7 Ways to Properly Store Fresh Cannabis This Season

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For those who appreciate the nuanced art of cannabis consumption, maintaining the freshness of one’s supply is critical. The potent charms of terpenes, the delicate balance of cannabinoids, and the rich variety of profiles can be easily lost to improper storage. 

Especially during this season, when changes in humidity and temperature are an everyday occurrence, savoring freshly rated cannabis is a must. 

Therefore, knowing how to store your herb properly is a craft that every green enthusiast should master. Here’s a comprehensive guide to preserve the quality from harvesting to consumption.

Understanding the Importance of Proper Storage

Before diving into the specifics of storing cannabis, it’s essential to understand why proper storage matters. 

Cannabis is rich in volatile organic compounds like terpenes, giving each strain its unique aroma and flavor. Improper storage can cause these compounds to degrade, leading to a less pleasant smoking or vaping experience.

In addition, cannabinoids like THC and CBD are sensitive to light, heat, and oxygen. When exposed to these elements, it can lead to a reduction in potency over time. By taking the necessary steps to store your cannabis correctly, you can ensure that it retains its quality and efficacy for as long as possible.

7 Ways to Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

1. Opt for the Right Container

The first step towards proper storage is choosing the correct container. Glass mason jars are an industry favorite thanks to their airtight seal and ability to block light. 

However, for those looking for portable solutions, there are specialized UV-resistant plastic containers with tight seals designed to mimic the properties of glass. The usage of plastic bags or containers should be avoided as they leave a lingering residue and can impact the flavor and scent. 

Also, consider the size of the container; it should be just large enough to hold it with a little room to spare, not to crush the buds.

2. Control the Environmental Factors

There are four critical environmental factors to consider when storing cannabis: light, humidity, temperature, and air. It should be stored in a dark, cool place with a relative humidity of 59-63%. A hygrometer in your storage area can help you monitor humidity levels accurately. 

The right temperature for storage is around 60-70°F (15-21°C). Extreme temperatures can fluctuate the moisture content and lead to mold. Finally, minimize air exchange in your storage container to prevent exposure to oxygen, which can spoil it over time.

3. The Role of Sunlight

Light is the biggest culprit behind the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis. When exposed to direct sunlight, these valuable compounds can break down, leading to a loss in potency and flavor. 

To preserve its quality, it’s crucial to shield it from light. To ensure optimal storage conditions, keep it in a dark place, such as a cool and dry cabinet or drawer. If you’re using a translucent container, it’s advisable to place it inside a cabinet or drawer to provide an extra layer of protection against light exposure. 

Alternatively, you can further safeguard it by storing the jar in a fabric bag or wrapping it in a towel. These added measures help to minimize the impact of light and maintain the integrity of your cannabis for a longer period.

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4. Monitor Humidity with Boveda Packs

Maintaining the correct humidity can be tricky, but tools like Boveda packs can simplify the process. These two-way humidity control packs are placed in the storage container to absorb or release moisture depending on the humidity level.

The 62% Boveda packs are specifically designed for storage and can prevent your buds from becoming too dry or too moist. They’re a must-have for anyone who wants to keep it fresh over the long term.

5. Avoid Temperature Shocks

Extreme temperature changes, such as freezing, can have a detrimental effect on the trichomes of cannabis. Trichomes, the resinous glands that contain cannabinoids and terpenes, can become brittle and easily break off, resulting in a loss of potency. 

When it is frozen, the trichomes become so fragile that they can break off and be lost, taking a substantial amount of the potency element with them. This can immensely affect the overall quality and effects of the substance. To preserve the potency, it is crucial to avoid temperature shocks. 

It is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator or freezer, as the extreme atmosphere can cause damage to the trichomes. Instead, allow it to reach room temperature before opening the container after it has been stored in below-freezing conditions. 

This gradual warming will help maintain the integrity of the trichomes and ensure that you can fully enjoy the desired effects.

6. Keep Oxygen Levels Low

As with light, oxygen can degrade its quality, so it’s crucial to keep the oxygen levels as low as possible. When using a mason jar or similar container, fill it as much as possible so there’s less empty space for air. 

Another option is to use a special commercial vacuum-sealing container designed explicitly for storage. Not only will this keep oxygen out, but it will also keep it fresh for longer.

7. Never Store Near Electronics

Electronic devices can generate heat, which can quickly affect the temperature of your cannabis storage area. Even if the electronics don’t produce direct heat, they elevate the ambient temperature, causing humidity and air exposure issues. 

Ensure your storage area is well-ventilated and isn’t next to any electronics that may impact temperature or air quality. A cupboard or drawer in a cool part of your house is typically the best choice.


Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or casual user, the steps you take to store it will significantly impact your overall experience. 

By following these guidelines and treating the storage with the respect it deserves, you can savor its freshness down to the last bud. 

Remember, the goal of storage is to create an environment that is both stable and free from any damaging contaminants—its flavor, smell, and effects will thank you for it.

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