How to Weigh Weed Without a Scale (Creative Solutions)

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Whether you’re seeking the precise dose for a specific therapeutic benefit or aiming for a consistent and enjoyable recreational experience, having a reliable method to weigh your weed is essential. 


What do you do when a traditional scale is not at your disposal? This is when you should know how to weigh weed without a scale, which is what this guide is all about. 

While high-quality weed scales remain the gold standard for precise measurements, there are situations where they might not be accessible or convenient. Perhaps you’re on a camping trip, traveling light, or finding yourself in an unexpected scenario. 

Fear not—our guide will equip you with the skills to make reasonably accurate estimations and ensure that you’re not caught off guard by unexpected outcomes.

The Importance of Accurate Measurements

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Accurately measuring weed isn’t just a matter of convenience—it’s a critical aspect that can significantly impact your overall experience, safety, and even legal standing. 

Whether you’re using cannabis for its therapeutic effects or recreationally, understanding the significance of precise dosing is paramount.

Significance of Proper Dosing

When it comes to medical cannabis, different conditions and individuals require specific dosages to achieve the desired therapeutic effects

Whether it’s managing pain, anxiety, or other ailments, the difference between an effective dose and an insufficient one can determine the success of your treatment. 

Inaccurate measurements can lead to suboptimal outcomes, leaving you without the relief you seek.

For recreational users, precise dosing ensures a consistent experience. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxed evening or engaging in social activities, having control over the intensity of the high is crucial. 

Wrong weed weight measurements might result in unexpectedly strong effects, leading to discomfort or impairing your ability to enjoy the experience fully.

Legal and Safety Implications

Beyond personal experiences, inaccurate dosing can have legal and safety implications. 

In regions where cannabis is legal, possession limits are often enforced. If you unknowingly possess more than the legal limit due to inaccurate measurements, you might find yourself facing legal consequences.

Additionally, safety concerns arise when consumption goes beyond what you intended. 

Overconsumption can lead to impaired motor skills, cognitive function, and decision-making, potentially putting you and those around you at risk—especially when operating vehicles or engaging in potentially hazardous activities.

Alternative Methods for Weighing Weed

When faced with the challenge of weighing weed without traditional digital scales, creativity becomes your best friend. While these alternative methods may not provide the pinpoint accuracy of a scale, they can offer a practical solution to measure cannabis. 

Paper and Dollar Bill

In an unexpected twist, you can transform a simple sheet of paper into an ingenious paper scale to measure weed. 

Begin with a sturdy piece of paper folded into a tent shape. Layer another paper, folded into a zigzag, atop the first. This creates a paper scale where the zigzag’s center balances on the tent.

Place a dollar bill on one end of the zigzag as a counterweight. Fold the paper around it. Since a dollar bill weighs about 1 gram, it’s perfect for measurement.

On the other side of the zigzag, add your weed until balance is achieved. You’ve now roughly measured around 1 gram of weed.

For larger weights, consider different counterweights, though this method’s sweet spot is around 1 gram.


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Another surprising everyday object that can help in taking weed measurements is a hanger. 

Start by selecting a lightweight, clean hanger from your closet. It should be in good condition with both sides well-balanced. 

Suspend your cannabis gently on one end of the hanger, ensuring even distribution. You can put it in a Ziploc bag and attach it to the side of the hanger using a string. 

Attach objects with known weights to achieve balance on the hanger’s other end. Similarly, put it in a bag and use a string to attach it to the hanger. 

While you can use different objects, a good option would be a penny. On average, it weighs 2.5 grams, which can make a good weight reference for your DIY weighing scale. 

Fix the objects on both ends until the hanger aligns. Once it’s balanced, you have 2.5 grams of weed on the other side. 

Smartphone App 

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In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, their potential stretches beyond communication. You can also use them to estimate how much weed you have in your possession. 

To measure cannabis, start by downloading a reliable digital scale app from your device’s app store. Bear in mind that these apps provide estimates and may not be as accurate as a dedicated digital scale.

Place your smartphone on a stable surface, ensuring it remains undisturbed during the estimation process.

With the platform ready, gently place your cannabis on the smartphone’s screen.

The app will display an estimate of the weight based on pressure sensitivity. Remember that this method offers a rough estimate rather than pinpoint accuracy.

Keep in mind weighing scale apps are not designed for precision measurements. Variations in pressure, surface, and app calibration can affect results.

Ruler and Pencil

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Another good idea for measuring cannabis is to use a ruler and pencil. 

Begin by putting the pencil on a flat surface, making sure it does not move. Once it’s stable, position the ruler on the top, with the pencil in the middle. 

By now, the pen and ruler should have created a see-saw. Add a small object with a known weight on one end and the weed on the other end. 

In this case, it’s best to use a penny, which weighs approximately 2.5 gramsslightly more than a dub of weed.

Add or remove weed from the other end until the scale is balanced. Once it is balanced, you can assume that the weed weighs approximately the same as the penny. 

Rubber Band Pulley

This creative approach transforms the humble rubber band into a minimalist weed scale, and you have the choice to either purchase a rubber band pocket pulley or craft one at home with ease.

If you choose to forge your own rubber band pocket pulley to measure weed without a scale, gather the essentials. 

Affix a safety pin on either side of the rubber band, allowing a small zip-closure pouch to thread through each pin. This simple setup forms the foundation of your makeshift balance.

Place one-eighth of your chosen weed quantity in one of the pouches, while the other pouch accommodates your reference weight(s). The latter serves as a counterbalance, essential to the method’s functionality.

Hold the pulley’s wheel delicately between your fingertips and observe how the equilibrium shifts. Gradually adjust the weight in the weed pouch until equilibrium is reached. 

It’s important to acknowledge that, due to its reliance on your hands and fingers, this method is susceptible to inconsistencies in weed measurements.

Visual Estimation

When experience meets intuition, an artful skill emerges—measuring weed visually. A practice honed by seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, visual estimation involves assessing quantities based on appearance alone. 

Using visual estimation to measure weed requires familiarity with different strains, their densities, and their forms. Experienced users often develop an innate sense of what certain quantities look like.

Many enthusiasts measure weed without a scale by comparing them to everyday objects—a fruit, a coin, or even a common kitchen spice. Over time, these associations become mental reference points for estimating weed amounts.

For instance, if the weed is the same size as a medium to large grape, it can be roughly one gram. On the other hand, if it’s the size of a medium to large apple, the weight can be approximately seven grams. 

Recognize that factors such as the bud’s moisture content, density, and strain can influence its appearance. A dense indica bud might look smaller than an airy sativa bud of the same weight.

Much like mastering any art, practice sharpens your visual estimation skills. The more you engage with different strains and quantities, the better you become at estimating the actual weight. 


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Learning how to weigh weed without a scale is valuable knowledge for cannabis users. From beginners to seasoned stoners, it’s vital to know how to measure weed even with basic household equipment. 

From hangers to rulers, this guide talked about the most creative ways to know how much your weed weighs. Nonetheless, while these can be good solutions, they should be your last resort as they can be prone to inaccuracies. 

At the end of the day, the best option to measure weed is a digital scale. But when it’s not available, it’s good to know that there are some things worth a shot. 


What is used to weigh weed? 

You can weigh weed using a normal digital scale, ideally, one built for small measurements, such as food. A jewelry scale can also make a good choice for measuring weed. 

Can I use household items as counterweights?

Yes, you can use common items like coins, dollar bills, or other known weights as counterweights in certain methods. However, remember that their accuracy can vary.

How much weed is equal to the weight of a penny? 

If you’re using a penny as a counterweight, it is equal to roughly 2.5 grams.

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