Mississippi Doctors on the Fence about Medical Marijuana

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One of the great myths surrounding the prohibition of cannabis is that it’s for the good of public health. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifies weed as a Schedule I drug, claiming that it has a high risk of abuse and has no recognized medical value.

Part one has some merit, given that perhaps 9-11% of marijuana consumers will end up with a Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD). The second part of that equation is nonsense, as thousands of studies have displayed. Things have changed a little in the last half century in terms of weed research!

Yet, it is against this background that one applies for a Mississippi medical marijuana card. This is a state where some doctors have railed against the legalization of the drug. 

While physicians make good points, they also overlook the opioid-shaped elephant in the room. This article checks out how to get a Mississippi medical marijuana card and investigates the objections of certain physicians.

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi

Marijuana legalization went the circuitous route in Mississippi, which surprised many people by legalizing the plant in November 2020. 

The joy of marijuana advocates was short-lived as Republican lawmakers in the state successfully appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court, which overturned the certification of the MMJ program.

Yet other lawmakers fought back, introducing a new medical marijuana bill in January 2022. Within a month, the governor signed it into law, and official sales began in January 2023. Now, people with a Mississippi medical marijuanas card can buy a maximum of 84 grams of dried flower in a month. 

You need the card if you want to avoid legal difficulties while using weed since the substance is not recreationally legal. 

If caught with a small amount of marijuana for a second time (the state decriminalized the possession of up to 30 grams on the first offense), you could spend up to 60 days in jail. If found with more than an ounce, you could spend up to three years in prison!

The process involves visiting a doctor and receiving their written certification. At present, you can’t get a Mississippi medical marijuanas card online, but you can complete renewals online as long as you use the same provider. 

After getting your certification, create an account with the Mississippi State Department of Health online and wait for your electronic ID card. Once you get it, you can buy weed at a licensed dispensary.

Warning! Not Every Doctor in Mississippi Will Certify You

When applying for a Mississippi medical marijaunas card, please note that doctors are under no obligation to approve you. Several physicians within the state have outlined their opposition to legal weed. Concerns surrounding the growing THC content of marijuana are certainly valid.

It’s also true that adolescent brains could experience damage when exposed to marijuana. Doctors believe that the use of marijuana amongst people aged 24 and under is problematic because the damage caused to the brain is much greater than when people use weed later in life once their brains are fully developed. 

Medical professionals SHOULD raise any concerns they see, so in that sense, it’s a good thing that they are pointing these issues out. However, in Mississippi, there seems to be little issue with prescribing opioids, which kill tens of thousands of people in the county each year.

According to data from the Mississippi Opioid and Heroin Data Collective, over 2.3 million opioid prescriptions were dispensed in the state in 2021. This equated to 119 million opioid dosage units. Moreover, around 72% of the nearly 500 suspected overdose deaths were opioid-related. This figure only relates to reported deaths.

What’s especially galling is that doctors in the United States are paid to speak and consult by opioid manufacturers. It’s unclear whether the prescribing is leading to the money or whether the money is leading to the prescribing. Either way, it is a cycle that doesn’t have the best interests of patients at heart.

Last Word on Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi

It is only right to point out the possible issues surrounding the use of MMJ. It is certainly not 100% safe, with a certain percentage of people developing a Cannabis Use Disorder. Ideally, people will not use the substance until their brains are fully developed, and the increasing levels of THC in weed are concerning.

Yet, it is probable that some of the same doctors fighting against MMJ are happy to prescribe opioids, even though these incredibly addictive drugs kill an extraordinary number of people every year. With this in mind, one must wonder about the motivations of those who are opposed to medical marijuana on the one hand but are happy to prescribe dangerous and highly addictive medication on the other. 

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