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keats strain review
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For this cannabis strain review, I tried out some  Keats  (which is a variant of White  Walker Kush) made by  Broken Coast Cannabis. After writing a few reviews on their products, I’ve definitely turned into a fan of theirs based on consistency alone. I have also reviewed Ethos Glue Strain which is also a good option.

They are not playing around when it comes to their Small Batch High-Grade motto, as every strain that I’ve tried up to now surpassed my expectations. This batch came in at  19.1% THC  (it can vary between  14-25%) and a negligible amount of CBD. It’s a  hybrid strain that’s a little more dominant on the Indica side.

For the terpene profile, the dominant ones are limonene and caryophyllene; this strain also has some myrcene, alpha pinene, and beta pinene.

When it comes to lineage, White Walker Kush (which is NOT to be confused with Whitewalker OG) is a cross between the well-known White Widow strain and Skywalker, originally bred by DNA genetics.

Packaging Details: This was packaged on 11/05/2019 and tested/reviewed on 03/01/2020, exactly 117 days later. Lot# 2090116919

Price Details: Purchased 3.5 grams for $46.30 at the SQDC in Montreal, Quebec, Canada ($13.23/g).

Appearance: 3/5

keats strain review, picure of cannabis

Although Keats may not be as good-looking as the other strains made by this company that I’ve tried out, I’d still say it’s above average. The size of the buds was smaller than I was expecting, not pop-corn nugs, however. They were also a little drier than the super sticky, fresh buds present in Quadra or Galiano.

The colors stand out here, though; as you can see, the buds are of a lime green color mixed with dark green spots. Healthy-looking trichomes are very present all over the weed, with a minimal amount of grey/orange pistils.

The visuals are alright, just alright, though, I’ve seen better, but I’ve seen WAY worse, plus the terpenes were completely alive.

Aroma: 3.5/5

The terpenes on this strain help generate sweet and skunky scents with some citrusy after tones. One thing is for sure, just like the other Broken Coast products I’ve tried out, the entire room smells when you open up the seal on one of these containers. The scents are quite aggressive, and I found the citrus smell got a little more intense as I bid up the weed.

Flavor: 3.5/5

keats strain review picture of cannabis

 The flavors really come out, and you can taste the sweetness that the limonene emits while also tasting the spiciness from the caryophyllene. It’s a great mix on the inhale; there are some skunky notes on the exhale and the aftertaste.

It is very enjoyable, especially when you add that the smoke itself is very smooth and lively, probably my favorite aspect from this entire Keats strain review.

Effects: 3/5

Based on many other consumer reviews, many people talked about this being of those “energizing” strains; it wasn’t really the case in my experience. I actually felt the Indica side of things with this weed; the high was cerebral and a body high; it kind of drained me.

I felt like it wasn’t the most “functional” high, although this part is usually completely subjective. The main effects usually lasted about an hour to 1.5 hours (with the munchies VERY present) and quite the lack of energy once all was set and done.

Overall: 3.5/5

keats strain review

Another really solid product from Broken Coast; although it may be my least favorite one I’ve tried so far from them, it’s definitely above average when you compare it with other weed available out there.

I would not recommend this to a complete beginner, only because of the way the high hit me personally. I would recommend Shishkaberry Strain for beginners because the cannabinoid levels are low in it.

I would go for something a little lighter. If you’re a regular consumer, you should try this Keats out; just make sure all the important things are taken care of beforehand. If you’ve tried this out before, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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