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This was an interesting experience because although I’ve tried many CBD-heavy strains, never one with less than 1% THC, this was a first. For this Temple strain review, I tried out an Aurora product that was pretty enjoyable overall and very unique. It is a hybrid strain with 9.6 % CBD and only 0.4% THC. Click here to read my Raider Kush Review and Tangerine Dream Review as well.

The main terpene present is myrcene; however, four more terpenes make up the rest of its profile:  pineneguaiolterpineollimonene. Smoking this will leave you with a clear head and a relaxed feeling; however, if you’re looking to get high/stoned/baked, this is not the bud that will help you there. 

Below is a detailed breakdown of Temple strain:

  • Lineage: Unknown
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Potency: 9.6% CBD, 0.4% THC
  • Terpene Profile: Myrcene, pinene, guaiol, terpineol, and limonene
  • Packaging Details: Packaged on 02/27/2019, tested/reviewed on 01/16/2020, exactly 323 days after being packaged
  • Pricing Details: Purchased a 3.5-gram container for $21.00 CAD at the SQDC in Montreal, QC

Appearance: 1/5

Temple by aurora strain review (cannabis picture)

The colors on this Temple strain are really appealing; you got the dark green nugs with a mix of dark purple, navy blue, and a little bit of light green, there are dark orange pistils, and the nugs are covered with white trichomes. What knocked the score down was the buds’ size; however, this is more of a preference; they were all quite small.

Now the size is one thing, but the dryness was ridiculous, and there should not be ANY weed on the shelves that has been packed almost ONE YEAR AGO. This is really mind-baffling to me; the flower was powder dry.

Aroma: 1.5/5

Temple by aurora strain review (cannabis picture)

It’s a little tough for terpenes to emit anything after being packaged in a plastic container for a year, so there’s that. A surprising aroma pierced through the container when removing the seal, surprising because many of the other CBD strains I’ve tested are more earthy, woody, and herbal.

This strain has a predominantly pine-based smell with pleasant sweet crushed grape undertones. It was all quite minimal because, again, packaged for 323 days, which is ridiculous.

Flavor: 1.5/5 

It’s the same story as the aroma, sure, there were hints of grape and pine, but it was so minimal. I’m surprised that I got anything at all. Dry weed isn’t really fun to smoke either, scratchy throats, and lots of coughing; you know the deal.

Effects: 2.5/5

Temple by aurora strain review (cannabis picture)

Basically, with 0.4% THC, you get no psychoactive effects whatsoever, so you won’t get the “high” that you would if you smoked a strain that’s high in THC. I know what you’re thinking, why use cannabis if I won’t get high? Well, the high percentage of CBD will provide some other different effects that you may very well enjoy.

This Temple strain provides a very calming, relaxed feeling throughout the entire body. While I never tried this while in pain, many consumers have mentioned pain relief after trying this.

Overall: 1.5/5

This will not be my go-to CBD strain; Aurora did a pretty bad job with this when it comes to visuals, aroma, or flavors. At the end of the day, NOBODY should be selling weed that’s been sitting on the shelves for a year.

Sure, the feeling that this CBD flower provides is soothing that even a heavy consumer trying to cut down on their THC consumption wouldn’t “crave” a THC-heavy strain after having some of this Temple. I’ve used this after heavy workdays or heavy workouts, and this Temple strain definitely provides some anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects.


  • Charlotte’s Web: Known for its therapeutic properties, Charlotte’s Web is a CBD-rich strain that offers relaxation without intoxicating effects, making it a suitable alternative to Temple.
  • Cannatonic: Cannatonic is a hybrid strain with balanced CBD and THC levels, delivering mild euphoria and relaxation while maintaining mental clarity.
  • Ringo’s Gift: Ringo’s Gift is a CBD-dominant strain with a diverse terpene profile, providing a soothing and calming experience similar to Temple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Temple strain indica or sativa?

Temple strain is a hybrid strain.

How does Temple strain taste and smell?

Temple strain has a minimal aroma with a predominantly pine-based smell and sweet crushed grape undertones. The flavor is minimal, with hints of grape and pine.

How strong is Temple Strain?

Temple strain has a low THC content of 0.4%, making it mild in terms of psychoactive potency, but it is high in CBD with 9.6%, offering potential therapeutic benefits.

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