutes, but the anti-anxiety that CBD provides definitely stayed.

If you’re looking to be productive after smoking, I suggest trying Green Crush as it delivers a similar energy boost as your morning cup of coffee.

Effects are very different with everybody, and every “body” responds to cannabinoids in different ways; this is why it’s recommended to always check out different reviews before making a choice, especially when it comes to the “effects” aspect.

Overall 3/5

Durga Mata 2 strain review, picture of cannabis

If you’re trying to feel very “stoned” and you’re after strong psychoactive effects, then this strain is not the one you’re looking for. However, when it comes to CBD strains, I would recommend you try this out. When it comes to beginners and people who aren’t too comfortable with all the THC effects, this would be a perfect place to start.

You get the flavors and aromas this  Namaste  cultivar provides while getting all the anti-anxiety and stress-relieving benefits from the high CBD percentage. If you’ve had a chance to try out some DM2, let me know what you think of it in the comments!

Also, if you haven’t done so already, look at my review for Organic Afghan Black Hash by Green Organic Dutchman, which is also a good option.


  • Harlequin: Similar to Durga Mata 2, this strain has a high CBD-to-THC ratio, making it great for relaxation without heavy psychoactive effects.
  • ACDC: Another high CBD strain with minimal psychoactive effects, ACDC is known for its earthy and sweet flavors.
  • Blue Dream: A hybrid strain that balances both CBD and THC, Blue Dream offers a milder high than some other strains, making it great for those new to cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Durga Mata 2 an Indica or Sativa dominant strain?

Durga Mata 2 is an Indica-dominant strain, which means that it tends to produce more relaxing and sedative effects compared to Sativa-dominant strains.

What are the effects of Durga Mata 2?

Durga Mata 2 can have relaxing, calming, and uplifting effects, with a mild cerebral buzz and a relaxing body high. It may also help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

How does Durga Mata 2 compare to other CBD strains?

Compared to other CBD strains, Durga Mata 2 has a higher CBD content and a lower THC content, which results in a more balanced and less psychoactive experience. It may also have a more floral and earthy flavor profile.

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4 thoughts on “Durga Mata 2 Strain Review (Namaste)”

  1. I really like this strain, I use it frequently for anxiety. I can’t handle high THC because it makes me paranoid. I get a slight head high from Durga Mata which is nice and the high CBD ensures a nice relaxed effect. Lately, I’ve only been able to find pre-rolls online (Ontario). Which is annoying because the price is $6.25 for three 0.5g joints. Either way, this strain in my new favourite.

    1. Thanks for sharing Jenna! That Durga Mata 2 is excellent for a little head high without getting overwhelmed!

  2. Hi Aaron! Do you have a preference of website in which you order Durga Mata? Cannabis NB no longer have this brand but I found this to be the most effective for my chronic illnesses. I don’t typically do any online purchase so I’m unsure what sites are legit. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Catt, great question! I bought this one in person in Montreal, Canada and haven’t had a need to buy it online.

      After a quick search, most sites only sell the Durga Mata seeds but this online store in the UK sells the actual strain by the ounce (at an absurdly high price, unfortunately): https://cannabisbuds.co/product/durga-mata-cannabis-strain/.

      Depending on where you live, your best option will be to call or check out your local dispensaries. They could maybe even help you source it if they don’t already carry this strain. Best of luck!

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