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The Cannabis world is huge, and newcomers and experienced growers need more information about it. If you are planning on growing your seeds, surely you need someone who offers cannabis cultivation insights. That’s part of what we do at online cannabis platform AskGrowers.

So, if you want to get some and grow them in your backyard or indoors, we’ll give you some tips to make it the best possible way.

What do you need to know before growing cannabis seeds?

If you are planning on growing your marijuana and don’t have any experience before you get some organic cannabis seeds, our experts will surely help you out with proper guidance.

  • What’s the best weather to grow cannabis?
  • What types of seeds will you get?
  • How much does it take from planting to blooming?
  • Growing outdoors or indoors?
  • And much more.

Make sure you have the proper temperature for growing your seeds

When getting organic cannabis seeds, make sure to check what’s the best temperature to grow them. Not all strains will grow in cold and hot temperatures, and some require a specific environment to bloom.

Depending on the type of seed, considering if you have temperate, warmer, or colder weather, you can choose better which ones to plant.

So make sure you read all about the proper temperature to grow your cannabis seeds, as your success will depend on this.

Planting Cannabis Seeds Takes Time

The planting process for Cannabis is not as little as expected. It needs to undergo a process that can take several months before the harvesting season comes.

Similar to a fruit, seeds need to germinate, which takes from 1 to 7 days, depending on which one you choose. After germination, the seedling process will take place for 2 to 3 weeks, continuing with the vegetative stage that takes place until week 8 after planting.

Once the vegetative stage is completed, pre-flowering and flowering stages will take place. These two phases take up to 10 weeks, so be ready to wait around 2 to 3 months before harvesting what you planted.

After this, you can harvest your marijuana and give yourself some relaxation with a good joint at the house, Or you can even use it for medical use.

Not all Cannabis Seeds Require the Same Care

Each Cannabis Seeds has a different caring process. So it’s important to have an idea of how to grow them.

The best Cannabis seed breeders have in mind things such as how much water they need, how many nutrients to include, levels of light, where to grow them, and much more.

Also, from stage to stage, the caring process changes. So be prepared to provide a proper environment for your seeds.

Outdoors or indoors growing: Which one is better?

Growing outdoors or indoors is a huge discussion when it comes to planting your Cannabis. But before growing check local laws, and consider the type of weed you are growing.

We go back to the care your seeds require here. This will help you choose the best venue to grow, as you can think of where it is better to give a better climate, light, humidity, and nutrients. 

Overall, growing indoors is our preferred option, as it is better to create a better environment for the seeds, especially to grow taller and sturdier Cannabis. But the cheapest option is growing outdoors, and you have to make the final choice.

Why is it better to grow your own Cannabis Seeds?

When planting seeds, growers need to keep in mind Cannabis strains have different genetic information, which can later provide incredible results upon harvesting. This information can be transferred from generation to generation, and, in some cases, there can be unique changes while growing your weed.

If you pick seeds from trusted seed banks, you will get high-quality strains with better genetics that can produce stronger plants with bigger yields, which is not something common when bought somewhere else. Still, changes can happen to everyone, so keep that in mind.

Overall, by looking at the process, you will ensure your seeds have gone through the proper care, which will give excellent results upon harvesting and will surely get you a better ciggy.

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And thanks to her years of experience with Cannabis, she’s a reliable source for those looking to understand more about how the industry works and how people can take advantage of it.

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