6 Unexpected Health Perks of Embracing Edibles

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Edibles are one product of the ever-growing field of medicinal cannabis use and they are growing in popularity among those who are seeking relief without having to smoke. 

Most people know that the best edibles can calm the body and mind, but they have many more health perks, especially when they are infused with a high amount of CBD.

If you are just beginning to learn about these miracle edibles and don’t know much about their health benefits, read below to discover some of the unexpected health perks of embracing edibles.  

Better Sleep

Because CBD edibles have a calming effect, they are known to help some people have a better night of sleep. If an edible is taken before bed it can help you have a deeper sleep that lasts longer than a normal night of sleep. 

This is a great relief for people who suffer from insomnia or who have trouble falling asleep due to aches and pains or stress. Regular consumption of edibles before bed can help you develop a better sleep schedule and contribute to overall better health.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

There is a stereotype that consuming any kind of cannabis can make a person paranoid, but that is not entirely true. Edibles that only contain CBD or CBDA have been proven to contain anxiolytic qualities. Anxiolytic means that a substance or medication has properties that can reduce anxiety. 

The team behind Natural Dos says certain crafted edibles like gummies, capsules, and oils are created with CBDA, which stands for cannabidiolic acid. This substance is faster-acting than regular CBD and can help relieve anxiety in a matter of minutes. Other strains of edibles may take longer to take effect. 

The great thing about edibles is that you can carry them around with you and take them whenever you need them because they are small and discreet. This is a great help for people with chronic anxiety or people who can be triggered by certain external factors and need quick relief. 

Long-Lasting Pain Relief

Along with anxiolytic properties, CBDA edibles also contain the ability to inhibit pain receptors. 

Unlike other forms of cannabis intake like smoking or vaping, consuming edibles has a long-lasting effect on pain relief because it slowly moves through your digestive system and can offer pain relief for hours at a time. 

If these kinds of edibles are taken daily, users can see a significant decrease in pain and may be able to get back to many day-to-day activities. 

Digestive Health Improvement

The number one digestive health benefit of edibles is the relief of nausea that many people experience when they take them. This is due to the fact that CBD can target certain parts of the brain that make a person feel nauseated. 

This discovery in recent years has led to the distribution of edibles to certain groups of people like chemotherapy patients who suffer from nausea frequently due to the effects of the chemo drugs. 

Other digestive benefits of consuming edibles include relief for people who have digestive diseases or disorders such as Crohn’s Disease or IBS. CBD has been known to reduce pain and inflammation, so certain pains due to abdominal bloating and intestinal blockages can be relieved with regular edible use. 

This can lead to less daily abdominal pain and more days without worrying about bloating or anything else that can hinder your day-to-day activities.


Edibles contain ingredients that work with the body to decrease inflammation. This is a great Bebe fit for people who have autoimmune diseases and battle with inflammation on a daily basis. This health benefit means that people can get certain aspects of their lives back by reducing inflammation of certain parts of the body. 

People with arthritis who have inflammation in their joints can see a significant improvement in the use of their hands after regularly taking CBDA edibles and those who have other autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s disease may see an improvement in their abdominal pain and bloating. 

Immune Support

Referring back to the benefits of CBD edibles in aiding inflammation, this kind of help has been known to aid people with autoimmune diseases that affect their immune systems. 

People who have these kinds of diseases like MS, Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, and many more may see the alleviation of certain symptoms of their diseases, thus aiding them in immune support.

The rising popularity of edibles in today’s world means that they are only going to get better as time goes on. Every day, more research is being done about the health benefits of embracing edibles and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

If you are considering trying edibles out to help you alleviate pain, sleep better at night, or just feel better overall, try them out. You have nothing to lose.

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