Best CO2 Regulators For Your Grow Room

CO2 regulator in corner of cannabis grow room

There are several crafty ways to add Co2 to your indoor garden, but the most effective one is through a good Co2 regulator for your grow room. It’s crucial to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in your grow room so you don’t inhale it in high concentrations.

Plants will only benefit from so much before you wind up choking them with too much. You can set a regulator to leak Co2 slowly into your growing environment.

The choice of carbon dioxide regulators is huge in today’s market, and not all products are suitable for your grow room. 

We have done detailed research and found five suitable products that you can try, starting with our top pick the Grow1 Co2 Grow Room Regulator.

5 Best Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Regulators

Power Outlet 
Flow Rate
Grow1 Co2 Grow Room Regulator120V0.5 to 15
Manatee Co2 Regulator110V0.5 to 15
Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide Regulator120V0.5 to 15
Vivosun Hydroponics Co2 Regulator110V0 to 15
SPL Co2 Regulator110V0.5 to 15

Leading Industry Co2 Regulators for Cannabis Grow Rooms

1. Grow1 Co2 Grow Room Regulator

Grow1 Co2 Grow Room Regulator

Do you want to control as well as maintain optimum levels of CO2 in your indoor grow area or garden the right way? Look no further than the Grow1 Co2 Grow Room Regulator.

This Co2 regulator comes with a unique flow meter that is remarkably easy to adjust. The meter’s adjustment ranges from 0.5 to 15 cubic feet per hour.

Comes with a high performing Co2 pre-set regulator that is factory set at 80 psi. This simply means you get constant pressure with simple adjustments.

For easy installation, the Grow1 works with almost all 120-volt devices. The included tubing easily attaches to the exhaust fan of your grow room for even carbon dioxide distribution.

If you will be using this unit without a digital Co2 controller, then you will need a timer. Overall, this regulator helps to speed up the growth process of your cannabis plants.

Things We Like:

  • The flow meter is super easy to adjust and read
  • Pre-set regulator that needs no adjustment and offers constant pressure
  • Included tubing attaches easily to the fan for uniform Co2 distribution
  • Solenoid valve has precise CFH settings
  • Compatible with any 120V device

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May need a timer if you don’t have a digital controller

2. Manatee Co2 Regulator

Manatee Co2 Regulator

It is time to shorten your harvest time with the Manatee Co2 Regulator. This CO2 system increases your cannabis plants’ metabolic rate by speeding it up, to increase yields.

It is easy to adjust the flow meter, which is made of high-quality brass. The durable brass means long-lasting dependability.

The system combines a precision CO2 generator, an industrial grade solenoid valve, and a flow gauge. The precision regulator provides constant and reliable pressure.

The heavy-duty flow gauge is capable of releasing between 0.5 and 15 standard cubic feet per hour of carbon dioxide. This guarantees a superior level of CO2 for optimal growth.

With the solenoid valve in place, the regulator is triggered by reliable electronic timers. This allows you to set the output steadily during light hours and turn it off during dark hours.

The system also features a ten-foot air hose as well as a power cord that is designed to work with 110V outlet. In addition, the regulator is capable of handling 4000 psi.

Things We Like:

  • Superior flow gauge with a reliable flow rate range of 0.5 – 15 SCFH
  • 100% solid brass gives long-lasting durability and dependability
  • Solenoid valve lets you use Co2 output for optimal growth
  • Reliable humidity control that ranges from 20 to 80 percent
  • Helps eliminate pests and increase plant growth
  • Suitable for indoor gardens, greenhouse, and grow rooms

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May receive a defective flow gauge

3. Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide Regulator

Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide Regulator

If you are in search for a dependable Co2 regulator for your indoor gardening that will not break the bank, look no further than the Titan Controls.

The regulator comes with plastic washers, 12 feet of dispensing tubing, and instructions (including flow meter settings and a timing chart).

The regulator uses a precision pinwheel knob to control the flow of carbon dioxide from the tank to the upper tubing, and ultimately enriching your indoor garden.

The regulator is compatible with most 120-volt carbon dioxide timers and controllers. The flow meter gives precision accuracy within a range of 0.5 and 15 SCFH.

Another great feature of this model is the heavy-duty solenoid valve. The valve has fast response time and low power consumption.

Things We Like:

  • Brass construction is highly durable and dependable
  • The high performing solenoid valve has a superior response time
  • Flow meter gives precision accuracy within 0.5 and 15 SCFH
  • Comes with a heavy-duty 12-foot dispensing line
  • Compatible with 120V carbon dioxide timers and controllers

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May receive a defective system that’s susceptible to leaking

4. Vivosun Hydroponics Co2 Regulator

Vivosun Hydroponics Co2 Regulator

The Vivosun Co2 Regulator ensures that your hydroponics grow room and tent receives optimal carbon dioxide supply for superior plant growth. The regulator features highly durable and long-lasting brass parts that are capable of withstanding the elements and rust.

The system comes with a high quality solenoid valve that easily attaches to the hose. The solenoid valve substantially reduces power consumption as well as an operating cost.

The model comes with a larger diameter pressure gauge that is super easy to read. The gauge measures the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into your grow room.

Depending on your application, you may also need to buy a Co2 monitor unit, a repeat cycle timer, or a digital wall timer. To ensure that there are no leakages, you will have to unscrew the plastic tube. Then cover the threads with Teflon tape and screw back the tube.

Things We Like:

  • Comes with very durable brass parts that are rust resistant
  • High quality solenoid valve minimizes power consumption and operating cost
  • The large diameter pressure gauge is easy to monitor
  • Precision accuracy flow meter with a flow rate of 0 to 15 SCFH
  • Helps speed up your plants’ growth rate
  • Fits comfortably on standard carbon dioxide tanks

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May receive a defective Co2 regulator

5. SPL Co2 Regulator

SPL Co2 Regulator

This is a good Co2 regulator for grow room, grow tent and greenhouse. This system will effectively balance carbon dioxide flow in your grow space.

The ability to suitably adjust output pressure makes sure that the system is capable of meeting all the Co2 requirements of your grow room.

What is most impressive about this system is the direct acting solenoid valve. This valve has a tight sealing, fast response time, and high flow.

The solenoid valve allows for optimal performance. You can set the Co2 output to run steadily when the lights are on, and switch it off when the lights are off.

The flow meter is calibrated in fully developed pipe flow. With a flow rate of 0 to 15 SCFH, the flow meter is exceptionally easy to adjust.

The system runs with 110V AC with six foot grounded cord. It can also be used with a 120V environmental control device or timer.

Things We Like:

  • Industrial solenoid valve offers fast response time and high flow
  • Super easy to adjust flow meter
  • Superior flow rate of 0 to 15 SCFH per hour
  • Increases your plants’ metabolic rate, growth rate, and yields
  • Connects directly to 50# or 20# carbon dioxide tanks

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Pressure gauge may stop working and may leak

How to Choose The Best Co2 Regulator: Buying Guide

Carbon dioxide is a natural gas that occurs in fresh air at a rate of about 350 to 400 parts per million (ppm). But, plants can use up to 1500 parts per million.

When you give them extra CO2, they will grow faster, stronger, and heavier. You can effectively meter Co2 into your grow room via a regulator, timer, and flow meter.

Here are the key things you should consider when shopping for a quality Co2 regulator for grow room.

Single Versus Dual Gauge

Carbon dioxide regulators that you can use in your grow box come in dual-gauge or single-gauge setup. Both setups include a gauge that shows the output pressure reading, which is the most essential information you need.

While a single-gauge regulator only shows you the output pressure, the dual type has a gauge that is dedicated to the pressure of the tank.

This way, you will know how much carbon dioxide is left in the tank. You also get to know when to replace the tank for a full one.

Ease of Controlling Co2 Flow

Volume matters a lot as far as controlling carbon dioxide flow is concerned. Choosing the ideal combination of devices will determine the performance of your system. There are basically two different types of flow control devices. These devices can be variable pressure or fixed pressure.

A normal flow meter can be a variable or fixed pressure device. Usually, the pressure is factory fixed. You can decrease or increase Co2 flow by adjusting the valve or variable orifice.

With that said, you will come across flow gauge regulators and flow meter regulators. For superior performance, we recommend you to choose a flow meter regulator.

The flow meter reduces and controls the standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH), while the regulator controls the pressure. Regulators with smaller flow rates, such as 0 to 15 SCFH, are preferable for grow room, grow tent, greenhouse, and indoor gardening.

It is crucial to invest in a regulator with a flow meter of superior quality because it tells how much CO2 enters the grow room.

Type of Valve

There are basically two types of valves: motorized and solenoid. The recommended valve for Co2 regulators for grow rooms is the solenoid.

Solenoid valves are ideal for controlling the volume as well as the direction of the flow of carbon dioxide gas in the grow space. A solenoid valve is electromagnetic that shifts a metal core. This type of valve allows for a steady flow of carbon dioxide when the grow lights are on.

Calculating the Correct Co2 Levels for Grow Room (PPM)

When using a typical carbon dioxide regulator, the amount of Co2 to be released into the grow space must be calculated with respect to the volume of the room.

To do this, multiply the dimensions of your growing environment (length*width*height). The outcome is the volume of the grows space in cubic feet.

To determine the amount of carbon dioxide gas needed to enrich you’re grow environment to 1000 ppm, multiply the volume of the space by .001.

For example, a grow room that measures 9 by 14 by 11 feet (1386 cubic feet). Now, multiply this volume by 0.001 for a total of 1.386 cubic feet of Co2 enrichment to fill the room to 1000 ppm.

You can ensure that your plants receive just what they need by using a simple repeating timer, which should turn on the gas flow repetitively when the lights are on.

To determine how long the valve should stay open, divide the cubic feet of Co2 needed by the flow rate.

Then multiply the results by 60 for the total number of minutes. However, if there is regular ventilation in the grow room, spread out the time for enrichment by lowering the flow rate.

Safety Features

Usually, regulators are fitted with Compressed Gas Association fittings for secure connection to a Co2 tank. Every connection must have a numerical designation to ensure compatibility.

Another thing that should be of concern is the type of seal. Make sure you choose a regulator that seals tightly and safely without causing leakages.

Final Thoughts…

Enriching your grow room with the ideal amounts of carbon dioxide can help with plant growth, speeding up the growth process and increasing yields.

However, you must choose a product that will perform admirably. Not so many products are popular among indoor growers, but the few we have discussed are among the finest.

You can count on the Grow1 Co2 Grow Room Regulator to properly manage the Co2 levels in your grow area.


Always remember to calculate the ideal Co2 requirements of your grow space before engaging the market.

This way, you will be able to buy the ideal combination of components, including a flow meter Co2 regulator, a timer, and a controller.

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