6 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Cannabis Experience

Taking a hit of that quality marijuana triggers an incredible rush of cannabinoids and terpenes, creating an extraordinary sensation. The impact ranges from calming and immobilizing, to introspective, energetic, and blissful, contingent upon the strain used and the user’s mindset.

There are numerous methods to elevate your cannabis journey, so we’ve chosen to share some of our top recommendations. While each marijuana user has their unique tastes, there’s common ground in the tips we’re about to share. 

1. Cannabis in Cooking

Infusing cannabis into your culinary creations has evolved far beyond the realm of dry, weed-flavored brownies. Nowadays, cannabis cooking is recognized as a genuine gastronomic art form that is worth a try, especially if you take pleasure in experimenting in the kitchen.

Many cannabis-centric cookbooks are readily available to guide you in this unique culinary journey. Standout examples include ‘Bong Apetit’, a creation by the Munchies team, and Corinne Tobias’s ‘Wake and Bake’. These guides offer recipes suitable for various dietary preferences, including vegan and gluten-free options.

If you have a sweet tooth, Stephanie Hua‘s ‘Edibles: Small Bites for the Cannabis Kitchen’ should be on your radar. This compilation offers over 25 easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly recipes for mini cannabis-infused treats, catering to all skill levels of canna bakers.

2. Experiment with Various Cannabis Products

If you find yourself constantly using the same product in the same manner, introducing new elements into your cannabis repertoire could add a dash of unpredictability and enjoyment to your daily routine. More importantly, this exploration could lead you to discover a new favorite product you might have overlooked had you not ventured beyond your comfort zone.

When diversifying your cannabis product selection, you’re spoilt for choice. One approach could be to expand your horizons within your preferred cannabis category. For instance, if you’re accustomed to smoking flower, consider trying out different strains rather than sticking to your usual ones. 

Another strategy could be to mix up the kind of cannabis product you use. For example, if you typically steer clear of edibles, add some to your assortment and see how they fit into your routine. 

Additionally, pre roll infusion machines have revolutionized the creation of infused flavored products, offering a convenient and precise method for infusing various strains into pre-rolled joints, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

Alternatively, consider incorporating cannabis tinctures into your regimen as a change from your usual hybrid, Sativa, or Indica flower strain. With companies like Secret Nature CBD offering a wide range of products, the possibilities for experimentation are endless.

3. Combine With Workouts

Fitness fanatics and professional sportspeople alike widely acknowledge the beneficial properties of cannabis. Today, the market boasts a variety of cannabis-infused products crafted specifically for smoothies and supplements aimed at aiding post-exercise recovery.

A study by the University of Colorado discovered that 80% of cannabis users consume their dose immediately before or after their workout. Amongst the participants of this study, the majority reported increased motivation, heightened enjoyment, and enhanced recovery following exercise. 

As with any substance, experiment with dosage carefully. We always advise starting with a small amount and gradually increasing it. It’s important not to dampen your exercise enthusiasm by becoming overly intoxicated.

4. Eat Fruits

Certain fruits can amplify the impact of cannabis. For example, sweet potatoes, rich in vitamins E and B, can elevate serotonin levels in the brain – a neurotransmitter associated with mood and social behavior. Combining cannabis with sweet potatoes can intensify the positive feelings and heighten the overall cannabis experience.

Moreover, mangos are rich in myrcene, a terpene also found in some strains of cannabis. When mango is consumed, its terpenes enter the bloodstream, interacting with cannabinoids like THC and CBD to boost their effects. When satisfying hunger pangs, opt for nuts over chips. Nuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which bind with cannabinoids to facilitate a faster and prolonged high.

5. Self-Care Routine

In the wake of marijuana’s increasing legalization for medical and recreational purposes across numerous states in the United States, an array of innovative cannabis products are continuously emerging. One burgeoning product category that might remain unexplored territory for you is spa and skincare products. 

Items such as bath bombs, lotions, body scrubs, and massage oils, all infused with cannabis, present an exciting new utilization of cannabis.  If you haven’t yet experienced the tranquility of a cannabis-infused bath bomb or lotion, now is an excellent opportunity to revamp your cannabis and self-care rituals simultaneously.

6. Make Moon Rocks 

Moon rocks have emerged as a delightful sensation for cannabis enthusiasts. Moon rocks are a potent combination of bud, hash oil, and kief. To create this potent treat, select a dense, high-quality nugget, preferably from an Indica-dominant strain renowned for its solid buds. Once the bud is chosen, it’s drenched in hash oil with a syrup-like texture. 

The final step involves dusting the oil-infused bud with a layer of kief. Like that, you have a moon rock ready to elevate your experience. Simply crumble it, and add it to your joint or bong for an enhanced smoking experience. 


Creative minds can find new ways to enjoy herbs in various ways, so get creative and explore what you can do with cannabis. Our 6 creative ways are just the beginning of your own green-filled adventure, try them out and then set out on a quest to uncover more. 

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