Comatose Strain Review (1964)

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In this Comatose review, I’ll share with you my experience with one of Canada’s legacy strains. This Indica-dominant weed from 1964 is also called Comatose OG or Organic Comatose. It’s popular for being a heavy hitter, and as the name suggests, it has an incredibly relaxing effect. This is one of those strains I would take if I want to fall asleep. 

Comatose is a hybrid of OG Kush and an undisclosed strain. However, based on its effects and overall profile, this other strain is also most likely a heavy Indica. It is popular for medical use, such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

  • Lineage: OG Kush x Unknown  strain
  • Type: Indica-dominant 
  • Potency: 21-27% THC, 0-1% CBD 
  • Terpene Profile: Farnesene, Beta-Myrcene, Trans-Caryophyllene 
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 01/05/2023, tested and reviewed on 01/30/2023 (25 days later) 
  • Pricing Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $28.97 at Value Buds ($8.27 per gram) 

Appearance: 4.5/5

Let’s start this Comatose review by looking at its physical appearance. As I gazed upon the mesmerizing appearance of Comatose OG, I couldn’t help but marvel at its beauty. Each nug was adorned with a thick and glistening coating of frosty trichomes, like a delicate layer of freshly fallen snow.

The sheer density of these buds was astounding, compacted tightly together, creating a solid mass that was both tantalizing and enticing.

Reaching out to touch them, I could immediately feel the stickiness coating my fingertips, as if the nugs were adorned with a magical adhesive. It was evident that this strain was not one to be easily broken down by mere hand strength alone. I reached for my trusty grinder, knowing that only its powerful blades could handle this task with finesse.

As I prepared the buds for grinding, I observed their small to medium size, their dark green hue casting an aura of mystery. Yet, what truly caught my eye were the burnt-orange hairs interwoven within the foliage, adding a mesmerizing contrast. These fiery strands seemed to dance and flicker, providing a vibrant burst of color amidst the lush green backdrop.

Aroma: 4/5

As I brought the buds of Comatose OG closer to my nose, a rich and pungent aroma filled the air, captivating me instantly. The dominant terpene, farnesene, imparted its unique essence, enhancing the strain’s scent. A strong presence of pine mingled with tangy herbs and citrus, creating a refreshing and invigorating blend. 

Deep within the aroma, I sensed an earthy undertone that grounded the experience, while a subtle gas-like note added intrigue. The combination of these elements resulted in a captivating symphony of scents that left me eager to savor the strain’s delightful flavors.

Flavor: 4.5/5 

As I took my first inhale, the flavor of Organic Comatose embraced my palate, revealing a delightful combination of sour citrus and sweet earth. The tanginess of the citrus danced playfully on my tongue, invigorating my senses. The sweetness of the earth provided a pleasant balance, grounding the experience with its comforting undertones. 

Upon exhaling, subtle hints of herbs emerged, adding an herbal freshness that complemented the overall flavor profile. 

With its high terpene content, this strain’s flavor was elevated to new heights, creating a truly captivating and satisfying taste that lingered long after each exhale.

Effects: 4.5/5 

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey through the effects of Comatose OG. This remarkable strain emerges as a true champion in the realm of relaxation and relief. As I inhale its enchanting smoke, gentle cerebral high sweeps over me, lifting my spirits to new heights while soothing my mind.

The weight of stress and tension dissipates, replaced by a profound sense of tranquility that embraces every fiber of my being. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Its seductive powers beckon me further, drawing me into a state of pure bliss. Its highly sedative effects take hold, wrapping me in a cocoon of deep relaxation. My body becomes enveloped in a gentle embrace, melting away any traces of chronic pain or discomfort.

The world around me fades into the background as I sink into a state of serene calmness.

This strain is a trusted ally in my quest for inner peace, offering solace to my restless mind and guiding me away from the clutches of depression. Comatose is a potent force that transcends the ordinary, inviting me to explore the depths of relaxation and find respite from the chaos of everyday life.

comatose - opened pack

Overall: 4.5/5 

Comatose is an extraordinary strain that leaves a lasting impression on those seeking a tranquil escape. Its allure extends to both novice and seasoned enthusiasts, offering a remarkable experience that transcends expectations. 

With its potent effects, it becomes a sanctuary for individuals burdened by stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and even depression. The gentle cerebral high uplifts the spirit, while the sedative embrace grants deep relaxation and reprieve from physical discomfort. 


If you’re looking for alternatives to the Comatose strain, here are some options to consider: 

  • Jack Haze Strain: While Comatose is Indica-dominant, this alternative is Sativa-dominant. I recommend this strain to people who are looking for something more uplifting. 
  • Mad Max Strain: If you’re not into the deeply relaxing effect of Comatose, you might like how uplifting this strain is. This makes it great if you want to be creative or productive. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Comatose Strain Indica or Sativa? 

The Comatose Strain is Indica-dominant. It has roughly 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. 

What does Comatose Strain taste like? 

Comatose tastes like sour citrus. It also has sweet earth and subtle herbal undertones. 

What is Comatose Strain good for? 

The Comatose Strain is good for deep relaxation and sleep. It’s also an effective option for depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain, among other health conditions. 

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